Should men wear chastity belt ?

Chastity belts become more popular with modern men
Just one quick look at men's chastity belts is enough to make you shudder at such antihuman invention of the mankind. British and German women, however, feel free to make their husbands wear genital irons before letting them leave for work. The most horrible thing about it is that "cuffed" men do not give way to despair: they easily communicate with other men, who have their penises locked up in their pants. Chastity belts pose only one problem for their owners - men feel shy to use public toilets.

Men's chastity belts were invented for the first time in England, at the end of the 19th century. The Victorian epoch generated terrifying devices to subdue the lustful nature of a man. Chastity belts became popular with men only a few years ago. The advantage of wearing a chastity belt was exposed to men of the world in 2002. Salzburg lawyer Henrich Firshman was accused of sexual harassment at work. The lawyer's wife told the judge that the suit filed against her husband was groundless, because the man had been wearing a chastity belt at work for two years. The belt was presented at the court - it looked quite worn out. In addition, forensic experts proved that the belt was worn by Firshmen. The chastity belt saved the man's career and relieved him of the need to pay thousands of euros of penalties. About 30,000 European men come to work wearing chastity belts nowadays. This astounding Puritanism during the age of sexual revolution has been probably caused with people's wish to be 100 percent sure of their faithfulness. It is noteworthy that women wear chastity belts in such families too. Chastity belts are presumably worn by gigolos. European women have a fondness for hiring young men from developing countries for sexual favors. Women pay them 500 euros a month, but they also make their young studs wear chastity belts to protect them against their own frivolous behavior. According to websites, which sell men's chastity belts, modern gigolos are ready to stand any humiliation for money. Experienced gigolos advise amateurs to ask for expensive plastic chastity belts from their women. Plastic belts, they say, do not jingle and more importantly - they do not cause any inconveniences with metal detectors in stores and airports. Specialists of medicine say, however, that chastity belts are very harmful to men. They are very tight and rigid; they may block blood flow and cause painful edema, tissue numbness and even temporal impotence. Women's chastity belts are a lot less problematic - they do not exert any negative influence on the sexual function of a woman.

Chastity Belt for men
Wife or Girlfriend should hold the keys

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Should Men wear Chastity Belt ?
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Women should wear chastity belts to thwart rape and incest and "to protect themselves from sex maniacs".

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  1. Blogger Mike said,

    5:51 AM

    I am a man in chastity and I love it. It takes all the stress off of me in trying not to masturbate. My wife loves the comfort she gets when I go on business trips, whether long or short, knowing that even if a woman could convince me to cheat, I can't anyway.
    I wear the CB3000 and I use the balck one so I can't see it and be teased that I can see, but can't touch.

    I recommend that all couples should discuss it and see if it's right for them. My wife gets treated like she's dating and not like a wife of 25 years.

    See my blog at:

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:46 PM

    I am a man who loves his chastity cock sheeth and when my wife wants sex she states that my orgasems are better and she loves the attention she gets becose she loves knowing i half to earn my orgasems by pleasing her sexully, She is the boss!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:08 AM

    Your last 2 commenters must be freaking stupid to put their sex lives completely in the hands of their wives. Would their wives put themselves in chastity belts? fuck stupidity.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:11 PM

    I would be scared to wear on of those you would have to be insane imagine all the pee that would get on you if you realy had to go also what would happen if the keys where lost???

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:53 PM

    i am a woman and if man man would wear one so would i, if u have a good relationship y the hell not.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:07 AM

    i'm a female, and i dont see anything wrong in male/female chastity belts. i would definitely wear one regardless of whether my bf/gf/or significant other wears one first. this adds more trust to the relationship and more pleasure when preforming a sexual act with your partner. i think more people should know where they could get one.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:31 AM

    relationships are about trust if you cannot trust your partner enough to not cheat and the only way you feel safe is if your partner has a chastity belt then maybe you should not be dating that person

  8. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:28 PM

    I am a Dominant Male, It is my belief that if women and teen girls would accept wearing rape protection chastity belts - teenage pregnancy and rape would become moot in this country.

