Top 5 weirdest theories on Breast Cancer

Top 5 weirdest medical theories that may appear to be true:

What do you believe about the risk of getting breast cancer? Are your beliefs based on truth? Here are several popular theories. Make smart choices and reduce your risk.

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1. Dogs give women breast cancer

Could it really be true that keeping a dog increases the risk of the disease?
Both dogs and humans carry the same virus that can induce cancer.
Analysis of breast cancer cases by researchers at the University of Munich showed

that patients with this type of cancer were significantly more likely to have kept a

dog than a cat. In fact, 79.7 per cent of all patients had intensive contact with dogs

before they were diagnosed.
Only 4.4 per cent of the patients did not have pets at any time compared to 57.3

per cent of a healthy control group — so there was a 29-fold increased risk for pet

owners. Another study in Norway reported a very high level — 53.3 per cent — of

breast cancers in 14,401 dogs.
In looking for a reason, scientists found a virus common in both dogs and humans.
The one they homed in on is the mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV), which

triggers breast cancer in mice and which has been investigated for possible links

to human breast cancer.
The theory is that dogs, and possibly other pets, harbour and transmit MMTV or

MMTVlike viruses that can induce human breast cancer.
The researchers say the theory may help to explain why women from Eastern

countries are at increased risk of breast cancer when they move to Western

nations — Asian or Oriental women seldom keep dogs as pets.
Migration to Western countries may cause them to alter their lifestyle, including

keeping pet dogs.

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2. Washing Hair during Period Cause Breast Cancer

It has been a traditional theory that ladies are not supposed to wash their hair during their period. But there is no solution to the question why? The victim will only realise at their later stage of their life, facing the symptoms of breast and ovary cancer. Today ladies still wash their hair during their period with the thinking that they will be safe if they blow dries their hair. But this will not prevent them from getting the cancer. Please read the article below:
A well known Taiwanese medical professor specialise in cancer research based in a Japanese university did a survey on 30,000 per cancer patients.
She found these patients are very choosy in their food, wash their hair during their period and carry heavy object and drink cold drinks. This will course the incomplete of ovulation and the remaining menses will turn into toxic and the imbalance of hormone will lead to ovary and breast cancer. During the research she found the method of prevention to these cancers. The secrets are;

1. One must change their lifestyle and eating habits
2. Do not wash our hair while having period
3. Excessive bleeding must be investigated by a gynae, do not wash your hair just for the cooling effect and contraction of ovary.
4. No cold drinks if you feel drowsy, breast expansion and
Constipation these are the early symptom of ovary or breast cancer.

To prevent use:
1. Black sugar
2. Chinese lotus (leng ngau in hokkien)
3. Carrot and
4. Barley
Boil to soup and drink. This is the best prevention.

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3.Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer

Deodorant is fine, anti-perspirant is not. Here's why:
The human body has a few areas that it uses to purge toxins; behind the knees, behind the ears, groin area, and armpits. The toxins are purged in the form of perspiration.
Anti-perspirant, as the name clearly indicates, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging toxins from below the armpits. These toxins do not just magically disappear. Instead, the body deposits them in the lymph nodes below the arms since it cannot sweat them out.
This causes a high concentration of toxins and leads to cell mutations: a.k.a. CANCER.
Nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located.
Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by anti-perspirant usage because most of the anti-perspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin. Women who apply anti-perspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area.

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4.Taking birth control pills increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Maybe. Studies that have examined the use of oral contraceptives as a risk factor for breast cancer have produced conflicting results. Some researchers think this might be due to the fact that the level of hormones in birth control pills has changed since they were first studied. Early birth control pills contained much higher levels of hormones than today's low-dose pills.
In general, most studies have not found an overall increased risk of breast cancer due to the use of oral contraceptives.
Two studies from the mid-1990s found a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer in current or recent users of birth control pills compared to women who had never used the pills. But the same research found that 10 years or more after women stopped using birth control pills, their breast cancer risk returned to the same level as if they had never used birth control pills.

