Who want to be a prostitute?

Most sex workers have a story of woe to tell about why they entered the oldest profession in the world. Many are unable to leave due to poverty and the stigma of the ‘job’ with some forced to stay after being infected with HIV.
I am not promoting Prostitution here but rather share with you the hardship of a prostitute.

South Korea

SKorean sex workers rally to protest stricter laws

Hundreds of South Korean sex workers have rallied to call for the abolishment of laws that toughened the punishment for prostitution.

About 1,600 prostitutes and pimps chanted slogans calling for the laws to be scrapped at a rally in Seoul on Sept 22 2011. The prostitutes mostly wore baseball caps, sunglasses and masks to hide their identities.

Police said the rally was peaceful.

Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, but is widespread despite repeated government crackdowns.

South Korea enforced tougher anti-prostitution laws in 2004, driving thousands of prostitutes and pimps out of business.

Earlier this year, police launched intensified crackdowns on several brothels in Seoul and other cities, sparking violent protests.

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Many prostitutes in India did not choose to work the way they do. In many cases, they were sold or tricked by their relatives or agents working for brothel owners and pimps. Families selling their children to such work may be tricked, and can offer their children for as little as $4.00 US. A meager amount, but one that could be the difference between life and death for a starving family.

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The life of a prostitute in India is terribly difficult and painful. When they first arrive, prostitutes are “broken in” through savage beatings, rapes, and other forms of psychological and physical torture. Those who resist are treated with harsher punishments, and life can get much worse, depending on the conditions of the brothel.

The worst are called “pillow houses”, where prostitutes are separated by dividers in tiny rooms. Visitors pay $3 for a few minutes, and prostitutes are not even allowed to talk to their customers. The brothel owner keeps the money, and may allow as many as forty visitors a day.

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China is embarrassed by the thriving trade, which goes against everything it stands for. Occasionally there are highly publicised crackdowns, and prostitutes are rounded up.


Beijing "Prostitute" Posts Customers’ Mobile Numbers & AIDS

My name is 闫德利 [Yan Deli], and I live at #6 Yonghong Rd., Jiaguang Village, Jiaguang Town, Rongcheng County, Hebei Province. My national ID number is 132435197906111925. When I was very young, my mother, along with me and my brother (Yan Guosheng), remarried to my current stepfather (Yan Baoqi), (biological father is epileptic). After remarrying, my mother had my little brother (Yan Guoquan). I did not know much when I was small, my stepfather treated me pretty well, often taking me out to play. I never expected that this old bastard would not be able to hold his fart [control himself], that ultimately in the year I became fifteen, when I was sleeping, the old bastard raped me. Afterward, he even threatened that if I were to speak out about it, he would break my legs. I was frightened to the extreme, (I have suppressed this in my heart for fifteen years now, I am 30-years-old this year).CONTINUE READING
More Update: 23 OCT 2009
Man held for libeling ex-girlfriend as HIV prostitute

A BEIJING man has been detained for distributing pornographic pictures of his former girlfriend, saying she had contracted HIV after having sex with nearly 300 men and publishing her contacts online.

The woman surnamed Yan had to take three blood tests to prove she is HIV negative after a public outcry.

The man surnamed Yang was caught in Beijing on Wednesday, Hebei Province police said today.

Yang, 33, told police that he had been living with Yan from March 2008 until July this year, when Yang refused to divorce his wife and marry her.

Yang then asked for compensation from Yan and her family but was rejected. He told police he posted the pictures online to take revenge.

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Prostitution in Singapore is restricted to designated red-light areas (DRA's) ; some sources say there are five of these, others say six. But since they are all fairly close together, it's probably irrelevant. There are a total of about 400 brothels in the city with an estimated 10 to 20 prostitutes each. That's about 6000 prostitutes in the city. Prostitutes carry a yellow health card in Singapore. They must report in "regularly" for health checks.

Paid sex with an underage prostitute

Section 376B of the Penal Code states that it is illegal to have paid sex with anyone under the age of 18. Anyone who does so may be jailed for up to seven years, fined up to $10,000, or both.

Thai girls in prostitution in the forest in Singapore.

