Survey:What Make A Woman Feel Beautiful?

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"Little did we know something as simple as a passionate kiss could be enough to make women feel so beautiful,"

The next time you want to make your woman feel beautiful, give her that perfect lover’s kiss, says a new poll.
The poll, conducted to determine as to what makes a woman feel beautiful, has revealed that a simple smooch from their man puts a spring in a girl’s step better than anything else.
According to the survey of more than 1,000 British women aged over 18, kiss from their man was preferable than lingerie, a shopping splurge and even sex.
Perfumes, jewellery and beauty treatments did not feature in the top ten.
In the survey, more than 60% women reported that a smacker on the lips from their man made them feel more attractive. Second on the list was new underwear, followed by having sex.
Receiving a wolf whistle came fourth, followed by having a long soak in a bubble bath, going on a shopping spree and buying a new pair of shoes. At number eight was applying a splash of colourful lipstick and next was a fat-burning gym workout, with a chocolate fix at tenth place.
The survey was carried out for cosmetic company Blistex.

"This research allows us a peek into what boosts women’s confidence," Nick Lang, Blistex spokesman, said. "Little did we know something as simple as a passionate kiss could be enough to make women feel so beautiful," Lang added.

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  1. Blogger sanika said,

    10:54 PM

    itz true !! a passionate kiss is far more presious than any other thing ever..

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