Taxis turned den of sin


Source: The Star

Taxis turned den of sin

SOME students from institutions of higher learning are willing to pay taxi drivers a hefty sum to use the back seat of their vehicles for a bit of hanky-panky, Harian Metro reported.

According to the paper, they are prepared to fork out RM100 for a half-hour ride.

The students appear unembarrassed to remove their clothing while engaging in sexual activity the back seat, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the driver in front.

At times, they are willing to pay more to the drivers when their 30 minutes are up so that they can continue with their activities.

Drivers critical of such acts can expect a tongue-lashing from their passengers.

The behaviour of these students have forced several taxi drivers disgusted by such acts to place “No Kissing Please” signs in their vehicles.

One driver known as Lim, 40, was quoted as saying that he had ferried such passengers and was sickened by the way they had turned his taxi into a den of sin.

“They normally want me to take a trip to outside the city because they don't want stares from the public,” he said when met at a taxi stand in Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur.

Noting that he was surprised to see such conduct, Lim said he had warned some couples to refrain from this sort of deeds.

“But I have been shouted at and told not to interfere,” he said.
“I don't mind if they just hold hands or hug each other, but if it reaches the stage of having sex in my car, it is a bit extreme, and I will not allow them to do so.”

What would you do if you are the Taxi driver?
Select an option:

Drive straight to Police Station
Peep at them
Throw them out of the Taxi
Ask for more fare
Buat Tak Tahu



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