GO Have Sex.

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Even if the content has the right values, what about the children and teens who may see the cover but not watch the movie, and jump to the 'wrong conclusion'?

It's not as if teenagers, all raging hormones, needed more encouragement.
But that's the title of a new sex education DVD that targets teens - as the picture of three girls in school uniform on its cover indicates.
Priced at $22.90 and produced by local company The Really Fun Connection, the DVD has already sold 1,000 copies since its release on 26Oct in Singapore.

But is the DVD's title too provocative?
Many parents complain that the title sounded pornographic.Some parents say the title is too suggestive.Even if the content has the right values, what about the children and teens who may see the cover but not watch the movie, and jump to the 'wrong conclusion'? The packaging has to be right.
A director of The Really Fun Connection, said he was well aware of the controversy, adding that many parents had already asked him about it.
So why the title?
He wanted to appeal to teens and anything less 'attractive' would not have worked. 'If I have a title like Don't Have Sex, or Clean Sexual Education Programme, teens will have closed minds already,' he said.
He may have a point.
And parents, fear not. Despite the title, the content is hardly explicit - after all, it is rated PG.

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The DVD features a short movie about the sex lives of some 17-year-old girls, interviews with teenagers, a studio discussion with parents and teenagers on sexuality and a tutorial on how to wear a condom.
Other than some kissing, the only raunchy moment is when a boy removes a girl's underwear.
The DVD was shot in August in Malaysia for $60,000 .
All the actors were above 18.

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The message is very clear when you watch the video - you can go have sex, if you are prepared for the consequences,' he said, adding that some of the consequences are illustrated in video.
The film still shows that abstinence is the best way. The teens in the show wrestle with relationship problems.
But will a more in-your-face approach like Go Have Sex really help solve problems associated with teenage sex?


  1. Blogger clement said,

    12:32 PM

    singapore's uniform same like malaysian?
    ha ha, eh, 1000 copies sold sounds disgraceful... where are all the perv when u need them? ha ha

  2. Blogger OMG said,

    3:17 PM

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  3. Blogger OMG said,

    3:19 PM

    When in Malaysia do as the Malaysian do.

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