Very shocking - Eating Human Meat

A lady from Philippines has killed many people and kept their meat on her Refrigerator
She was enjoying eating human meat.
She said that she had made so many parties for her relatives & guests and gave them this human meat to eat with out their knowledge .
Her guests said that they found very good taste of this lady's cooking with out they know which type of meat she has cooked for them . Some of them didn't know that they would be her next victim. She has killed her husband too.
Later on, she was caught by the Police .

Do not view the pictures if you have weak heart

UPDATE:22 NOV 2008
More Shocking Story

Guisborough mum Anthea Harrison, 36, told how she may have eaten human flesh while living in Zambia. She rang up TFM after presenter Graham Mack invited listeners to describe the most unusual thing they had ever eaten during a discussion about TV show I’m A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here.

The mum-of-two, who gave only her first name, phoned in claiming “I’ve eaten human being,” leaving the breakfast DJ stunned.
She said on air: “When I was a child we lived in Africa and we always went to the same butcher. We were there a couple of years and the meat started getting so much better.
“It was only after we moved back to England a couple of years later we realised the butcher had been arrested. He was killing little black girls and selling the meat.”

Now, after a Gazette request for Anthea to come forward, the Guisborough mum has explained her story.

UPDATE: 6 JAN 2009
Girl's body found in fridge: China media

The girl's mother holds the girl's photo.

A four-year-old girl's dismembered body has been found in a fridge in southern China, leading to the arrest of a man who allegedly once said human flesh was "delicious", state media reported.
The 35 years old migrant worker surnamed Zhang, a native of Sichuan, who is believed to be mentally ill, was detained after blood was discovered outside his apartment in Guangzhou city, which police traced to him, the Guangzhou Daily reported. It identified him by his nickname, A He.
Police found the remains of the child, named Li Lingli, who went missing on Friday morning, inside a small fridge in A He's room, the report said.
The girl's disappearance had prompted a police search of the 50 rental apartments in the compound, the report said. Li's grandmother was reportedly the first to spot the blood outside the apartment door.
Though the police are yet to ascertain the motive behind the murder, the newspaper quoted Zhang's neighbors as saying: "He (Zhang) said that he found human flesh rather delicious once when he was watching a violent movie."

More Update:25 SEPT 2010
Young cannibal eats his grandmother while she is alive

A resident of Simferopol, Sergey Zhnarev, attacked his own grandmother and brutally killed her with a piece of mirror. The 60-year-old woman, named Lidia, died a terrible death: her grandson pulled her eyes out of the sockets, chopped off other body parts and ate the human flesh while the victim was still alive.

The woman was conscious during the monstrous act of cannibalism. She was doing her best to fight the attacker, but the man cut off the victim's tongue and ate it too. The woman eventually died from the pain shock.

However, the woman's neighbors heard the terrible screams and called the police. When the police broke into the apartment, they saw the insane man standing in the middle of the room in his underwear only. He was all covered with the victim's blood. The man was praying holding a cross in his hands. The maniac was certain that he was conducting a mourning ceremony for his grandmother's body.

Sergey was growing as a quiet man. He received a technical education and worked as a software specialist. However, his neighbors described him as a religious fanatic. Sergey started living with his grandmother after his parents divorced.

The court ordered to put the 26-year-old man into a mental institution. "He will be put on trial after the treatment," a judge said.

The former technician, whose story reached even the British press, does not regret what he had done. He only said he was sorry he would not eat his grandmother's cakes anymore.

The cannibal told psychologists of the mental institution that there were voices living in his head. The voices supposedly told the man how the old lady must be killed.

MORE UPDATE: April 2011

Trio held while cooking dead woman

PAKISTANI police have arrested three members of a family on charges of cannibalism after finding a missing corpse in their home.

They saw parts of the dead woman's leg being cooked in a pot.

A man, his sister and his aunt were arrested in Kahawar Kalan village in Multan, about 200km from Islamabad on Monday after police found the mutilated body in their house.

The matter came to light when the brother of the deceased, 24-year-old Saira Parveens, visited her grave and found it desecrated. He lodged a police report.

During investigation, Arif Aphal confessed that his brother Irfan had introduced him to the habit of eating humans.

He also said that previously, they had cooked and eaten a young girl. He added that they had also cooked and eaten dog meat.

