Don't used counterfeit Cell Phone batteries

Exploding cell phones are becoming more and more common. A leading cause is believed to be counterfeit batteries.Many reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire is reported worldwide.
When cell phones explode, the resultant fire can melt nearly anything
it touches.Although legitimate batteries can go wrong in cell phones.It is a better chance that poorly made counterfeit ones will lack safety devices to detect overheating or recharging.





It is a better chance that poorly made counterfeit ones will lack safety devices to detect overheating or recharging.


Always use Original Batteries from Trusted Manufacturer.

Always charge your cell phone indoors (or in your car). Never Outside. You might get the shock of your life.

It is best to let the battery completely discharge periodically / occasionally before recharging. It helps extend the battery life. It takes up to three complete discharge and charge cycles for a new battery to achieve it's full performance.

Do not leave them on chargers for unnecessary extended periods of times. Unplug your charger after you are done charging your cell phone.

Do not talk on cell phones while recharging. Although the chances are next to nothing that a battery will explode, it can and has happened.

Batteries are ready to work in an instant (provided they are charged) and can be used in a reasonably wide temperature range. Charging, on the other hand, has limitations and the user should follow recommended guidelines on how and when to charge. Each battery chemistry has its own charging preference.

Batteries behave like humans; some live to a great old age, others die early. Exposure to heat is likely the biggest enemy. Steps can be taken to prolong battery life but an ideal world will not be possible.

It is best to remove the pack from the charger when full. A prolonged trickle charge to a fully charged battery can be harmful.

Switch cell phones off in planes. It could interfere with aircraft equipment.

Please, turn your cell phones off in hospitals. It is a fact that cell phones interfere with unshielded medical devices. So, do the right thing and turn them off in areas designated as such in medical treatment facilities.

Turn the cell phone off while putting gas in your car.
DO NOT use your cellular telephone when at a gas station. Cellular phone use at gas stations or anywhere fuel is stored is hazardous. The switches and high-powered batteries in the phone can generate sparks that can set-off explosions.

Any type of battery can explode if damaged. Recent news reported that a young teenage girl was seriously injured when a cell phone exploded in her pocket. That is probably only a one in a million chance of that happening, just a safety tip. If any apparent damage has happened to the battery (i.e.- dropped the phone and cracked the battery) get a new battery.

Do use cell phones below decks on boats. Fire danger. Possibility of explosive vapors buildup.

JOKES: What cell phones can do.
Remember you can cook an egg with a cell phone. Please check my previous blog post.


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