Magical Royal Virgin Herbs From Vietnam

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Trinh nu hoang cung’s flower is white streaked with violet.
But the best way to distinguish the herb from other plants is by its DNA.

For decades a mysterious herb known as trinh nu hoang cung (royal virgin) has been coveted by those seeking a ‘magical’ cure for their ills and ailments. The plant was regarded as especially useful for longevity and curing diseased sexual organs, but now a Vietnamese scientist is unravelling the royal virgin’s secrets, to put the plant’s real medicinal qualities to better use.

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Dr Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram’s research on the Vietnamese variety of trinh nu hoang cung that has given hope to people suffering from enlarged prostates (benign prostatic heperplasia - BPH) and benign tumours in the uterus (fibroid uterus), two of the most common health problems for middle-aged men and women.

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Royal line: The 30ha Trinh nu hoang cung plantation in Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province. The herbs are planted according to GAP standards to ensure the quality of materials for making Crila capsules.

The plant, whose scientific name is crinum latifolium (L.), was once a valuable herb reserved exclusively for royalty in feudal Viet Nam, but thanks to the work of a Vietnamese pharmacist, trinh nu hoang cung has become available to all in capsule form.

Dr Tram was the first scientist among many who studied the herb to succeed in transforming trinh nu hoang cung into modern capsule form, making its usage much easier and more effective.

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Crila capsules became the first-ever capsules of pure
extract from the leave of trinh nu hoang cung

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Natural remedy: Crila capsules effectively cure both enlarged prostate for men and benign tumours in the uterus for womenCrila capsules are 100% leave extract of Vietnamese plant Crinum latifolium (L.). As aherbal medicine Crila is successfully manufactured in Vietnam

In 2005, Crila capsules became the first-ever capsules of pure extract from the leave of trinh nu hoang cung available on the Vietnamese market. In 2006, the pills were granted the title of a ‘good-quality product for the community’s health’ by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

On December 25, 2007, the Viet Nam’s Women Union awarded the prestigious Kovalevskaia Prize to Tram thanks to her work on the herb.

After two decades of hard work on the herb, Tram says she has been able to fulfil a personal dream: to bring a traditional Vietnamese herb into the realm of modern medicine to serve the Vietnamese people.

More Update:

Clinacanthus nutans Sabah Snake Grass
Traditional herbal cancer treatment

Scientific name: Clinacanthus nutans
English name: Drooping Clinacanthus
Malay name: Daun Kalingsir
Indon name: Dandang Gendis
Chinese name: 优遁草

Number of leaves used for treatment for Cancer:
Stage 1 : 30 leaves everyday
Stage 2 : 50 leaves everyday
Stage 3 : 100 leaves everyday
Stage 4 : 150 – 200 leaves everyday
When the patients get better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG
a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple and blend
h) Swish and drink with the fibre immediately or within 5 minutes.
i) Consume it everyday
j) If your body is "cooling" add a slice of ginger or drink warming herbs

Food to avoid : Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durians, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

UPDATE:March 2012

Chinese traditional qi gong treatment for prostate problems

This was originally aired 2 years ago (2005) on CBC Hemispheres. A unusual story from Taipei, Taiwan about a treatment for prostate problems. I had to record it because it was just so amusing and bizarre. Its based on Qigong (Chi Gong) healing techniques and is said to shrink enlarged prostates and result in healing and improved sexual functions. Very funny story, complete with, oh yes, the classic "truck pull". Credit goes to: Eric Campbell from Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC).


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    What are the instruction for taking crila for enlarge prostate?


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  4. Blogger thien said,

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    - Composition for one capsule
    Trinh nu hoang cung (Crinum latifolium L.) dried extract 250mg, having equivalence to complete Alcaloid 1,25mg
    Excipients: starch, Aeroil, Sodium starch glycolat, Tale, Magnesistearate…per one capsule
    - Pharmaceutical form, capsule
    - Indication
    * Treatment benign Prostate Hyperplasia. Reduction symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia disease (urinary difficult, lots of urinations at night)
    * Treatment Fibroid Uterus
    - Contain – indication, susceptibility one of medicine composition
    - Dosage
    * Treatment Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, take Crila capsules twice a day, 4 capsules every time, after meals. Usual use Crila is 8 weeks. If necessary, use Crila capsules another time again
    * Treatment Fibroid Uterus, take Crila capsules twice a day, 5 capsules every time, after meals. Usual use is 9 weeks. If necessary, use Crila capsules another time again
    * No use medicine after the expiry date or in case of doubt medicine quality
    Packaging: A box of 4 bottles x 40 capsules
    A box of 10 blisters x 10 blisters
    - Undesirable effects, slight dizziness, indigestion may occur, but rare case and without occurrence after taking medicine one, two days
    - Interaction hasn’t been reported yet
    - Storage, keep in dry cool place, protected from sunlight
    - Shelf-life: 24 months from manufacturing date
    * Read carefully directions before use medicine
    For further information, please consult your doctor
    Keep out of the children’s reach
    Manufactured following specification
    Manufactured by
    Thien duoc limited company
    Section F3, N5 street, Nam Tan Uyen Industry park, Khanh Binh commune,Tan uyen district, Binh Duong Province
    Tel: 0650.3653073 – 08.5404 5327
    Fax: 0650.3653074

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