18 MAY 2011
Russian investigators arrest liver stew eating cannibal

Russian investigators arrest liver stew eating cannibal
Police in Moscow have arrested a man who dismembered an acquaintance and kept him in his fridge, eating the liver, investigators said on Tuesday.

Nikolai Shadrin has been arrested after police located the apartment where he killed a 40-year-old Muscovite, named as Ilya Yegorov, in early May.

"During the search of the apartment, tools used to dismember the victim and a human liver were found. Shadrin confessed to the crime and to having eaten part of his friend's liver," the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

Yegorov was killed on May 2, and police found human body parts, including feet, a hand, and part of a shoulder, in the Moscow river and various basements in western Moscow, said Aleksei Saveliev of Moscow's western district police. At the time of his arrest, Shadrin was eating a stew of human liver, Saveliev said.

UPDATE: 24 NOV 2011

Pakistani woman kills, tries to cook hubby

Zainab Bibi has given an interview with Pakistan television, where she admitted to killing, chopping up and cooking her husband

Pakistani police on Thursday arrested a woman who had killed her husband and was attempting to cook his body parts after he planned to marry another woman without her permission.

The police arrested Zainab Bibi, 32, and her nephew Zaheer, 22, in the Shah Faisal colony of Karachi,
and recovered the bowl of flesh she planned to cook, said police chief for the area Nadeem Baig.

"They killed Ahmed Abbas, Zainab's husband, and chopped his body into pieces and were about to cook the flesh in a bowl," he told AFP, adding that the knife with which they killed the man had been recovered.

Television networks showed gruesome footage of the human flesh in a bowl ready for the stove.

A neighbour had alerted the police and investigations were ongoing, said Baig.

"There could be two factors behind her intention to cook the husband. One is to destroy the evidence and the other could be her immense hatred against him," over his plan to marry another woman, he said.

According to family law in the Islamic country, a man has get permission from his first wife before his second marriage, but the law is rarely observed.

UPDATE:21 DEC 2011
Dutch TV presenters cause cannibalism storm after eating each other's flesh

In a twist to television cookery shows, two Dutch presenters are filmed eating each other's flesh for a TV show due to be aired on Dutch television. Presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno both allegedly underwent surgery to remove small pieces of flesh from their bodies prior to the aptly titled show Proefkonijnen, meaning Guinea Pigs, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the Netherlands on Wednesday.

Storm was filmed having surgery to remove a piece of his bottom whilst Zeno gave up part of his abdomen. The pair were then challenged to eat each other's body part after it had been fried in sunflower oil by a TV chef. In the trailer for the show the duo sit down at a candlelit table to eat the morsels, although the footage does not show the cannibalism occurring.

The teaser clip has already prompted outcry, being labelled as 'sick' and 'grim' by viewers, and has raised questions over the legality of the stunt. The presenters have refuted suggestions that the cannibalism was illegal as they claim both entered into the challenge voluntarily. Speaking to an American news channel, Dennis Storm claimed the stunt was designed to answer "a stupid question".

He said: "The punchline of the show is to get really simple answers to stupid questions, such as, 'Can you shave with ketchup' or 'Can you drive blind?' And we wanted to find out how human flesh tasted. It was just a few centimetres of meat and now I have a good story about that scar."


Mother decapitated newborn and ate his brain

THIS CASE happened in NEPAL


The jungles of Papua New Guinea

A Russian cannibal who killed and ate parts of his own mother

'Body sold' to kebab shop


Milan Jurisic Killed And Eaten Allegedly By Serbian Mafia Members

Serbian gangsters allegedly beat a traitorous associate to death with a hammer before cooking and eating his remains in Spain, police said.

Members of the Zemun Clan -- which was behind the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003 -- dined on the remains of Milan Jurisic, 37, after he stole from the group, according to Sky News.

After Jurisic was beaten to death, his enemies flayed him with a sharp knife and put his flesh through a meat grinder in Madrid, the Daily Mail said.They threw his bones in the River Manzanares.

The grisly tale was retold to Croatian police by captured Zemun Clan member, Sretko Kalinic, nicknamed "The Butcher."

Spanish police found bones in the apartment where Jurisic was allegedly dismembered and in the river this week.

