Mistress Phenomenon

Nowadays, the "Mistress Phenomenon " has become increasingly common in Malaysia. Many men including business tycoons, party and government officials, are engaging in "keeping mistress", which has led to the split-up of many families.
Of course, the men who engaged in 'mistress phenomenon' are mostly rich, since providing financial support for the mistress is the key words of the concept of "Mistress Phenomenon". Some women claimed that "when a man becomes rich, he is certain to become bad". Is that true?

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According to a report in Oriental
Daily News, these women, who are mainly from southern China, can
be hired at RM2,000 a month.

JUST when married Chinese women thought they can heave a
sigh of relief now that the government has turned down requests
to import maids from China, they have to contend with a new threat
– mistresses from China. To be precise, they are mistresses
for hire and are fast becoming a hit with roving males in small towns
in northern Peninsular Malaysia. According to a report in Oriental
Daily News, these women, who are mainly from southern China, can
be hired at RM2,000 a month.
Their “invasion” of mainly
smaller towns in Perak and Penang began a few months ago and
their presence – many turning up at eateries still in their nighties for
breakfast – turns heads and is a hot topic for gossips.
According to the report, these mistresses, aged between 25 and
30 and pretty on the average, troop into the country on social
visit visas with the help of Big Sister – a mistress for hire
turned “agent”. The Big Sister shows wouldbe
sugar-daddies pictures of these Chinese women and
after they have made their pick, she arranges for them
to fly in. The women pay for their way here but after the “affairs”, the
sugar-daddies would pay for their tickets home.
Apart from having to return to their love nests at the end of the
day, they are free to work for extra income at nightspots but are not
allowed to engage in sex. A contractor told the daily he got
to know Big Sister through a friend who had engaged her service.
He said Big Sister showed him a stack of pictures of pretty Chinese
women and told him he just had to make a pick and the woman of
his choice would be in Malaysia to meet him within a month.
He was also told he need only pay RM2,000 a month as pocket
money to the mistress and provide her with a place to stay.



1) Unhappy in the relationship

2) Lived together for a longer time, might be tired of the marriage

3) Find something that can bring more excitement

4) Wife has poor health

5) The loss of sexual desire after a long term relationship


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:52 PM

    Very well illustrated
    I enjoy your blog

  2. Blogger clement said,

    9:01 PM

    i have not visited your blog for a very long time! because i didn't subscribe your feed also, anyway, good to be back, first of all, wife fake it every time, she underestimate your potential as a man.. ha ha

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:53 AM

    I have been married (HAPPILY) for over 17 years now. Im 44 my wife is 38. We're healthy and attractive, non-smoking and social drinkers only. Both my wife and I are still very much in love. HOWEVER...I feel she is becomming..well..lazy in our sexual relationship. WHEN we do have sex (average of 2 times a week) it's VERY good - orgasam for her is normal. But, I feel "I" do much of the work, while she relaxes and enjoys the ride - So to speak.
    I am starting to resent the "power" she holds over OUR sex life - it's all dependent on if and when she wants to make love. If "I" want to, and she's not in the mood - too bad. RARELY will she provide oral sex, or even using her hand. In the past, she was agressive..but after 4 children, she's not that interested.
    So, a mistress might not be such a bad thing. Perhaps a bit of jealousy would shake her out of her laziness. Or, make ME feel good.

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