    Laws should be changed to allow parents the control they once had over their children, especially teen girls. The pill is bad for a womans health, while teen pregnancy costs every American taxpayer much money! Courts should order teen girls to wear chastity belts once they have an illegitimate child! Women should be offered FREE belts to prevent rape and date rape! "Master LatexHer"

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:02 PM

    I'm a Male, If you were to wear one of these all the time, wouldn't that be very inconvenient? I mean, say you were in a suit for a business meeting suit trousers are thin material, surely a Chastity Belt would stick out like a sore thumb...or a wonky erection?

  10. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:21 PM

    Anyone that need to wear one of these when they go on business trips has a weak marriage. If your significant other doesn't trust you enough to go out the door without this on, then there is a bigger root problem of trust.

    This must be a joke.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:45 AM

    I am male. My wife purchased a locking sleeve for me. I wear for her pleasure. When we are out of town or have some time to oursleves. She says it helps be seflish about her sexuality. It takes her a while after she locks it but then she gets pretty demanding soon. After she has gotten the pleasure she wants, then she gives me the key and I can pleasure myself with her anyway I want. I don;t mind waiting because I enjoy her selfishness too. Enjoy!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:18 PM

    I'm a male, and whats going through my head is simple... If you dont trust one another... I think you both need to sit down and talk.. I mean, what happens when the male gets an erection?.. The bloodly thing is facing down!!!

  13. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:45 PM

    Dear god...

    Relationship... = TRUST..

    This page is silly >_<

    What a joke. =)

  14. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:19 AM

    Let me just say... Being a dominant married man that if you are using these devices in order to prevent cheating then there is not enough trust in your relationship and you should end it.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:43 AM

    Yes everyone man and woman from 8 years old up should ware one.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:20 PM

    metal detectors must be fun

  17. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:45 AM

    what the fuck is this. if you want to protect yourself just carry a gun. and making it a law for teens to where one is even stupieder. your just gonning to make teens hate the system.

    P.s. Supporters please.... suck my dick

  18. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:00 AM

    I've read through the comments, both pro and con. I've worn one off and on for 6 years, after scoffing at it for more than nine months. The effect is amazing, my sex life and relationship has never been better. Those of you that cling to the idea that trust = fidelity are somewhat idealistic, but I sincerely hope it works out for you FOREVER. I had that once and broke it. This turned out to be a solution, not unlike a patch for a smoker or AA for an alcoholic. It's not painful, you can pee through it, and you can cut it off if you absolutely have to. None of the objections previously written can't be overcome. My fiancee loves that I wear it, and she gets ALL of my sexual attention - none is diverted to maturbation or other distractions. I believe in these so much that I became a distributor for some of the popular devices, and can be found at lockeduplove dot net. Write to me there if you have more questions.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:59 AM

    this conversation is retarded who cares

  20. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:57 AM

    To the Mr. Dominating Male. No I don't think that it should be legal to put someone in a chastity belt, apart from the female health problems it might cause, it is an anchient way of thinking. If half these girls had there parents sit down and talk with them about sex and the consequences and were properly educated they wouldn't end up pregnant in the first place. I know I didn't get pregnant as a teenager and I pertly attribute that to the fact that my Mother answered what questions about sex that I had. Secondly, women start wearing chasity belt, and the rapists are just going to find aways around it. Remember 90% percent of rapes are crimes of anger not passion. As far as date rape is concerned, I've learned to carry mace and not leave my drink unattended. I've also taken self defense classes, which are offered free at any YMCA or rec association. There more benficial than any chasity belt ever would be.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:53 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:37 PM

    LOL this whole page is a joke, chastity belts FOR WOMEN are so 18th god what have people come to now a days

  23. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:26 PM

    Anonymous said,
    4:43 AM

    Yes everyone man and woman from 8 years old up should ware one.

    1 question,


  24. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:42 AM

    I'm a man and I wear it. My wife likes it. She likes to control when I get hard or not. She likes to control when I get to cumm. It's fun .... I can't stop thinking about her....

  25. Anonymous Lynn said,

    3:46 AM

    It isn't about trust or control. It is all about pleasure. Think about this for just one minute. If you cast your arm or leg for a fracture, after a few weeks the skin becomes very sensitive to the touch. I’m female and recently started abstaining from masturbation between sexual relationships. The sex has never been more pleasurable. Every caress has more sensuality then before, I would imagine this would also be true for a male. And if there is a little control fetish, all the better.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:48 PM

    If it doesn't fit you narrow minded view of the world. Don't read about it, and don't post your drivel.