It's believed he was murdered in 2009 while on the run following his conviction in absentia for the hit on Djindjic.

Police suspect that Luka Bojovic was the ringleader of the cannibalistic murder. Bojovic was captured in Valencia last month -- he was a fugitive that was also convicted for killing the Serbian prime minister.

Documents found in Bojovic's apartment allegedly corroborated the account told by "The Butcher," Metro said.


Russian cannibal killer ate victims' livers to impress his girlfriend

An alleged serial killer who practiced cannibalism has been arrested in Central Russia. The detainee has confessed to at least six murders, but the number of victims could be higher. Reports say the accused wanted to impress his girlfriend.


Twenty-four-year-old Aleksandr Bychkov was initially arrested in Russia’s Penza Region on suspicion of involvement in a hardware store robbery. However, while being questioned Bychkov suddenly began telling police about corpses he had buried in a ravine near his home. According to the police spokesperson, investigators found the remains of six people. They were “recovered from the ground and sent for examination.”

The examination revealed that Bychkov had chopped his victims into pieces. He then cut out their livers and ate them. "The facts of cannibalism in some episodes did take place," a high-ranking source from law enforcement body in the region confirmed. Reports say Bychkov had been trying to impress his girlfriend by killing and eating people – or it least to pluck up some courage to see her.

“She blanked me. She said I’m spineless, and I am a lone wolf. I’ll prove it. She doesn’t know and I cannot tell her anything,” Bychkov reportedly wrote in his diary. Bychkov has already told police of a grave with a seventh body. Law enforcers suspect he may have been involved in more murders, since quite a number of people went missing in the region between 2009 and 2011.


Brazilian cult members arrested for cannibalism

Brazilian police announced on Friday that they had arrested a man and two women on suspicion of having murdered and cannibalized at least two women in what was described as a purification ritual. The three defendants formed a sect called "Cartel" that seeks to purify the world and reduce the population, police spokesman Democrito Honorato from the northeastern Brazilian town of Guaranhuns said. The three defendants, Jorge and Elizabeth Pires da Silveira, both 51, and Bruna da Silva, 25, intended to kill three women per year, police said.

"The details of the actions of the trio, with drawings and explanations of cannibalism, were found in a 50-page book written by Da Silveira, a man with a diploma in education and a black belt in karate," Honorato said. The book, entitled "The relationships of a schizophrenic," hints at acts of cannibalism. "The three ate the flesh of their victims to purify their souls," said the police spokesman.

Two bodies were found in the garden of the house occupied by the three defendants, which police believe were those of two women who disappeared recently: Alexandra Falcao, 20, and Gisele da Silva, 30. Both had been seen in the vicinity. The house of the three suspects was set on fire on Thursday by neighbours. One of the suspects confessed she knew the name of a woman the group killed in 2008, Jessica Pereira, in the nearby city of Olinda.

UPDATE: 25 MAY 2012
Man makes meat of teens

A 56-YEAR-OLD man from Yunnan, China, has admitted to killing, skinning and making preserved meat out of over 20 teenagers, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

The daily said the man even soaked the victims' eyeballs with rice wine and fed his three dogs with human flesh before selling the leftover as ostrich meat.

A special investigation task force set up by the Jinning county police discovered the gruesome case last month following a series of missing persons' reports.

The suspect Zhang Yung Ming had been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1978.

However, he was released after 18 years and went back to his hometown in Nanmen Village, where he was said to have kidnapped the youths before killing them.

An experienced newsmen in Yunnan also revealed that the actual number of victims could be more because over 50 pairs of shoes were found in Zhang's home.

UPDATE: 26 MAY 2012
Japanese man cooks, serves own genitals

A Japanese artist cooked his own genitals and served them to five paying diners in Tokyo to cover the medical costs, in a bizarre act to raise awareness about sexual minorities.

Mao Sugiyama had his penis and testicles surgically removed in March and kept them frozen for two months before dishing them out -- seasoned and braised -- to customers at an event hall on May 13, according to postings on his Twitter account and local police.

Diners paid 20,000 yen ($250) for the plate with a portion of genitals. Pictures published on a website appeared to show the meal came complete with mushrooms and a parsley garnish.

The painter, who is reportedly 22, said on Twitter the organ had been removed by a physician and certified to be free of infections.

