Sperm Donation A Big Business in China

About 10 per cent of Chinese couples of childbearing ages are infertile. Of those, one third is due to men's infertility while another one third is due to health problems of both partners. This increases the demand and greatly pushes forward artificial insemination and the establishment of sperm banks.
Many medical institutes now collect donor sperm for women who want artificial insemination. But it quickly found demand outpaced supply and hasn't been able to provide enough sperm to all the hospitals in China that want it.
Due to the high demand, sperm donation suddenly became a big business, leading some irresponsible medical organizations and private clinics to enter the race and underground sperm banks became a gold mine for greedy people.
Donors are paid between 150 yuan (RM67) to 200 yuan (RM90) and then the sperm is sold for at least 250 yuan (RM112) or much more in some regions.

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To the 1,000 women who, aged from 25 to 35 and taking the poll in 15 different cities, good looking and wealth are both very important to their kids' father. In addition, Lau has proved himself a hardworking man.

US billionaire Bill Gates comes in close on Lau's heels to be second placed while Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiron is in the third.

The list for Chinese women's most wanted sperm are as follow:

1. Andy Lau

2. Bill Gates

3. Takeshi Kaneshiro

4. Liu Xiang

5. David Beckham

6. Li Ka-shing

7. Tony Leung

8. Louis Koo

9. Lee-hom Wang

10. Brad Pitt



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