    It may surprise some of you but there is a whole fairly large community involved in chastity play, just as there is in many other fetishes.

    There is nothing forced, there is no distrust. It is a consensual activity between willing parters.

    For more info try searching google for chastity and take a look at some of the hundreds of thousands of hits you get.

  27. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:35 AM

    I think that most of you are missing the point on here. I agree that those who are using it as an assurance that their partner wont cheat have a skewed view of things. My fiance and I have been invloved in chastity play since the onset of our relationship. For us it's all about the experience we share. I think that most men (and women) would agree that once a man climaxes his attention level drops. By keeping my fiance in a constant state of arousal with only minimal release it keeps his focus and attention on me and our relationship. The more loving he is, the more loving i am and so creates a win-win situation for both of us. I'm sure this isnt for everyone, but its working for us.

  28. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:24 PM

    Some people just can't wrap their minds around the fact that vanilla sex isn't all there is to a long-term committed relationship.
    My fiance and I are looking into getting both male and female chastity belts. It's just something that we find very erotic, having control over each others sexual release.

    I guess there are some people that will never understand...

  29. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:01 PM

    Hi im male and wear a chastity belt for my partner to which she holds the key, i do this to prevent myself from giving myself pleasure, thus giving all of my attention and best efforts to my partner, i dont mind that she holds the keys and i cannot get pleasure without her but it makes things very erotic when she does remove the unit.
    Also it causes me no problem for hygeine as it has ample room to access with a stream of water and soap making the device fully clean, ok it does take a little more time and effort but should we all not do a litte extra for the one we love!

  30. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:43 AM

    After more than 30 years of being a Master I will submit my opinion on this subject!

    If all women over 14 and under 45 were to remain belted, there would be no use for abortion clinics and many visits to the physician for STDs. Of course young men would wind up masturbating more often, but RAPE would become almost non-existent!

    Young ladies and women are easily trained to wear chastity devices, if convinced it is for their own protection. Even though it is socially unacceptable to force a woman into a belt, their virginity, physical well being would be protected from rape, early pregnancy, and perhaps even Americas high divorce rate.

    Although we further feel that a chastity device needs to be developed which provides every woman pleasure, and security! If such a device exited today, modern women would actually enjoy wearing it! But Only in OUR DREAMS!

  31. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:38 AM

    I'm a man and my girlfriend has me in one. She likes to control me sexually. That's pretty fun but, she keeps "blackmailing" me by saying that she's gonna tell her friends.

  32. Anonymous Alina said,

    9:52 AM

    I am a woman, and wears a chastity belt. Sometimes I enjoy it, but often I don't like it. Anyway, I am sort of forced to wear it, so it's not really up to me to decide. You can check out my webpage for the whole story.

  33. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:42 PM

    Personaly, would and i would like my wife to wear one to manly so she can stop touching herself and make her area even more sensitive, for me its the same, no more wanking

  34. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:27 AM

    A woman should never have sexual pleasure, at birth their cliterous should be removed, and the vagina should be stitched up with only a small enough hole to drain fluids. when she needs to be impregnated she should be inseminated, then the stitches removed for birth, and put back in after. In fact, woman should not even be allowed to touch their genitalia.

  35. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:51 AM

    I'm a man, and let's face it. Guys just don't have the kind of control over their sexual urges that women do. I think that a woman should have the right to put their man into a chastity belt.
    When in a committed relationship, men should ONLY have the right to do anything sexual at their partner's discretion. Thus, I think, that they should have the ability to do anything sexual without their partner taken away.
    With this, the woman can assume control of her man, and make him hers alone.

  36. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:48 PM

    im a man and after some playing about with other girls my wife decided to put me in a chastity device which i have been wearing for the past 18 months without any relief!!!!! i think that i am to blame for been unfaithful and only got what i deserved still long time for me before my wife decides to remove it.

  37. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:54 PM

    This is actually for play,i think.

  38. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:03 PM

    Some of pictures show chastity belts weared by females but are inddeed male ch belts

  39. Blogger OMG said,

    10:59 PM

    Dear Readers,
    Thanks a million for all your comments and
    Thank a billion for the poll

  40. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:09 AM

    That's just retarded...