The meal was prepared under the supervision of a certified cook and diners were required to sign a waiver indemnifying Sugiyama and event organisers.

In May 18 tweets, the artist said steps were taken so the act met all relevant laws, including a ban on organ sales, processing of medical waste and even food sanitation requirements.

"I receive questions from some women and men... asking 'Will there be a next time? Please host it again.' But there is only one set of male organ," he tweeted on May 16.

"Unfortunately, I have no plan for the next time."

Sugiyama, who considers himself "asexual", that is without gender, initially thought about eating the genitals himself, but decided to solicit paying customers to help pay his hospital bills for the surgery.

In an email to AFP, he confirmed the event had taken place and said it was organised to raise awareness about "sexual minorities, x-gender, asexual people". He said he was readying to publish an official account of the day.

Police in Tokyo said they knew of the episode, but added that it had not broken the law as cannibalism was not illegal in Japan.

"We are aware of the case. There was nothing (criminal) to it. It does not violate any detailed rules. There is nothing to take action about," an officer at Suginami police station told AFP.

UPDATE:28 MAY 2012

Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man’s Face

A Miami police officer shot a naked man to death after he wouldn’t stop eating another naked man’s face on the MacArthur Causeway, authorities say.

This combo made with undated photos made available by the Miami-Dade Police Dept. shows Rudy Eugene, 31, left, who police shot and killed as he ate the face of Ronald Poppo, 65, right, during a horrific attack in the shadow of the Miami Herald's headquarters, May 26, 2012.

The survivor, who police think may have been homeless and was lying down when attacked, was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, according to the Miami Herald — whose building was next door to the scene of the crime and whose surveillance cameras showed the officer shooting the suspect on Saturday.

Police sources told CBS Miami that the victim had virtually no face and was unrecognizable.

The Miami Herald’s police sources recounted that a road ranger saw the man chewing on the other man’s face and ordered him to back off over a loudspeaker, and that another police officer soon approached the unidentified attacker.

“The officer, who has not been identified, approached and, seeing what was happening, also ordered the naked man to back away,” the Herald reported. “When he continued the assault, the officer shot him, police sources said. The attacker failed to stop after being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots.”

Sgt. Altarr Williams, supervisor of the Miami police homicide unit, also told the Herald that a man doesn’t have to be armed to be dangerous. “There are other ways to injure people,’’ Williams said. “Some people know martial arts, others are very strong and can kill you with their hands.’’

UPDATE: 1 JUN 2012
Kenyan College Student ate the victim's heart and part of his brain after he died.

A 21-year-old Kenyan college student accused of killing a housemate told police he ate the victim’s heart and part of his brain after he died.

Alexander Kinyua Left Kills Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie Right

Alexander Kinyua hid the head and hands of the dead man in his family’s basement laundry room in a suburb of Baltimore, according to the sheriff’s office. Kinyua, a student at Morgan State University, was charged earlier in May in another attack in which the victim was brutally beaten but survived.

Kinyua, born in Kenya, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie. He was ordered held on no bail.

His public defender did not return a call seeking comment, and a voicemail left at Kinyua’s home was not returned.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Monica Worrell said the chief medical examiner had not yet officially identified the body parts, but that authorities believe they are those of Kodie, who was reported missing May 25.

On Tuesday, Kinyua’s father, Antony Kinyua, called detectives and reported that another son, Jarrod, found what he thought were human remains in the house where they all lived.

Jarrod found two metal tins, which held a human head and two human hands. Police say Jarrod confronted his brother, who said the remains were animals.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and found the head and hands in the house. Police say Alexander Kinyua admitted to killing Kodie by cutting him up with a knife and eating his heart and part of his brain.

Authorities say Kinyua told detectives the rest of the body could be found in a trash container at the Town Baptist Church in Harford County, where they discovered remains.

On May 19, Kinyua beat a man with a baseball bat on Morgan’s campus, fracturing his skull and making him lose sight in one eye, according to Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Kinyua was arrested May 20 and released on $220,000 bail.

Morgan officials say Kinyua studied electrical engineering and was also in the ROTC.