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5.High fat diet linked to breast cancer

Eating too much food high in fat, such as butter, milk and meat, could put women at a higher risk of breast cancer.
The new research discovered, however, that women who eat 90g of fat per day have twice the risk of developing breast cancer of those who eat less than 40g of fat per day. 90g of fat is roughly equivalent to two beefburgers, one small packet of crisps, a large bar of milk chocolate and one and a half digestive biscuits.
"Our study shows there is an emerging link between eating too much fatty food and increasing the risk of breast cancer," say Sheila Bingham from the Medical Research Council's Dunn Human nutrition unit in Cambridge and colleagues.

UPDATE: 30 MAY 2009


After having a mastectomy, Sharon Adams decided to raise awareness of breast cancer by posting photographs of her scar on Facebook.
They were accompanied by a description of the mother of four's fight against the disease and encouragement from her for other women to go for regular check-ups.

But within a day, the social networking site removed the photos after describing them as 'sexual and abusive'.
The action triggered a wave of protest, with nearly 900 people joining an online group calling for the ban to be lifted.

'I put these pictures out on Facebook to put a message out to women - check your breasts regularly and do not ever be ashamed of a mastectomy,' said Miss Adams, 45
'For Facebook to claim they were sexual and abusive was absurd. Facebook has online groups about sexual positions and some groups which are bordering on racist - but they ban this.'
Recalling the moment in January when she was diagnosed with cancer, Miss Adams, who has no history of the disease in her family, said: 'It was like the breath had been sucked out of me.

'My next thought was for my children and two grandchildren and how they would feel,' she said.

Her right breast was removed the following month. She has intense chemotherapy every three weeks, which will last for at least six months, and has decided to have her other breast removed shortly to improve her chances of survival.

Miss Adams, whose three daughters and son are all in their twenties, made the decision to put four photos of her mastectomy on Facebook in March, only to be viewed by friends on her account.

'The idea had been to spread the message to people within my circle,' she said. 'I couldn't believe it when the pictures were removed.'

Supporters set up a site called 'Get Sharon Adams' Pictures Back on Facebook for Breast Cancer', which attracted support from across the world.

Group member Vicki Johnson Tomkins said: 'I can't see why people-thought the picture was offensive. It shows a very brave lady fighting a horrid thing.'

Facebook, which has more than 120million members, has admitted that it made a mistake.

A spokesman said: 'Our user operations team reviews thousands of reported photos a day and may occasionally remove something-that doesn't actually violate our policies. This is what happened here. We apologise.'
Ms Adams has put the four photographs - labelled 'fighting cancer' - back on her site.

Underneath she writes: 'Women should check themselves weekly for any changes to their breasts. It doesn't mean if you feel a lump that it is cancer, but if it is the sooner it's diagnosed the better..... I know there will be women out there who have already felt a lump and are hoping it will go away. Please go to the doctors and get it checked.'

Yesterday she said: 'If one person reads this and goes for a check-up then it will have been worthwhile.'



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4 Seasons in Japan

The Japanese make a lot of the fact that they have four distinct seasons - as if it was something unique to their country. Cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers can be found all over the world but there are certain seasonal treats that only Japan can offer and others that have their own local twist.

The four seasons is taken from the same location.

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The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

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The Right Brain vs Left Brain test
Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

Your Brain



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Can human stop animal abuse?

Animal abuse is a disturbing problem that still occurs today and is evident in many forms.Now Watch the shocking video.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatama Gandhi

A one-year-old is forced to fight a neutered cobra during a shocking snake-charming rite of passage in India.
The baby tries to protect itslef while being repeatedly hit by the animal, which has also had its mouth stitched up and its fangs removed. This bizarre spectator sport - reportedly from Kasimkota in Andhra Pradesh - has been condemned by animal rights protesters after footage appeared on the internet.
They've warned that a cobra's fangs grow back quickly, putting the youngsters in mortal danger.
Several snake charmers die each year while handling the animals.

