Muar Chinese song

Funny songs from Johor

Translation to English:

This place (Muar) has three major races, in addition to bangkali
And all the world’s laborers would be gathering right here.
There’re many industrial areas nearby.
All the laborers would gather in the city on Sunday.
They go up the stairs to get prostitutes, go buy pirated VCD,
or they would hug around and do silly things.

You’ll hear a lot of voices, many different voices.
Some of them even look quite girlish.
But most representative is the Maur Mandarin because the way Maurs speak are really style.

They go up the stairs to get prostitutes, go buy pirated VCD,

Muar’s Mandarin – I’m really satisfied.
If you aren’t happy, I’ll show you a finger.
I don’t like to be serious; I think I’m very great.
Because what comes out of my mouth is the Maur people’s Mandarin.

[Repeat Chorus]

The life here is simple. When people are free, they go coffee drinking.
Go Tanjung to feed monkeys. You can fish there too.
There are little taxis at Maur, but there’re many “aunties”.
Carrying babies and feeding them with milk.
I’ll bring you to disco, there’re objects round and circular.
Once consumed, you’ll be shaking till it’s morning.
But the next day morning, you can go and eat tim sum.
Also you can go Tanjung to do “Tai Qi” with the older folks.

A language needn’t be precise, it needs to be localized.
I don’t believe you understand the point very well.
Why did you go to Kuala Lumpur to speak formally, then think that you’re very great?
Must have self confidence, must have integrity.
Don’t be afraid that your own culture can’t stand out.
Teochew noodle, Hokkien prawn noodle – these are our styles, it’s what define us.
Say it loudly: This is Maur’s Mandarin.

[Chorus x2]

After 11 at night, there’s still something strange.
You would see a lot of gays “beng kiss” on the streets.
They wear till very sexy because they want to do a business with you.
But some of them has legs so muscular that they can go and kick penalty.
They’ve got breasts and testicles. Some gays even have a penis erection.
If you stop around, they’ll talk with you about money.
If you refuse, they’ll even say you’re timid.


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