NASA predict Asteroid strike Earth on Feb1, 2019

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UPDATE: 6 MAR 2009

Asteroid passes within 50,000 miles of Earth

NASA scientists say an asteroid capable of causing significant damage zipped past the Earth earlier this week. The asteroid, named 2009 DD45, "buzzed" the planet on Monday, coming within 48,800 miles of the Earth's surface.
This is just twice as high as the orbits of some telecommunications satellites and around one-fifth of the distance to the moon.
The asteroid was around the same size as one that levelled more than 800 square miles of forest in Siberia a century ago.
Scientists had been monitoring it since late last month and were aware that it would pose no threat to Earth.


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    NASA posted a while ago on their own website that this was blown out of proportion. They said that their is less than 1% of this asteroid hitting the Earth, and that it would not be until 2060, not the original 2019 estimate. Do some research.

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