  41. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:28 AM

    I a teenage girl who wears these belts when I go to parties. If I ever become drunk it won't be possible for me to be raped. After a while you don't relize you have one on and it makes sure noby gets to your private parts.

  42. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:56 AM

    I don't have the same control of my urges that some other guys here have. I'd rather wear a chastity belt than get caught cheating and ruin my relationship.

  43. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:36 AM

    I am married almost 4 years & my wife loved the idea of getting me a chastity belt when we saw it on a website. I travel for my job and she said it would help ease her mind if I wore one of these when I am gone. She also liked the idea that I won't be able to mastrubate anyone, which is a habit she wants to break. I am actually looking forward to it coming in the mail.

  44. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:56 PM

    I am and married, my wife nearly came in her panties when she saw the CB3000 chasitity device. She wished that she had found this years ago. She know I cronically mastrubate and we also had some infidelty problems in the distant past. She like the idea that I cant cheat on her or mastrubare. She also like the idea of controlling my cock. She promised me that my cock will be under lock & key for the forseeable future in other words forever.

  45. Blogger chastguy said,

    10:45 PM

    I have been married for 15 years and have been in a chastity the for the last 10 years. Recently been in the Cb6000 and have been the happiest ever. It is the most comfortable one I have ever had. My wife unlocks me once a month for sex and shaving and I please her during the month when she wants it. I was not faithful in the begining of our marriage and mastrubated all the time. I am truly happier now then I was in the past.

  46. Blogger Όλγα said,

    10:22 PM

    I think you are all insane...chastity belts in 2009? Oh my God, that's crazy!!!

  47. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:34 AM

    For us it started when I gave my wife to be a CB-2000 mostly as a gag gift, but I soon found out they do work.
    I gave it to her and promissed I would wear it because her previous live in boyfriend and past husband both left her for the other women they were having affairs with and I wanted her to know I would not do that.
    After two years we got the CB-3000 and now five years later I pretty much wear it all the time.
    I have simply gotten used to wearing it and its like a watch, I don't know I even have it on unless I beguin to get hard and then it stops it.
    The seven year itch will never be a problem.

  48. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:39 AM

    I am a male and purchased a very nice Cararra belt. I have begun to wear it regularly and it is fun to wear and the sensations when wearing it are quite unique and awesome. After getting used to it, you hardly realize you have it on. I wear it under jeans, slacks, even sports uniforms, etc. without it being noticed. It is extremely erotic and makes you realize your male sexuality all the time in a good way. Feeling everything moving inside but not being able to touch anything is a real turn on even when just walking. Hard-ons and restroom are not a problem in these. Probably the only real difference is that you have to sit down to go to the restroom. Cleaning is fairly easy and not a problem. For those that have never tried one, mine is like wearing a roomy jock cup with separate compartments. Very secure and very sexy looking. For sports, it is the best protective cup you could hope to wear and is comfortable. It does require being removed when you are going to go through metal detectors unless you want to try to explain it.
    Would be neat to have gf locked up in one also to share the experience and sensations with on both sides. It is definitely a pleasant mind trip and fun too! Hard to find if a girl that likes them as it is not something easy to discuss in casual dating conversation.
    As mentioned by others, it would also help stop rape and unwanted pregnancy. I think more guys and girls should wear them or try them.

  49. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:44 PM

    I'm a dominant woman, and I think this is freaking sexy.

    It doesn't have to be completely about avoiding infidelity.If you live a very s&m life, this is just a part of the role play.

    If you guys can't get your minds around how a couple could want this...then I feel sorry for your unsatisfied wives :/

  50. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:38 PM

    I'm up for wearing on of these, but my wife isn't, so it's not going to happen, which is a shame

  51. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:33 AM

    my wife should have me wear one

  52. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:15 PM

    Let's talk about me. I'm 14, female, virgin, and i have a boyfriend.

    i've read all the comments and my reply to some of them are...

    ok now, a relationship is built on trust, if you don't have trust then what do you have?

    ok for the freaks that want sexy more thrilling by locking your privte parts up, so you can't touch yourself. have you ever just thought about not touching yourself?

    for the people afraid there gonna get raped while they're drunk, here's an ideal how about don't get drunk.

    i'm sorry that i think this is a stupid idea.