Farming wild animals like bears, crocodiles and tigers has been promoted as a means of saving endangered species by proponents in China, while detractors argue that farms stimulate the illegal wildlife trade and threaten the survival of animals in the wild. Today China has the world's biggest wildlife domestication operation, worth billions of dollars.Without any general animal welfare law to prevent animal abuse on farms, bears are being squeezed of their bile and tigers sit and wait for their turn whilst entertaining crowds in the meantime.



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Life of a celebrity.

The Hilton sisters simply do nothing but enjoy life

Slide tab to view Paris Hilton's Life Timeline

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The 26-year-old socialite has vowed to change her party-girl image after serving a 23-day jail sentence in June for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

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Paris Hilton's sister Nicky's celebrated her 25th birthday at LAX nightclub inside the Luxor hotel & casino in Las Vegas

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"There are a lot of bad people in L.A. Before, my life was about having fun, going to parties it was a fantasy," she tells Newsweek magazine in its Oct. 22 issue, now on newsstands. "But when I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside. I want to leave a mark on the world."

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Hilton says she is now committed to using her celebrity status for the greater good. Next month, she plans to pack her bags for Rwanda to bring attention to the African country.

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"I'm scared, yeah. I've heard it's really dangerous," she says. "I've never been on a trip like this before."

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Hilton, accompanied by a children's charity called Playing for Good, will visit schools and health-care clinics as part of a five-day charity mission. The trip will be filmed not surprising, given Hilton's love of the camera.

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"I love having everything documented," says Hilton, who hopes to turn the footage into a film. "It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me."



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Mistress Phenomenon

Nowadays, the "Mistress Phenomenon " has become increasingly common in Malaysia. Many men including business tycoons, party and government officials, are engaging in "keeping mistress", which has led to the split-up of many families.
Of course, the men who engaged in 'mistress phenomenon' are mostly rich, since providing financial support for the mistress is the key words of the concept of "Mistress Phenomenon". Some women claimed that "when a man becomes rich, he is certain to become bad". Is that true?

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According to a report in Oriental
Daily News, these women, who are mainly from southern China, can
be hired at RM2,000 a month.

JUST when married Chinese women thought they can heave a
sigh of relief now that the government has turned down requests
to import maids from China, they have to contend with a new threat
– mistresses from China. To be precise, they are mistresses
for hire and are fast becoming a hit with roving males in small towns
in northern Peninsular Malaysia. According to a report in Oriental
Daily News, these women, who are mainly from southern China, can
be hired at RM2,000 a month.
Their “invasion” of mainly
smaller towns in Perak and Penang began a few months ago and
their presence – many turning up at eateries still in their nighties for
breakfast – turns heads and is a hot topic for gossips.
According to the report, these mistresses, aged between 25 and
30 and pretty on the average, troop into the country on social
visit visas with the help of Big Sister – a mistress for hire
turned “agent”. The Big Sister shows wouldbe
sugar-daddies pictures of these Chinese women and
after they have made their pick, she arranges for them
to fly in. The women pay for their way here but after the “affairs”, the
sugar-daddies would pay for their tickets home.
Apart from having to return to their love nests at the end of the
day, they are free to work for extra income at nightspots but are not
allowed to engage in sex. A contractor told the daily he got
to know Big Sister through a friend who had engaged her service.
He said Big Sister showed him a stack of pictures of pretty Chinese
women and told him he just had to make a pick and the woman of
his choice would be in Malaysia to meet him within a month.
He was also told he need only pay RM2,000 a month as pocket
money to the mistress and provide her with a place to stay.



1) Unhappy in the relationship

2) Lived together for a longer time, might be tired of the marriage

3) Find something that can bring more excitement

4) Wife has poor health

5) The loss of sexual desire after a long term relationship



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6 Positive Ways to Prevent AIDS

For how long and how much we talk about that, it's still there. And it's still an emergency, no matter how many campaigns have been done. A big and long drama, so big and so long that it has even become a part of our

65 millions of people have been found HIV positive. That's worse than a war.That every year kills 2.8 millions of human being.

daily life. Aids is something that we almost forget to be worried about.
We listen to huge numbers of deaths, and, unless we're directly involved by knowing someone that has aids, we just ignore them. In twenty five years, according to Unaids' last report, 65 millions of people have been found HIV positive. That's worse than a war.That every year kills 2.8 millions of human being.
And it's hitting the developing countries more than the rich ones.

