Why are you blogging?

Most people are Blogging for Fun, Education, Publicity and Making Money.
Blogging now is a way of life for the young and old. If you can read and
write then you can blog

Seriously. I don't know who most of you are , but I appreciate the fact that I'm able to entertain, annoy, or otherwise occupy bits of your free time. It makes me feel loved or hatred.

Here are some of my reasons for blogging, with very little deep thought:

I like to write hamsap jokes and funny stuff.

People actually read this stuff. Seriously. I don't know who most of you are , but I appreciate the fact that I'm able to entertain, annoy, or otherwise occupy bits of your free time. It makes me feel loved or hatred.

It's a very efficient way to arouse my readers.

It's gives me a place to post stuff about my liking for boobs.

Most importantly, I learn to make friends and money from ads.

For those who wish to start blogging
this Ebook is very good for begineer



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