  53. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:41 PM

    my girlfriend moved in with me. so as a joke i got her one as a gag gift.
    after alittle while she actaully tried it on.
    she kept it on for a week, and then when i unlocked it the sex was amazing, she was so horny and begging me not to stop.
    i have the keys, one at my office and then one hide at the apt. that she doesnt know about.
    i thought about getting me one.
    but we both promised each other no touching our privite part in any pleasing way, so that means no masterbation.
    if i catch her masterbating then i put the belt on her for a agreed week.
    so i feel like a total man she relies all on me for sexaul plesure.

  54. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:27 PM

    I've been with my BF for 2.5 years. In the beginning he usually wanted to have sex almost everyday, and I really couldn't cope with it. There were sometimes big discussions, which started because of sex.

    Last year we almost broke down, but after a good and honest discussion, he agreed to wear a chastity belt. It's now almost a year that he's wearing one. We have sex once a week, or two weeks, and I'm fealing much better. And our couple seems in a much better shape.

  55. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:01 PM

    I am a white male and my wife has put me in one. She had this long standing fantasy about black men..and yes, their size, stamina, dominance, etc...Well she finally tried it and loved it...Since then she's read about chastity devices and assumed correctly that I had been masturbatinng alot. So she bought one for me and locked me up. It has totally changed our relationship....masturbation is out the window. I am so much more productive now...everything is better.

  56. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:21 PM

    I wish I could convince my wife to lock me in one of these. I do masurbate a lot and I know our sex life suffers from it, Any one have any suggestions on how I can convice her and which one. I do tavel away from home for as long as two weeks sometimes

  57. Blogger dj said,

    4:16 AM

    well, if you really want your wife to lock you, present the idea to her, open and honestly. There is not too many women who will turn down the idea of having control over their men. Two weeks in a chastity can get annoying, but in the long run, she will enjoy the benefits from it. I personally recommend a CB6000, as they fit better than any other on the market, and are easier to use. I recommend going to to check out all those available, and btw, you'll find lots of info there about chastity.

  58. Anonymous MistressPetra said,

    2:30 AM

    I am a Dominant Female who's been with my slave for over 6 years. He absoloutely LOVES his chastity and i only take it off of him 2 times a year. He begs for it every day, but he knows the rules.

    A few comments - First off, how could this prevent rape in women? Yes, it will protect their cunts and clits, but remember their ass? The chastity would have to be open there for bowel movements, and therefore a man can get there. unwanted pregnancy can still happen. Men are fucking stupid when it comes to how women can get pregnant. If any cum drips even near the cunt, she has a possibility.

    Women have a right to their own body. They are better than men, because they can control themselves. They have the right to take pleasure in themselves. Men are play things, and a woman has the right to make sure her plaything isnt shared unless she wants it.

  59. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:16 AM

    i'm a locked up teenager. I've been wearing for a while now. What bothers me the most about chastity is that so few men or boys know about the pleasure it can bring to your personal life. Many people look at it as a bad thing, but, girls listen up, taking away the mastrubation and other means of self-gratification means he is completely dependent on you for even a thourough wash. If your a guy and you find yourself in this situation, don't you spent more energy and time with her? After a while the guy will forget about the device and be totally focused on pleasing the girl. That is where I find myselt today. The belt doesn't bother me a bit. I love wearing my chastity for her. Secretly, i wouldn't mind never having a release again. The sexual organs can be kept healthy by a milking every month. It is very arousing to know that you don't even get to be removed from the device for this, since stimulating a gland in the anus causes the semen to drip out without any sense of relief for the wearer. That way, the wearer stays locked, and the keyholder has total control over everything sexual.

  60. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:28 PM

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  61. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:52 PM

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  62. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:44 AM

    Actual use of CB's is relatively new and their use for kink & pleasure is spreading.

    Hunt around the google, there are hundreds of makers to be found based in many countries.

    I am male and am wearing one, but it is a consensual thing.
    If an emergency does come up any CB can be cut off quite easily, though that normally destroys an expensive toy :)

    The plastic cb2k,3k,6k variety are great if you are worried about metal detectors,
    We prefer the steel variety.

