American armed assault case murderer's girlfriend

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American armed assault case murderer's girlfriend

Local time16Date morning,20The multi-year-old man breaks in American Virginia University of Science and Technology successively a dormitory and a classroom building opens fire commits murder, creates at least32Human death,17The human is injured, finally this ringer commits suicide by shooting self under police surrounding died.In this American history the most serious armed assault case has shocked the entire US.

American Virginia University of Science and Technology17The date confirmation, the manufacture shocks the global armed assault case the murderer is a this school Han Guoji student.

The murderer commits a crime the technique very “cruelly”

The school authorities said that, this student named Zhao Cheng splendor (transliterates), present age23The year old, is the Virginia University of Science and Technology English institute

[[的]]4Grade student.The Zhao Cheng splendor usually also lives in the campus, belongs has the American permanent right of residence South Korean.
The school authorities said in the statement that, the police had discovered in the second armed assault case locus Norris classroom building two pistols, in which one is9Millimeter caliber pistol.

  Virginia state police person in charge Steve · Flaherty said that, the ballistic test test demonstration, occurs in the dormitory and the classroom building gunshot main points of a case identical guns manufacture.Looking from the present sign, the perpetrator should for Zhao Cheng splendor one person.

  The American cable TV news net cites a Blacksburg hospital doctor's speech to say that, the murderer causes the technique very “cruelly” in this armed assault case, each students all have many place bullet wounds.

  Does not hope the public name the law-enforcing departments official tells the Associated Press reporter, the Zhao Cheng splendor commits murder when is carrying a knapsack, inside has one9The millimeter caliber Gerlach pistol purchase receipt, the purchase date is3Month.

  Guns down the girlfriend and dormitory consultant

  According to report, local time16The date morning, the Zhao Cheng splendor appeared in the Virginia University of Science and Technology's Xi'an uncle has forced · the Johnston dormitory, in4In the building dormitory searches for him girlfriend's whereabouts.Same day in the morning7When15The minute, he had discovered in a stair hall the girlfriend, has flushed immediately, has had the quarrel with her, treats her to scream loudly.

  It is reported, the Zhao Cheng splendor possibly suspected own girlfriend love another, already and other boys started the appointment.On when this has the conflict to the former days lover, an age bigger dormitory consultant attempts the interference, but the Zhao Cheng splendor suddenly pulls out from the body the pistol, faces own girlfriend and that dormitory Consultant Lian Kaishu the gun, kills on the scene them, afterwards then in a hurry flees the scene.

  After the Virginia University of Science and Technology school police receives reports to the police, has immediately launched the investigation to this dormitory armed assault case.But the police thought this is together the murder case which initiates because of the personal dispute, and thought the murderer already fled the campus, therefore the university police have not sent out the public warning to other students, also has not requested all students to cancel attends class, dispersed immediately.

  90Second antiquing30Sends the bullet

  However, makes one have a dream has not thought, the Zhao Cheng splendor not only has not fled the campus, after two hours, he puts on one to pack the bullet the military style fire clothing, brought two pistols to rush in the Virginia University of Science and Technology's Norris classroom building, he used the chain to lock the classroom building front door from inside, then started from a classroom to arrive another classroom, treated inside the teachers and students who attended class to open fire crazily the strafe!

  According to in Norris classroom building two buildings207In room German class20Year old student special thunder · Perkins stated, Zhao Cheng splendor approximately in local time9When50After the minute intruded their classroom, and treated in the classroom teacher and student chaotic gun to strafe90The second, polished30Sends the bullet.

  Perkins stated that, the Zhao Cheng splendor is first faces them German professor on the head to open fire, kills on the scene him, then has aimed at the muzzle the students who is frightened out of one's wits, the students were screaming in abundance evades the bullet.Afterwards, the Zhao Cheng splendor left207Classroom, after but several dozens seconds attempts to return, but this time Perkins and other two schoolmates already used the foot to stop up the classroom gate stubbornly, was unable the gate Zhao Cheng splendor have to face in the gate Lian Kai the number gun.

  As soon as the female university student feigns death runs away has plundered

  207The classroom student Egypt Lin · rare name, she is in German class25In the famous student only has4Has not encountered one of gunshot students, as soon as she is through lies down ground in feigns death only then runs away has plundered.Egyptian Lin said that,“He faces our each person to fire, he does not utter a word, not in the least rationally opens fire.He leaves the classroom30After the second has returned, I guessed he has heard our speaking voice, we had to stop up the gate, let him be unable to enter.I saw in the classroom everywhere all is the blood, many schoolmates all fainted the past, I stand am going out that classroom4One of individual, other people have either died, either is injured falls to the ground.I did not know I German teacher Haire · compares Professor Shoup's destiny, I did not know he is living whether also.”

