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"End Of The World" Fashion

"They say it won't happen, at least not on Friday, but in the event the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world is right, scientists have foretold a raft of bloody and catastrophic fates for us all. Dark comets, famine, super-volcanoes, catastrophic climate change, and a plague of cancers are just some of the ends that could fulfill the prophecy." Do not worry too much.Live a day at a time.Enjoy the fashion of Today.



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The Human Ken Doll Who's Undergone 90 Plastic Surgery

Meet Justin Jedlica, the human Ken doll who's undergone 90 plastic surgery procedures in the hope of attaining the perfect physique. The 32-year-old has spent more than US$100,000 (S$122,092) in the last decade in his quest to look like a living doll.

Along with his chiselled face, he has a G.I. Joe-like body complete with rock-hard pecs, defined six-pack abs and bulging biceps and triceps - all without lifting a single weight or hitting the gym. Like a plastic doll, his "muscles" are all fake. Nearly every inch of his upper body is covered with implants, ABC News reported.

In addition, he's had countless nose jobs, cheek augmentation, brow bone changes and lip enhancements to perfect his face. Even his firm buttocks are artificial - the work of surgeons who gave him buttock implants and a lift to achieve a "perkier" look.

He acknowledges that he could just work out to carve out those fabulous abs, but scoffs at doing an activity he calls "so not exciting, not glamorous or fabulous." His obsession with his looks began in his teens, when he took an intense dislike to the size of his nose, which he described as "astronomically" huge. It took him five procedures to sculpt it into something close to his ideal.

However, he said he is still not "a hundred per cent" satisfied with it yet, demonstrating to the reporter that he'd still like his nose nudged a millimetre here and there. From there he went on to do his buttocks, chest and eventually his arms. Jedlica readily admits that he sees no reason to stop his plastic surgery obsession. While the first nose job was a "need" to him, everything else after that has been a "want".



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Chinese man sues wife over ugly child – and wins $120,000

Before and after: Feng's wife spent over $100,000 in plastic surgery to modify her appearance 

Many people are used to returning merchandise if they find that it doesn't match their needs. But one Chinese man went a step further, and returned his wife – getting $120,000 in a court settlement. ­Jian Feng, living in Northern China, has filed for divorce from his wife after he found their newborn child to be “incredibly ugly,” arguing that his wife tricked him into the union by appearing to be a beautiful woman when she was instead ugly. "I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me," reports Feng, after first accusing his wife of cheating, since the child girl did not look like him, was later confronted by his wife with the bitter truth – cosmetic surgery. It was an apparent case of false advertising, as it turned out that that his once-beloved had spent over $100,000 in plastic surgery to modify her appearance. Appalled by the fruit of their loins and by the fact that his wife had never revealed that surgery had enhanced her looks, Feng took the matter to court and won $120,000 in a settlement. The reaction in social media to the story has largely been in support of Feng. “When you are in a true relationship, you tell your spouse everything. Past present and future – if not, then you don't respect them” one male commented on Facebook. The female audience has also largely sided with Feng. “Of course I would – if you start a relationship with a lie, where does it end?” one woman asked.



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A wedding dress fit for a lady?

Model and DJ Lady Mary Charteris chose a revealing, bespoke gown by London Fashion Week designer Pam Hogg to marry singer Robbie Furze.

The heiress, model and DJ wed singer Robbie Furze - frontman of The Big Pink - on Saturday in a dress by Pam Hogg, the London-based designer better known for spray-on catsuits and breast-baring harness/dresses than she is for bridal wear. In fact, we never imagined that Pam Hogg would every design a wedding dress (one that would actually be worn at an actual wedding, that is).

But she did. And Charteris wore it. The dress in question features satin panels artfully placed over the bride’s breasts, hips and shoulders, with a sheer panel revealing her belly button and most of her midriff. Layers and layers of silk tulle made up the skirt of the dress. She accompanied the gown with a veil, a floral headpiece and Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

According to 'the Telegraph ', the wedding took place at Stanway House, the family's home in Gloucestershire, in front of friends and family, including Lily Allen , Florence Welch , Charteris' aunt, Daphne Guinness, Georgia Jagger and her mother Jerry Hall.

Charteris, who modelled in Hogg’s autumn/winter 2012-13 show in London, was said to have been inspired by a look from the designer’s spring/summer 2012 collection.

Say what you will about the dress, we salute her brave choice.



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Same-sex marriage in Taiwan

A Buddhist cleric’s decision to wed two women in Taiwan is the latest sign that obstacles to same-sex unions are quietly coming down in Asia, with religion posing less of a hindrance than in the West.

Fish Huang and her partner You Ya-ting, both 30, received their blessings from Shih Chao-hui, a female Buddhist master, at a monastery in north Taiwan’s Taoyuan county over the weekend, and no one seemed to raise an eyebrow.

“I think this is their human right. They can choose freely to get married and we should respect them,” said Chih Chun, a Buddhist nun who attended the ceremony.

“It makes no difference if couples are heterosexual or homosexual, as long as they are in love and they are happy.”

The wedding — a first for Taiwanese Buddhism — comes as evidence is mounting that Asians and their governments are quietly revising their views on same-sex marriage even as the subject remains a highly charged issue in the United States this election year.

Communist Vietnam is considering making the practice legal and in Nepal hundreds marched in support of enshrining it in the new constitution. Tokyo Disneyland has allowed gay couples to informally tie the knot on its grounds.

Myanmar and Laos also recently held their first gay pride events.


UPDATE: 27 SEPT 2012

 HK tycoon offers fortune to marry off gay daughter

 HONG KONG: A Hong Kong tycoon has offered a US$65 million "marriage bounty" to any man who can win the heart of his lesbian daughter, a report said on Wednesday. Cecil Chao announced the financial reward of HK$500 million after his daughter, Gigi, married her same-sex partner of seven years in France earlier this year, the South China Morning Post reported. "I don't mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind hearted," 76-year-old Chao was quoted as saying. "Gigi is a very good woman with both talents and looks. She is devoted to her parents, is generous and does volunteer work," he added. He also rejected "false reports" that Gigi, 33, had married abroad, saying she was still single. Chao, who owns publicly-listed property developer Cheuk Nang, could not be reached for comment. Same-sex marriages are not recognised in Hong Kong, where homosexuality was decriminalised in 1991. Miss Chao graduated from university in 1999 with a degree in architecture. She went on to work for two years with prominent British architect Sir Terry Farrell.

Gigi Chao (right) is believed to have married her girlfriend of seven years Sean Eav (left) in France, yet her businessman father has offered £40million to the man that can woo his daughter



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A bra made only for balls?

A bra made only for balls? Not just any kind of balls, that is. And it is not the typical womens bra either. Its for men! Surprised?

Well, there is also a bra version for the malesthe Ballbra. This specialized underwear is designed for men to provide a unique, erotic, and more comfortable undergarment experience. This strange product made sexually creative by Ballbra is in a way like womens bra as it also lifts and separates the male genitals. Ballbra is highly recommended for less self-assured men to improve their masculine profile more.



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