What people do under the water?

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A diver rides a bicycle during an underwater sports meeting at an aquarium in Dalian, in China's northeastern Liaoning Province, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2007.
The unusual sports meet, held annually for diving enthusiasts, featured bicycle riding and a soccer match among other activities.

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A man and a woman take part in an underwater kissing competition in the Italian Adriatic resort town of Riccione July 8, 2007.

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There is a mailbox located underwater off the coast of Susami in Wakayama prefecture.
The mailbox is not some old sunken relic, but an actual mail collection point officially recognized as part of Susami’s postal system.
Each day the contents are collected from the box, which reportedly contains as many as 200 pieces of mail at the busiest times.

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It's weird when a friend confides in you her deep, dark secret and it's that she only allows her hair to get cut underwater.
But this is pretty normal right?

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Young couple Clint Bentley and Tamara Little from Brisbane, Australia excitedly went on board to sail to Mun Island for the first under water wedding in Vietnam
Tamara and Clint stayed in the boat and wore traditional Vietnamese wedding costumes (ao dai and khan dong) for the bride and the groom over their diving suits.

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What could be more perfect than tying the knot under water? Now you can add the pleasure of taking your vows while diving! Caribbean wedding and/or honeymoon one you'll never forget.

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Extreme Underwater Ironing! What exactly is it? Originally pioneered by a group of Germans, it's the act of taking an ironing board and electric iron (minus the electricity of course) and setting it all up, somewhere interesting on the bottom of the ocean and taking the photos to prove you did it.

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Underwater Gardening?

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Aqua Kamasutra:
For pure safety reason it is highly advisable to abstain from underwater sex while breathing from SCUBA

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Someone managed to get in behind them unnoticed when they were posing

More Update:

Four Russian underwater ballet dancers perform at Zuohai Underwater World in Fuzhou, capital of southern China's Fujian Province, on Wendesday, February 6, 2008. The girls, who age from 14 to 18, started training at the age of 4, according to reports.

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These images made available by Swiss car maker Rinspeed shows its new model, the sQuba, which the company claims is the world's first submersible car. It will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008

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Update APR 2008

MIAMI — About 45 feet beneath the ocean's surface lies a cemetery with gates, pathways, plaques and even benches.
The Neptune Memorial Reef, which opened last fall, is seen by its creators as a perfect final resting spot for those who loved the sea. They hope that one day the reef will cover 16 acres and have room for 125,000 remains.
Creators of the reef hope it will become a memorial for the dead and a diving site. Instead of a burial funeral, people can pay to have their remains placed in one of the reef's structures after their death.

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    holy shit big shark

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