Why can’t Paris Hilton find Mr. Right?

It seems the party girl is never far from the spotlight.

It’s official – Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have split. But why can’t the hotel heiress find Mr. Right?

Reality TV star Doug confirmed that their 14-month relationship is over, but insisted the break-up is amicable.

He said: “Despite what many of the uninformed tabloid journalists are saying, Paris and I met at her house last night and have decided to split.

“It’s unfortunate that things are being said about us that are inaccurate. I continue to wish her only the best.”

It has been previously claimed that Paris dumped Doug earlier this month as she was worried he was just using her to help his career.

Either way, she has sought refuge with her parents as she gets to grips with another love failure.

Paris tweeted: “At my parents house getting ready for a girl's night out! :) [sic]”

The 29-year-old socialite seems to be seeking comfort in the arms of her family in the wake of the separation, which is said to have happened weeks ago.

On Wednesday night she went for dinner with her family, including grandfather Barron Hilton and Kathy, at Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana’s.

In a series of tweets, she said: “At my favorite italian restaurant with my grandpa and family... I love my grandpa, we had such a lovely time with him and dinner tonite. He is the best grandpa in the world!



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