Betel nut-flavoured condoms

The condom industry has been around for some time now, and you can rest assured that much time and money has been put into the design and manufacture of these little guys. Most condoms are made of natural rubber latex, and adding a little flavour of betel nut and tobacco concoction can make sex more fun in India

Betel Nut Condoms

The Story :

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - An Indian firm has launched a paan-flavoured condom designed to evoke the pungent taste of the betel nut and tobacco concoction chewed and then spat out by millions of South Asians, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Hindustan Latex is targeting the new condom range at prostitutes, who are among the most vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, the Hindustan Times reported.

The company ran taste tests with sex workers, including prototypes with chocolate, banana and strawberry flavours, but the paan flavour came out tops.

"The community loved it as most of the sex workers chew paan," Sanjeev Gaikwad was quoted as saying at the launch in Mumbai. Gaikwad is a director at Family Health International, a public health organisation that helped develop the condom.

Paan is a mildly intoxicating preparation wrapped in a leaf, usually containing tobacco, betel nut and flavourings, and is hugely popular across South Asia. It is chewed to a mouth-staining red pulp before being spat out.

The condoms will at first be made available only to prostitutes, but will we launched to the general public in a few months, the newspaper said.

Source: Reuters


  1. Blogger AceOne118 said,

    1:10 AM

    Oi! why all strawberry flavour only wan? Kakakaka

  2. Blogger OMG said,

    8:31 PM

    Aceone118: Is it your favourite
    flavour-strawberry? I love Durian
    flavour condom

  3. Blogger Sonia Bhatt said,

    7:32 PM

    mmmhmmm Strawberry !! Why not try the strawberry which is made by the best condoms in india


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