Latest X-Phone

Forget about the iPhone, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W960… forget them all. This is the real deal.Introducing the latest handphone.The X-Phone.
The X-Phone is the only phone you ever need.
The most Advanced Phone in the world.Place your booking now!!!!!

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XPHONE features:

1)Built in Xray for taking see through snapshots
It can also take Xray pictures at total darkness

2)Built in Breast Enlargement Ringtone
The special tune encourages the brain and body to move unconsciously, causing breasts to grow larger.
Listen the tune here.Be prepared to feel your breast after listening to the tune.
It is best if your boyfriend is around and he may help you too.

3)Built in high frequency Vibrator
This feature is most useful if you have a short penis.
It promise to lengthen your penis by 1 inch.
Just move the X-Phone Vibrator over your erected penis for a few minutes daily.

4)Built in Wireless Orgasm Sensor
It automatically detect Male and Female Orgasm so Faking orgasm is thing of the past

5)Built in Satelite TV Decorder
You can watch all the world TV channels at a touch of a button.

6)There are 100 more features of the X-Phone
Just name it and you are sure to have it

To place booking call 07-7777-07-07 Miss Seven


  1. Anonymous adrian said,

    12:10 AM

    Hahaha...people will line up for weeks to get their hands on one.

    *ahem, ahem, got water set or not?

  2. Blogger OMG said,

    10:21 AM

    Hi Adrian: Everything also have!!
    Technology is getting more advanced
    Impossisible becomes I M Possible

  3. Blogger AceOne118 said,

    2:20 AM

    I wan order one dozen.

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    10:01 PM

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