How to Deal With Road Bully?

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Frustration arising from various factors such as "Harga Barang Semua Naik, Gaji Tak Naik" will only worsen the road bully scourge. I suspect even the most well-mannered person now brings along stress(es) and being not able to accept or vent their frustrations will put many unsuspecting road users in danger.

I'm sure you've all been one of those pissed off people, angrily clenching the
steering wheel, cursing at the traffic that's making you late for work. Stress from
driving can cause your blood pressure to rise and your emotions to get the best of
you behind the wheel. People with such road rage honk their horn incessantly,
yell at other drivers, tailgate cars in front of them, and weave in and out of
different lanes, which can cause accidents.

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If any of this rings true for you, here are some ways to prevent road rage:


Take a bus. Hop on the subway. You can get to work anyway you want,
but who said you have to be the one behind the wheel? Now instead of getting
annoyed during your commute, you can read a book, catch up on the news, write
a letter, talk to other people, do a little work, or even snooze. Doesn't that sound
relaxing? Plus, it's better for the environment!

Avoid certain times.

If you have to drive, try to avoid certain times of day or places that get congested. I used to leave for work a little earlier, which almost cut my commute in half. Make yourself a mix of calming songs to listen to in the car. You'd be surprised what relaxing music can do for your mood. Or listen to a book on tape. Getting lost in a good story can distract you from getting bothered by what's happening outside the car.

Be the bigger person.

If someone cuts you off, doesn't use their turn signal, runs a
red light, or rides up your behind, just let it go. You can't change what they did
(even if you give them "the finger" with both hands), so just forget about it. Be
proud that you are being a good and safe driver.
If you come across an aggressive driver, keep your distance, don't make eye
contact, don't honk, and don't do anything to instigate them.
Most importantly, buckle up!

Prevent Road Rage

If you are looking for protection from the road rage of others, your best protection
is to:

Stay in the car
Do not respond with an angry gesture or action
Keep a "SORRY" sign in the car and use it when needed

A road rager can become upset because you accidentally cut in front of him or
her, or other reasons that were not intentional. A key factor in reversing the
process is an apology. Over 85 percent of road ragers said that they would drop
the matter if the other "careless" driver simply apologized. Instead, road ragers
claim, the "careless" driver seems to be unconcerned about what they just did
and, therefore, needs to be taught a lesson.

In a car, only one method is effective in conveying an apology: A sign. We have
found that it is very effective in warding off anger. In fact, many drivers actually smile when we raise a "SORRY" sign to them after we have accidentally done
something wrong.



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