Eat your Fruits and Veggies

You’ve been through a lot to save your body. Now it’s time to honor that body by living healthy. It's really pretty easy. Eat fruits and vegetables, get regular exercise, don't smoke, and drink in moderation, if at all. These lifestyle choices will reduce your risk of disease and make you feel in control.

Fruits and vegetables provide the wide range of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals your body needs to maintain good health and energy levels, protect against the effects of aging, and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.


  1. Blogger AceOne118 said,

    12:29 AM

    Suddenly i tot why you so good wan ask ppl to eat fruits pulak!! kakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blogger clement said,

    1:50 AM

    where the heck do you get all this? i want more!

  3. Blogger OMG said,

    7:23 AM

    Thanks for your comments
    Always eat the correct type of
    fruits and veggies

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