All You Need to Know about HIV

It has been observed that by the time children move to 9th grade, 33% of kids become sexually active but only 45% of teenagers use condoms.

Furthermore, post menopause, women do not tend to use condoms since they are not bothered about getting pregnant anymore.

It is surprising that our movies, TV shows, and magazines are full of sex, yet we are reluctant to talk about sex openly.

Similarly, our youth can discuss and share all kinds of intimate details on social networking sites but hesitate to talk about it in person. Even doctors do not take a frank approach to discuss sex related issues with their patients.

If you are married, do not think that you are safe from this life-threatening disease. Do not indulge in casual sex even with your partner.

Using a condom every time you have sexual intercourse lowers the chances of getting HIV from an infected partner by 85%.

Dr. Jennifer Gunter, famous Gynaecologist, and a leading expert in the field of sexual health, says that in 1985 only 8% of women were HIV positive but the number swelled to 27% in 2005. That means every 35 minutes, one woman is testing positive for HIV in the United States.

In the United States, more than 1 million people are HIV positive, and over 25% are not aware of the fact that they are bitten by this deadly virus.

6 Positive Ways to Prevent AIDS


Abstinence is not having sex. A person who decides to practice abstinence has decided not to have sex.
Abstinence protects people against STDs. Some STDs spread through oral-genital sex, anal sex, or even intimate skin-to-skin contact without actual penetration (genital warts and herpes can be spread this way). So only avoiding all types of intimate genital contact can prevent STDs. Avoiding all types of intimate genital contact — including anal and oral sex — is complete abstinence.

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The individuals participating in a one-night stand typically have not known each other long and have had minimal time to get to know each other before engaging in sexual activity. A one-night sexual encounter is not necessarily always a one-night stand; the crucial distinction is the expectation or intention that the relationship will not necessarily be extended beyond the initial sexual encounter. A one-night stand is differentiated from prostitution, as it takes place without direct payment of money and from a casual relationship, which may not initially involve sex.

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Anonymous sex is one of the highest-risk sexual activities, both as the sexual history of both partners are unknown to the other, and also because those engaging in anonymous sex are more likely to have a large number of partners.
Anonymous sex is a form of one-night stand or casual sex between people who have very little or no history with each other, often engaging in sexual activity on the same day of their meeting and usually never seeing each other again afterwards. Anonymous sex can also take the form of prostitution.

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Cigarettes are linked scientifically to AIDS four (4) ways. They
(a) contain toxic chemicals,
(b) impair the immune system setting up the body for numerous diseases, by increasing susceptibility,
(c) have a role in leading to other drugs, and
(d) cause abulia and impaired self-defense reflex, leading to committing high-risk behaviors.
This adverse quadruple action makes cigarettes a risk factor in AIDS.


Women should wear chastity belts to prevent rape, incest and other sex crimes.
Chastity Belts should be worn willingly, and safely for Men and Women. So the idea of this list is to have in one place all the reasons that someone would willingly wear a chastity belt.

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The belt can be worn to free the wearer's mind of fear or guilt when interacting with members of the opposite sex. This one can be confusing. The idea is that the wearer can interact with, and be as friendly or flirtatious as they wish with members of the opposite sex, and the wearer can be secure in the idea that they cannot cheat on their partner, even if they or the other party wanted to. In other words, it frees people from hiding or supressing emotional attraction for people other than there lover.

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CONDOMS ARE DISPOSABLE, NOT RECYCLABLE. We use condoms for protection against infections! Soap and water alone doesn't clean and disinfect it. Recycling IT means you risk yourself to AIDS, gonorrhea, even UTI and other sexual diseases.
Always use a reliable condoms from trusted manufacturer.Never use recycled condoms.

