Top 5 weirdest theories on Breast Cancer

Top 5 weirdest medical theories that may appear to be true:

What do you believe about the risk of getting breast cancer? Are your beliefs based on truth? Here are several popular theories. Make smart choices and reduce your risk.

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1. Dogs give women breast cancer

Could it really be true that keeping a dog increases the risk of the disease?
Both dogs and humans carry the same virus that can induce cancer.
Analysis of breast cancer cases by researchers at the University of Munich showed

that patients with this type of cancer were significantly more likely to have kept a

dog than a cat. In fact, 79.7 per cent of all patients had intensive contact with dogs

before they were diagnosed.
Only 4.4 per cent of the patients did not have pets at any time compared to 57.3

per cent of a healthy control group — so there was a 29-fold increased risk for pet

owners. Another study in Norway reported a very high level — 53.3 per cent — of

breast cancers in 14,401 dogs.
In looking for a reason, scientists found a virus common in both dogs and humans.
The one they homed in on is the mouse mammary tumour virus (MMTV), which

triggers breast cancer in mice and which has been investigated for possible links

to human breast cancer.
The theory is that dogs, and possibly other pets, harbour and transmit MMTV or

MMTVlike viruses that can induce human breast cancer.
The researchers say the theory may help to explain why women from Eastern

countries are at increased risk of breast cancer when they move to Western

nations — Asian or Oriental women seldom keep dogs as pets.
Migration to Western countries may cause them to alter their lifestyle, including

keeping pet dogs.

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2. Washing Hair during Period Cause Breast Cancer

It has been a traditional theory that ladies are not supposed to wash their hair during their period. But there is no solution to the question why? The victim will only realise at their later stage of their life, facing the symptoms of breast and ovary cancer. Today ladies still wash their hair during their period with the thinking that they will be safe if they blow dries their hair. But this will not prevent them from getting the cancer. Please read the article below:
A well known Taiwanese medical professor specialise in cancer research based in a Japanese university did a survey on 30,000 per cancer patients.
She found these patients are very choosy in their food, wash their hair during their period and carry heavy object and drink cold drinks. This will course the incomplete of ovulation and the remaining menses will turn into toxic and the imbalance of hormone will lead to ovary and breast cancer. During the research she found the method of prevention to these cancers. The secrets are;

1. One must change their lifestyle and eating habits
2. Do not wash our hair while having period
3. Excessive bleeding must be investigated by a gynae, do not wash your hair just for the cooling effect and contraction of ovary.
4. No cold drinks if you feel drowsy, breast expansion and
Constipation these are the early symptom of ovary or breast cancer.

To prevent use:
1. Black sugar
2. Chinese lotus (leng ngau in hokkien)
3. Carrot and
4. Barley
Boil to soup and drink. This is the best prevention.

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3.Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer

Deodorant is fine, anti-perspirant is not. Here's why:
The human body has a few areas that it uses to purge toxins; behind the knees, behind the ears, groin area, and armpits. The toxins are purged in the form of perspiration.
Anti-perspirant, as the name clearly indicates, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging toxins from below the armpits. These toxins do not just magically disappear. Instead, the body deposits them in the lymph nodes below the arms since it cannot sweat them out.
This causes a high concentration of toxins and leads to cell mutations: a.k.a. CANCER.
Nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located.
Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by anti-perspirant usage because most of the anti-perspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin. Women who apply anti-perspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area.

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4.Taking birth control pills increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Maybe. Studies that have examined the use of oral contraceptives as a risk factor for breast cancer have produced conflicting results. Some researchers think this might be due to the fact that the level of hormones in birth control pills has changed since they were first studied. Early birth control pills contained much higher levels of hormones than today's low-dose pills.
In general, most studies have not found an overall increased risk of breast cancer due to the use of oral contraceptives.
Two studies from the mid-1990s found a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer in current or recent users of birth control pills compared to women who had never used the pills. But the same research found that 10 years or more after women stopped using birth control pills, their breast cancer risk returned to the same level as if they had never used birth control pills.

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5.High fat diet linked to breast cancer

Eating too much food high in fat, such as butter, milk and meat, could put women at a higher risk of breast cancer.
The new research discovered, however, that women who eat 90g of fat per day have twice the risk of developing breast cancer of those who eat less than 40g of fat per day. 90g of fat is roughly equivalent to two beefburgers, one small packet of crisps, a large bar of milk chocolate and one and a half digestive biscuits.
"Our study shows there is an emerging link between eating too much fatty food and increasing the risk of breast cancer," say Sheila Bingham from the Medical Research Council's Dunn Human nutrition unit in Cambridge and colleagues.

UPDATE: 30 MAY 2009


After having a mastectomy, Sharon Adams decided to raise awareness of breast cancer by posting photographs of her scar on Facebook.
They were accompanied by a description of the mother of four's fight against the disease and encouragement from her for other women to go for regular check-ups.

But within a day, the social networking site removed the photos after describing them as 'sexual and abusive'.
The action triggered a wave of protest, with nearly 900 people joining an online group calling for the ban to be lifted.

'I put these pictures out on Facebook to put a message out to women - check your breasts regularly and do not ever be ashamed of a mastectomy,' said Miss Adams, 45
'For Facebook to claim they were sexual and abusive was absurd. Facebook has online groups about sexual positions and some groups which are bordering on racist - but they ban this.'
Recalling the moment in January when she was diagnosed with cancer, Miss Adams, who has no history of the disease in her family, said: 'It was like the breath had been sucked out of me.

'My next thought was for my children and two grandchildren and how they would feel,' she said.

Her right breast was removed the following month. She has intense chemotherapy every three weeks, which will last for at least six months, and has decided to have her other breast removed shortly to improve her chances of survival.

Miss Adams, whose three daughters and son are all in their twenties, made the decision to put four photos of her mastectomy on Facebook in March, only to be viewed by friends on her account.

'The idea had been to spread the message to people within my circle,' she said. 'I couldn't believe it when the pictures were removed.'

Supporters set up a site called 'Get Sharon Adams' Pictures Back on Facebook for Breast Cancer', which attracted support from across the world.

Group member Vicki Johnson Tomkins said: 'I can't see why people-thought the picture was offensive. It shows a very brave lady fighting a horrid thing.'

Facebook, which has more than 120million members, has admitted that it made a mistake.

A spokesman said: 'Our user operations team reviews thousands of reported photos a day and may occasionally remove something-that doesn't actually violate our policies. This is what happened here. We apologise.'
Ms Adams has put the four photographs - labelled 'fighting cancer' - back on her site.

Underneath she writes: 'Women should check themselves weekly for any changes to their breasts. It doesn't mean if you feel a lump that it is cancer, but if it is the sooner it's diagnosed the better..... I know there will be women out there who have already felt a lump and are hoping it will go away. Please go to the doctors and get it checked.'

Yesterday she said: 'If one person reads this and goes for a check-up then it will have been worthwhile.'


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