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Malaysian men only last between five to ten minutes per sex session with a prostitute, compared to half an hour in European countries.
Most of these prostitutes hail from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and other former Soviet countries, and they usually enter the country on social visit passes. Many prostitutes are arrested and the crackdown on prostitutes is ongoing.

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Bangkok is a notorious destination for sex tourism. But the lives of many of the city's sex workers are full of danger, disease and the urgent need to send money home. The government launched a "100 per cent condom programme" in the mid-1990s. The focus was to ensure that sex workers practised safe sex. The use of condoms in "commercial" sex has jumped to 90 per cent. The programme instructs sex workers to refuse intercourse without condoms, monitoring health clinic statistics to locate brothels that allowed sex without protection.

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KARIMUN Island, in Indonesia's Riau province, has emerged as a sex paradise for Malaysians and Singaporeans. The island, which is full of brothels with about 2,000 prostitutes, received 94,422 Malaysian and 98,711 Singaporean visitors in 2006. Many of the prostitutes are from Kalimantan and Java, with the youngest about 16 years old. Despite police raids and the arrest of a number of pimps, the brothels continue to operate and visitors continue to flock there.


Bangladeshi sex workers take steroids to 'plump-up' for clients

The prostitutes in Bangladeshi brothels are often underage and unpaid – and now, many of them are hooked on steroids that are damaging to their health.

No one is quite sure how long Oradexon has been a feature of life in the brothels, but it has been a while; long enough for the sardarni, or brothel caretakers, to have found out that there can be long-term health implications, and to have chosen to ignore them.

According to the charity ActionAid, which has just published a report into the use of Oradexon among Bangladeshi sex workers, the drug is most commonly taken by girls and women aged between 15 and 35. "It's cheap and it's easily available," says Luftun Nahar, who works in the organisation's Dhaka office, and helped compile the report.

Nahar was one of the first people to realise that the drug was being widely used. "I remember thinking, there are all these bulky girls here – how did they get like that?" she says. "And then I asked around and someone told me they were all taking a drug called Oradexon, which is the same preparation used for cows on farms, to make them fatter."

The drug, says Nahar, is a godsend to the madams and brothel-owners. It means the pimps are able to get girls who are as young as 12 or 13 – many of them have been trafficked, and have nowhere else to go – and make them look much older.

"The pimps supply the drug, which is very cheaply available. And then they are even more powerful in the girls' lives, because the girls are hostages – they need to go on taking the drug, because if they come off it they get all these side-effects: bad headaches, stomach pains, no appetite, skin rashes. With those effects, of course, they can't work – and they can't stop working or they'll have no food, and nowhere to live."


Why do women become prostitutes?

34% - poverty
17% - impossible to explain
14% - a wish to lead careless lifestyle
14% - no other choice
9% - loose conduct
6% - unemployment
6% - natural predisposition


A shelter for prostitutes in retirement

Founded in 2007, this House of the Beautiful Flowers has now become a home for 23 elderly retired prostitutes. It is located in Tepito, Mexico, and it’s named after Casa Xochiquetzal, Aztec goddess of love and women. The idea of creating such a retirement center belongs to former prostitute Carmen Munoz. She was shocked seeing her old “colleagues” sleeping in the streets. She spent years trying to convince the government to support her idea, and she finally was given an old 18th century house that is now transformed into a retirement home run by the government that can accommodate 45 former sex workers who should be at least 60 years old.

Former prostitute Carmen Munoz


Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts

Dozens of traffic signs have been destroyed by prostitutes performing pole-dances in the street to attract clients, officials in New Zealand's biggest city have revealed. More than 40 poles have been bent, buckled or broken in the past 18 months in one area of south Auckland, New Zealand, it is claimed.

The signs, bearing legally required notices such as parking restrictions, are thought to have cost ratepayers thousands of dollars to replace. "Prostitutes use these street sign poles as dancing poles," said Donna Lee, an elected member of the city council's Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board.

"The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them. Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people." The revelation emerged as the community board published a tell-all booklet detailing frustrations of residents and businesses struggling to cope with the rampant sex trade on their doorstep.

Part of the area Ms Lee represents is Hunter's Corner, which has become notorious as a meeting place for prostitutes and their customers. Bernie Taylor, a local resident, said: "We had a parcel delivered to us recently and the address was 'Hooker's Corner' and it found its way to us with no problems whatsoever."


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