  Professor for prevents the ringer to kill

  20Year old student Arab League Leica · Calhoun stated, when the armed assault case occurs, in his two building classrooms on mechanics class, he is suddenly hearing in the next door classroom transmits thunders the bang, then he has heard the squeal and the continual rat-a-tat sound, by now the students all realized that were the sound of gunfire, Calhoun frighten immediately hide under the school desk, but other students then fired into two buildings in abundance the windows, broke open the window to jump from an upper story escapes! Calhoun with is also jumping down two building windows, fell in a piece of bush, he did not give a thought to the ache, crawled takes to one's heels runs away.Calhoun said that,“I am8Or9Human who jumps the window to escape, I thought oneself also is last.”

  Calhoun stated, behind him two schoolmates because late one step, all has encountered the gunshot, but he believed they have all lived down, however, crawls in front of the window in him, he saw behind own professor attempt to remain blocks the classroom gate, prevented the ringer intrudes, but he the bullet which bursts in by one hits a target actually.Afterwards, Calhoun only then knew oneself choice then was correct, because the murderer has blocked the building majority of outlets, let very many people escape with difficulty.

  The gunshot has initiated the big area panic mood in the campus, stated according to some eyewitness, but also some people attempt from the higher floor window downward to jump, some jump from an upper story the student who escapes to fall the wound in abundance, a male student fell broke his foot anklebone, after but a female student jumped from an upper story falls is unable to move, lies down in the ground.

  The bold student takes down27Sound gunshot

  Student Jia Masurium you · Ahl Bagg Huo Dicheng, same day in the morning9When50The minute, he is going to the Norris building, prepares to see own instructs teacher, he to morning7After when occurs the dormitory armed assault case knows nothing about.

  Jia Masurium you said that,“When I arrive am apart from the building100Mi Yuanshi, I start to hear some people to face me to shout that, is called me quickly to escape.” Jia Masurium one side you the round trip walks, at the same time does not forget to put out the handset to carry on the photography, he patted some police to fire into the Norris building the scene, but also the racket has taken down the Norris building two building flash sums27Next gunshot.

  Student peduncle not Nepal · Austria peaceful name, when the armed assault case occurs, in her Norris building is participating in a test, afterwards she with other20The famous student hid in the teacher office which might the general's family lock.After puts on the armored clothing, the carryhome weapon police is arriving, they order the student to lift up high both hands to go out the classroom.Austria extreme said that,“They let us lift the hand the head, and said if we do not cooperate, has not lifted both hands the top of the head, they can face us to open fire.I guessed in their heart has also filled the fear, is afraid the ringer on Tibet in the middle of us.” In fact, when the police received reports to the police rushes the scene, the Zhao Cheng splendor has already projected at least80Sending to100Sends the bullet.After hears the news the police which catches up with the Norris classroom building to surround all round, the Zhao Cheng splendor already faced on own head to open fire, commits suicide by shooting self died, however to up to, this South Korean students has killed by now in the Norris building30Famous teachers and students.It is reported, occurred successively in the Virginia University of Science and Technology's two campus armed assault case altogether has created including the ringer33The human died, has in addition at least17The human is injured.

The chart for initiates this armed assault case murderer's girlfriend:

UPDATE: 24 Jan 2009
Virginia Tech's second slaying

Xin Yang, 22, left, was killed in Virginia Tech's first slaying since a 2007 massacre. Haiyang Zhu, 25, is charged with first-degree murder.

A Virginia Tech graduate student accused of beheading a fellow student displayed erratic and standoffish behavior in the months before the attack on campus this week, his landlord said Friday.Yang of Beijing was slain with a large kitchen knife as she had coffee with the 25-year-old Zhu on Wednesday night at a cafe in the building where she lived, a hotel converted into graduate student housing.
A Tech police officer arrived Wednesday night to find Zhu holding 22-year-old Yang's head in his hands, according to a court affidavit filed Thursday. Zhu is being held without bond in the slaying, the first on campus since a gunman killed 32 people and then himself in April 2007.A preliminary hearing has been set for March 5 for Zhu, a doctoral student in agricultural and applied economics from Ningbo, China, who arrived at the school in August.


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