Girls look better in jeans

Do you love being sexy? Its great for girls to express themselves in what ever way they like to. This is just for anyone who personally loves to wear jeans which is great too! No matter who you are hopefully this jean fashion will help you come into your more sexy side!

Japan has come out with another sexy and latest fashion trend with these Bikini Jeans that act as both underwear and jeans.

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These jeans are tight, and they have your usual wear-and-tear holes here and there.
Very suitable for girls to put on due to global warming

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Women feel comfortable in jeans, therefore they give off a certain confidence when they wear them. Jeans are the one article of clothing that when you wear them they take on the personality of the wearer.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:10 PM

    I love it when girls dress in these type of jeans. So sexy

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:00 PM

    Yeah, right .. So you like whores walking everywhere? I think that`s just stupid ..

  3. Blogger bayxter said,

    11:54 PM

    Yes, whores is nice. Whatever feeds my visual stimulation is perfect.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:41 AM

    Its a lil degrading to girls over a size 0 though isn't it.

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    8:10 PM

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