According to court records, the victim, Kodie, who was from Ghana, was convicted in November 2008 in Baltimore County of sex offence and assault in September 2007 and harassment, stalking and telephone misuse for making repeated calls in 2007 and 2008 to a woman. He was sentenced to at least a year and a half in jail.


3 Brazilian Cannibals Arrested For Killing Women And Cooking Their Skin In Empanadas

Police have arrested three people for allegedly killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make stuffed pastries known as empanadas that they sold to neighbors in their northeastern Brazil


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    Uh u i can't believe sum 1 wud do dat it's horrifying 2 luk at let alone do da dam ting!!!!!!

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    Sometimes we do the same thing! even worst, don't us relize that?

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    She replied: "Men & You!"

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    I can think of a large number of people who's highest and best use would be dinner. At least that way, they would be worth SOMETHING!

    You wouldn't want to say "Bite me" to her. And you may not want to accept her invitation to dinner - you may find yourself the main course.

    Hmmm... there's rump roast, spare ribs, liver, mountain oysters and tube steak. All sorts of interesting recipes... Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

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    [ps one time i tried to eat my own skin but it hurt so i stopped]

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    i say! legalise the slaughter of human for food!

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    This concludes that the human body as itself is not different from any other object. What makes the difference is the mind. What if these people where eaten by a lion or tiger? Or what if they die a normal death? (What is normal?) Every thing finally is sand to sand ashes to ashes….but as long as mind lives pain exists….

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    Hilarious! What the hell is the difference - meat is meat. A cow is a mammal, a pig is a mammal, a human being is a mammal. There's NO DIFFERENCE people! Every mammal feels pain. Every mammal is terrified of death. No mammal wants to be eaten. If you want to eat meat, I see nothing wrong with eating human flesh. There's 7 billion on the planet so there certainly is no chance of consuming a species on the verge of extinction when you eat a human burger. This is a great way to feed the world - especially with all of the obese people nowadays. Bon appetit!

  52. Anonymous Alex said,

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    Well I always thought humans are yummy. Why its even illegal? We could eat dead ppl. Like carincidents victims, e.t.c. they r dead anyway. Instead we bury the corpses in the ground. What a waste? Imagine a fat girl eating skinny one to get more fat? So sexy!

  58. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:28 PM

    And still your murding plants

  59. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:39 PM

    This is ALL NASTY AF y df would u eat humans i c if it were an animal but a human come on u nasty
    people r goin 2 ROT I HELL 4 THIS

  60. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:15 AM

    Oh shut up people. Meat is meat. If you eat animal yet you think this lady is crazy I'm sorry but you are. What's the difference between a human and an animal? Ask yourself what's the difference between your child and a random child? Or eating cow vs dog. You only feel for the dog because you've been around it, same with humans. Cow is meat and human is meat. The difference? You don't give a shit about the cow. GO VEGAN, OTHERWISE SHUT UP.

  61. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:29 AM

    Absolutely no difference from human to animal, each lives and breathes the same, gives out red blood and feels pain. Any meat is red meat due to the red blood. There is no difference from eating human or animal. Just because it is accepted or legal doesn't mean it is right. You are all under the law and live the law, the law allows you to eat animals and not humans, yet you can't follow your heart, vegans can! Do what's right, together we can save the world!