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More Update:
AUG 2010

Awful: A 4-Year-Old Boy Gets Herpes After Putting A Used Condom In His Mouth From A Hotel Room!

“ATLANTA — A 4-year-old child may now have a sexually transmitted disease because of a used condom he found in an Atlanta hotel room. Carmen Jones said she is hurting inside not knowing what sexually transmitted diseases her grandson may now have. “The doctors at Scottish Rite said, if it was some sort of herpes it would last seven to 10 days, and sure enough about 10 days he started getting better, but then the blisters reappeared,” said Jones. Jones said she, her grandson and other family members stayed at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Atlanta on July 31.” – Atlanta News.

UPDATE:30 NOV 2011

Many patients with HIV go untreated

30 November 2011, 7:12 AM
Nearly three quarters of the 1.2 million Americans with HIV do not have their infection under control, raising the risk of death from AIDS and transmission to others, said a US study.

One in five people with human immunodeficiency virus are unaware that they have the disease, added the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1.

Among people who know their HIV status is positive, only about half (51 percent) get ongoing medical treatment, said the CDC’s Vital Signs report.

Of all people in the United States who have HIV, whether they know it or not, 36 percent take antiretroviral therapy and 28 percent have a low amount of the virus in their body.

‘The HIV crisis in America is far from over,’ Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, told reporters.

‘Today’s Vital Signs shows that closing the gaps in testing, care and treatment will all be essential to slowing or reversing the US HIV epidemic.’

The CDC defines a viral load as ‘suppressed’ if a person has less than 200 copies of blood-borne virus per milliliter of blood.

Treatment with antiretroviral drugs has been shown to suppress levels of the virus in 77 percent of people who follow the regimen, and studies have shown it can cut the risk of transmission to a partner by 96 percent.

But while new cases of HIV have leveled off at about 50,000 in the United States each year, with 16,000 people dying annually of AIDS, more must be done to make sure people get tested and treated, authorities said.

‘We are in a time of new hope for stopping HIV, and this week’s World AIDS Day is a time to acknowledge that,’ CDC director Thomas Frieden said, urging a new push by all levels of government.

‘The bottom line is we have the tools to stop HIV from spreading in the individual patient and we have the tools to greatly reduce its spread in communities,’ Frieden said.

‘First is to increase the proportion of people who know their status. Knowledge is power,’ he told reporters.

‘Second, to make sure that people with HIV have every opportunity to remain in ongoing care after they’re diagnosed.’

Black men who have sex with men are a particularly high-risk group, with African-American gay males accounting for 27 percent of all new infections in the United States, according to CDC data.

Also, more than a third of young black homosexual men are infected with HIV, more than twice the level seen in white gay men. Surveys also suggest a full 60 percent of black gay men living with HIV do not know they are HIV positive.

‘We are very concerned about the very troubling statistic of black gay men in the US,’ said Mermin.

Kevin Fenton, director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and Tuberculosis Prevention, said high risk groups should get tested at least once year, or more.

‘In fact, recent CDC data suggests that gay and bisexual men might even benefit from testing as often as every three to six months,’ he told reporters.

‘There are many reasons why individuals may not get tested for HIV. Some may not think they are at risk, others may want to avoid the stigma of HIV and testing and some may fear learning that they are HIV positive.

According to the latest UN figures, about 34 million people in the world were infected with HIV/AIDS in 2010 and 1.8 million people died. Antiretroviral drugs were credited with saving 700,000 lives last year.



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Homelessness in America

Homelessness has increased steadily in the United States since about 1980 and has become a major national issue. The homeless are everywhere in America. While many people become temporarily homeless and are forced to seek assistance from others, many other homeless people live on the street and have no expectation of ever doing anything else. In major cities, people earn a full time living by selling items they find in garbage cans or by begging.
Many homeless people are having a harder time finding shelter, even in cardboard boxes on the street.
Nonexistent just 40 years ago, homelessness is now throughout the country -- and growing. No one knows just how many homeless people there are, but nationwide there may be as many as 3.5 million.
The world's richest nation will once again get around to doing better ??