    Those worried about the washrooms there is no issues as you simply must use a stall and sit down.
    Cleaning is actually very easy.

    Good CB's are usually undetectable visually through cloths.

    Those that want to try it, it is an interesting kink.
    Those that don't go somewhere else to find your thrills :D
    Don;t try to put others down for your own narrow minded hangups. :/

  63. Blogger adayinakey said,

    12:39 PM

    It is said that a young couple, desirous that their young son not fall victim to temptation (as they had), had a sheath created for him. This young man went through life quite able to rise above the 'urges". He completed college, medical school and, he became quite successful. Not once did he fall prey to the sexual advances of his patients. Even at 45 years of age and contemplating his own death was the man vigil. He married and continued to wear the device. His testicles were separated by a sheath and, in a lot of ways, it helped when horseback riding. The man? Quite popular. Many refer to him as Jack the Ripper.

  64. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:58 PM

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  65. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:20 PM

    Trust- nothing to do with that it is about power and control, I don't want him getting any sexual pleasure that I don't control!

  66. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:59 AM

    these bitches that are making u whear this things are transforming u in to pussys and fuck with ur mind and do what the fuck they want with ur ass, and while ur dick its locked up ur girlfriend its fucking somebody else and u cant even get it up in that, how fucked up is that? its sad even, wake up... if she loves u it dont even suggest to wear shit like that and if she suggest dump her motherfucking ass

  67. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:41 AM

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  68. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:03 PM


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    I have kept him in this type of chastity belt for most of our marriage, over 15 years. I let him out for trips and doctor appointments and anytime there might be risk of a metal detector, like some concerts. When he is out he still stays chaste for me until I can lock him back up.

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    What uniformed and predujiced rubbish is being posted here. the comment in the article that male chastity belts can cause physical harm is pretty stupid, groundless, and displays an agenda behind the writer.

    These are wonderful devices for men like me who enjoy being sexually under their wife's control. Frankly it makes my a better husband.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough

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    This is so cool an idea! Throughout interminable history sex was set up under men's control for their use alone.

    Yet now we women seem to have truly turned everything upside down on its tiny little head. (Pun is quite mockingly intended.) One has to know that the overwhelming percentage of wearers of chastity devices was once female, but today it is probably a large majority male. THIS IS A DELICIOUSLY AWESOME DEVELOPMENT!

    I, for one as a young female, feel ecstatically empowered hearing things like this. Chastity control will certainly be a requirement in my relationships with males.

    I also found the remark,

    "Chastity belts pose only one problem for their owners - men feel shy to use public toilets."

    incredibly amusing (and admittedly slightly arousing)!

    Poor dears, don't despair. All you cute fellows really have to do is excuse yourselves, head to the 'little boys room', find a private stall where to SIT DOWN to TINKLE PROPERLY.


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    It has now become a part of my life, and I firmly believe that every male over 12 years of age should wear a CB.

    With numbered plastic lock, it is very easy to tell if a guy has been faithful -- or not!!

    Women deserve respect, and they should be the keyholder -- or the one that monitors what number lock is on the guy!!

    It also protects women, because no unauthorized sex can happen without HER knowing about it.

    Please, ladies -- claim your dominion and put your husbands and sons into chastity!

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    Ok i have noticed almost all the comments from the guys saying they loved the cb all have the same IP Adress WHICH MEANS IT WAS PROBALY A GIRL WHO WROTE IT. Unless you are dumb guys domininate girl the reason it isnt like the 18th were everyone had sex slave is because there friends and family will say its not right. Honesty GIRLS DONT OWN GUYS

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    Well, it hasn't helped out with that grammar any, has it??

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    My wife bought a chastity device when she caught me masturbating that was three years ago. I now wear a cb6000 and am locked full time she only takes it off for me to shower after she has tied my hands to the rail and stays with me the whole time so i cant misbehave! At first i was allowed to orgasm once a week but as time has gone by it has become far less frequent and i have now been chaste for nearly five months with no end in sight. if i complain she just extends the time further so i have learnt to accept it. Of course she does not have to go without and i have to perform oral sex on her most days she tells me she prefers it and is therefor quite happy to keep me locked. I once tried denying her pleasure but she just added another month to my sentence!

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