  62. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:30 AM

    If it was legal for human meat, basically it would become the norm, just like animal meat is. It just shows the monsters that we are, we kill, animals and humans on the planet, yet we know ourselves that life is precious and that we can choose what we want to have on our plate. Why? For a 2 minute satisfaction of taste, a life is consumed. Not even worth arguing against. Anything said different are just mere excuses to support cruelty. Why do meat eaters feel disgusted to cannibalism or are horrified? Get yourself in a slaughterhouse and see for yourself what really happens, and see how there is no difference. What makes us more superior than an animal? A lion could take our life if we had no weapon. Yet we use weapons cowardishly towards animals for the advantage. Now here is a crazy thought, if you taught wild primates how to load and fire guns and leave them ammunition supplies and guns, with loads buried in their area to dig up and use whenever, they would then have the power to attack back. In your next life, maybe you will be eaten? Karma? What comes around goes around. Maybe you will be reincarnated as a pig if you eat meat and you will be in the slaughterhouse. Humans think that they can make excuses to eat lives, and it ain't healthy, the animals are mistreat, dirty, drugged, diseased, and the meat used from them is legally sold causing a cocktail of hazards to our health, but the meat industry keeps it quiet so they can make money. Plus it takes 17kg of plant based food to created just a mere 1kg of beef to consume. That's right. Cows and other animals eat grain and other plant based foods and a third of the earths plant based foods are fed on these artificially produced animals, scientifically modified, yet there are millions of humans living with hunger. By force they are not allowed to access agriculture in certain countries as companies keep the land to themselves to use for animals. Without the meat industry, there will be hardly any hunger. The more meat we consume, the more less food their is on earth that is given by nature. Also the meat industry also produces more carbon emissions than all transportation combined. Creating global warming from these emissions from factory farming. So if we eat meat, and feed it our kids, to teach them to feed meat to their kids, then there is no future for mankind. Famine, heat and extreme weather conditions will take a huge toll on the human race. So why bother producing offspring if you eat meat? You are damaging the world by eating it and you are decreasing life, your own (health reasons) and the planet, so if you damage all this, in the near future we won't be able to carry on our family name. Then was this our purpose, just to eat meat, produce deadly gas, rob natures food and feed large amounts to create little food. We are burning up so much. There will be nothing left. Yet governments are afraid to go against the big industrial giants. And helps their economy for now, but what about the future? Is now more important than the future? We better change quick before it's too late. Soon everyone will realise and laws will say that you have to be vegan. It is on the rise! And is the only answer. Even dairy end up at the slaughterhouses, and are abused the same as animals used for meat. Stop this cruelty, on animals, on yourself, and the planet! Then once you become a vegan, when your kid says why are you vegan, or what have you done in your life, or anything like that, you can say that you helped change the world just for going vegan. So simple! And every single vitamin or nutrient can be obtained from plant based foods, and eliminating the bad fats, cholestrol and many other negativities of animal products. Would you wear a pair of shoes with blood on them? Then why wear leather? The list goes on and on. Leather is basically animal skin and tissue stretched and all bloody and coated with chemicals for preservation of the animals skin tissue. Get a grip and do what is right! I have!

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    10:25 PM


    @anonymous calling people 'killers' for eating animals, shut the hell up, you are RIDICULOUS.

    Sorry, but ALL life is not precious in the sense that you mean. There are SO many humans that are so despicable they should die, their life is not precious it is the opposite - a detriment to humanity.

    Animals eat animals, that's the way of life and humans are no different.

    Some animals evolved from plant eaters to meat eaters and there is even a deer in Vietnam that eats fish in addition to plants.

    I eat meat, but I don't eat dogs or cats, monkeys, apes or humans, I would not eat an elephant or a dolphin and I have my doubts about squid and octopus. But cattle type animals exist to be food for other animals. As far as I'm concerned it is their purpose.

    As far as leather goes, I would have no problem wearing a jacket made out of your skin.

  69. Blogger BunBun4life said,

    10:26 PM


    Its now april 2013, aaww, too bad for you, still here!

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    Later on, she was caught by the Police .

    get you facts straight. that happened in china. No matter where you are in the Philipines, no one eats human meat.

  75. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:48 PM

    I want some its so unfair I might get arrested for eating what I want I want to drink an infants s fresh blood too m so jelous but I can't act on it cause I don't fancy prison , for eating ? Very silly vegetables feel pain too so do cows n chicken n pigs but u all slaughter and eat them againgst their will holier than thou .....I would not want to kill a person but if they are already dead y can't I make use of their flesh ?

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  88. Anonymous Erumeli Kuttappan said,

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  92. Blogger Franklin Culbreth said,

    6:00 AM

    I love eatting women. Especially between their thighs. But they have to be alive, and healthy. Damn, where is my girlfriend, Im hungry right now.

  93. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:41 PM

    chinese are sick there not human anyone that can eat human should just be shot

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  95. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:12 PM

    All i wish is to end the world... waiting for the birth of new earth...full of love n compassion.

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    2 Timothy 3:1-5. This was foretold by jesus and it's taking place, JEHOVAH see's all that takes place here on earth and will reward all for their deeds. psalms 14:1,2. So wait on God to set every thing strait and have faith in Gods kingdom to come ,these are the last days .

  99. Anonymous Anonymous said,

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