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Wanna employ a maid?

CCTV footage the employers set up in their homes.

As video surveillance technology gets smaller, easier to conceal and less pricey, it is becoming a popular way for people to keep an eye on those who are supposed to be watching everything from their kids and homes to their pets and ageing parents. FOR some parents, it's a no-brainer - videotape the maid who come in to care for your children and keep mum about it. Many employer agreed they would secretly videotape their maid if they suspected their children were not receiving proper care and attention, and also to protect their caregivers from false accusations of abuse. It invades privacy, say some It's child security, say others Do you still want to employ a maid??



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Malaysian in Space

Pic Source: Angkasawan

Engineers at a Russian-leased space launch site in Kazakhstan are making final preparations for the flight of Malaysia's first man in space. He will travel to the International Space Station with a Russian cosmonaut and a U.S. astronaut.

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The Soyuz spacecraft is set for launch Wednesday 10 Oct 2007 from the Baikonur space center. It will carry Malaysian Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor into orbit along with astronaut Peggy Whitson and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko.

During the 12-day mission, Shukor will conduct a range of scientific experiments on space radiation and its effects on cells and microbes, as well as tests with proteins for a potential HIV vaccine. Shukor is to return to Earth October 21 while the American and the Russian will stay as part of the space station's new crew.

The mission coincides with the last days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, prompting Malaysian religious authorities to set special guidelines on how Shukor is to observe fasting requirements while in space.

A view of our beautiful Earth From Space

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

UPDATE: 21 OCT 2007

Glitch sends Soyuz off-course, but it returns safely to Earth

(Kazakhstan): Malaysia's first Angkasawan and two Russian cosmonauts survived a rough descent on Sunday after a technical glitch sent their Soyuz spacecraft on a steeper-than-normal path during their return to Earth, officials said.

The Russian spacecraft landed safely at 6.37pm Malaysian time.
and all three were feeling fine, officials said.


The landing capsule carrying Russians Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov, and Malaysian Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, landed short of the designated landing site at 1606 IST, Russia's Mission Control spokesman Valery Lyndin said. The crew was unharmed, he said.

The spacecraft deviated from the intended path because of a computer glitch that sent the spacecraft on a steeper-than-usual descent trajectory, the so-called ballistic descent, Lyndin said.

"That meant that the crew were subjected to higher than normal gravity load on their descent," Lyndin told The Associated Press.

Russian search and rescue teams quickly located the craft, which landed just under 340 kilometres west of the designated landing site near Arkalyk in north-central Kazakhstan, NASA reported on its Web site. It said all three crew members were feeling fine.

Russian Space Agency chief Anatoly Perminov said space officials and experts "experienced a few tense moments," but added that the crew was in good condition.

"All crew members have been recovered and they are feeling quite well," Perminov said at a news conference at Mission Control.

UPDATE: 19 OCT 2009

ANGKASAWAN Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar is set for a new journey next year, but it’s not into outerspace.

The 37-year-old will get married to his girlfriend of eight years Dr Halina Mohd Yunus.

And he has chosen a special date – Oct 10, 2010 (10-10-10) to end his bachelorhood. It also marks the third anniversary of his mission to the International Space Station.

The engagement has been fixed for Jan 1, said the Selayang Hospital doctor.

“It’s time for me to end my bachelorhood as I’m not getting any younger. I am a man who loves to have a family and I adore children,” he said.

He related that he was smitten by Dr Halina during his time as a lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital.

“She was my student when she was training as a doctor at the hospital when I was lecturing there.

“It was not so much her outer beauty that attracted me but her inner beauty. That was what captured my heart,” he said.

MORE UPDATE:10-10-10
Malaysian astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor married Dr Halina Mohd Yunos

Malaysian astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor married Dr Halina Mohd Yunos here Sunday, on the auspicious 10.10.10 date.



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