Sex Malaysian Style

Malaysia has been taking increasingly tough measures against the sex industry, with thousands of arrests made in the last year.
Recently the government announced it was considering imposing more stringent visa conditions on young women from certain countries such as China and India.
Thousands of women are brought to Malaysia to work as prostitutes, many against their will. However, so far, it is primarily the women who have been targeted by the authorities rather than their clients.
Are Malaysian Men faithfull to their Wives? Why must they waste their money on

Wives look out for tell-tale signs, like stains and hotel receipts, when washing their husbands' clothes.


There is CKT (char koay teow) for a Chinese prostitute, nasi lemak for a Malay lady of the night and chapatti, curry or tosai for an Indian working girl.

Ang Pai, from the Hokkien word which means red badge, indicates girls who are highly in demand.

Cheong, from the Cantonese word for "checkmate", refers to sleeping with a prostitute.

Chew Keng, from the Cantonese word for checking your reflection in the mirror, is used to describe the practice of prostitutes being paraded before the customers at brothels.

Damage means the price of sex, dino (dinosaur) equals prostitutes in their late 30s and 40s, and FS/FJ refers to full service/full job (sex).

FL is used for independent or part-time prostitutes, Full Course means massage followed by sex, and GFE for a prostitute who gives a "girlfriend-like experience".

GND is Girl Next Door look and HM stands for home minister (wife or live-in girlfriend).

MP means massage parlour and ML is massage lady.

YMMV is "your mileage may vary".



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The 52-year-old settler and his "partner", a 21-year-old woman, were arrested by police and are expected to be charged soon.
The man had sought the help of a 21-year-old friend to record the sexual acts in a hut in a rubber plantation at Felda Jelai 3 early May 2008.
The friend used his mobile phone to record the deed.
The recordings, under the title "Budak Jolai" (Budak Jelai), were circulated via Bluebooth and multimedia messaging service (MMS) to almost every settler in Felda Jelai 3 who had a mobile phone.
There were three recordings showing the man having sexual intercourse with the woman, believed to be from Felda Jelai 4.
The man had allegedly paid the woman RM20 to buy a prepaid reload card for her mobile phone as "payment" for her role in the 10-minute recording.

More Update: 5th July 2008

Young Felda Jelai couple in handphone sex clip

Another couple from Felda Jelai have filmed themselves having sex, and this time, the girl is only 14 years old. Unlike the previous case in May, the recording of the act was not forwarded to other people via multimedia messaging service (MMS).
Settlers found out about the relationship between an 18-year-old from Felda Jelai 4 and his underage girlfriend from Felda Jelai 3 and sought the help of police.
Police arrested the youth, who admitted having sex with the girl and recording it on his mobile phone.
Sources said police also went to the girl's house and recorded a statement from her.
Police would now refer the case to the state Islamic Affairs Department for investigation under the Syariah Criminal Enactment (Negri Sembilan) 1992.
After the incident, the girl's elder sister lodged a report at the Gemas police station at 3.30am yesterday, accusing the youth of rape.
Police said the girl was sent to the Tampin Hospital for medical check-up.


Mobile sex service' making its rounds in Malaysian city

Kuala Lumpur, June 13 2010 : Flyers advertising
a "mobile sex service" inside a luxury vehicle are being distributed across the Malaysian city of Miri.

The leaflets in Chinese, said to have been in distribution over the last couple of days, have been found in office post boxes, residential estates and even on car windscreens in shopping areas, reports The Star Online.

The pamphlets offer sex with Chinese nationals aboard a Toyota Alphard at RM350 per hour. It also lists three phone numbers.

After a "deal" is struck over the phone, the client is informed of where to meet and pick the Chinese woman of his choice.

Thereafter, the woman is "delivered" inside the vehicle at a venue of the client's choice.

The police have warned the public to stay away.

Miri deputy OCPD Supt Ismail Paduka Idris said: "This is yet another attempt to use sex for financial gains. The public must not be lured by such activities.

"There are many potential risks in getting entangled with such activities. Stay away,"
'Mobile sex service' making its rounds in Malaysian city


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