Asian latest fashion: Going Braless

The trend of going braless; a rising fashion being exercised more and more frequently in our constantly evolving society.

First, bra wearing is a choice, not a law. You do not have to wear one if you don't feel the need. Many women wear bras an unhealthy 24 hours a day, never allowing their breasts to have natural freedom. And even more women wear bras that fit poorly and leave marks and indents on their skin. This is particularly bad for blood and lymphatic system flow.
Indeed its a norm to walk around bra-less if you're from Europe or America but now the Asian is fast catching on the trend of going braless.

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A woman wears a bra for essentially three reasons:

An item of clothing that fascinates a man

So when you decide to go without a bra, you are deciding not to have the support that you almost always need and may come across as someone who is not so concerned about modesty.
Be conscious of the fact that you will attract a little more attention when you dress braless. So be prepared to respond accordingly. Men often tend to comment more boldly when they see a woman dressed like that.

Going braless can be classy, tasteful, and elegant.

Going braless is beautiful, and accentuates the breast, an object of beauty

Going braless is not trashy, slutty or obscene.

The trend of going braless; a rising fashion being exercised more and more frequently in our constantly evolving society.

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TV Anchorwomen Not Wearing Bras

March 18, CCTV morning news weathergirl Cheng Lu’s bosom “nipples” were very distinct! Netizens naturally suspected [she] did not wear any underwear [i.e. bra] while on camera.


  1. Anonymous Joe Q. Public said,

    12:40 AM

    I'm all for this trend! ;-)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:43 PM

    No matter what the size breast. A great nipple make the breast look great. Small breast look the best without all that padding and bra's.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:03 PM

    I love going braless and I think the above pics are beautiful. I have actually started buying clothes that accentuates my nipples instead of trying to hide them with vest-yuck! I an a 36DD so I know it can be done. It feels so good and I love the way it looks!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:06 AM

    I am japanese, and I live in France.
    I like to be braless in France. But I am to much stress to practise in Japan.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:56 AM

    im coming to france

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:48 AM

    so hot i love how they look on them i just dont have da nipples for it! :-(

  7. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:10 PM

    nipples are nice but i really like the jiggle ;) thats really hot!!!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:24 PM

    I love going braless, it makes me feel so sexy ;o)

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:54 PM

    I want to marry someone who goes around braless

  10. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:15 AM

    i love going braless, to see thye men look at my nipples get me wet and sometime i walk up to them and give them a full look at my chest. asking them if they like to see my nude

  11. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:24 AM


  12. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:02 AM

    going braless is good. i am a D cup and i go braless all the time. it looks more natural when you can see nipples.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:55 AM

    I think woth bigger breast you need the support of a bra as in longterm it could result in soggy breast. if you have small breast (I dont know about the size as being men and all, I would say a handfull size) then it wouldn't matter as much and would look great..turn men on to be honest...if thats what you want!

  14. Anonymous Wendy said,

    4:13 AM

    I have been braless for 5 years now. Wow time flies it is great my little tits love it.I am only small 36A on a big boob day, but love to show off my boobs whenever I can.It is the best feeling your boobs are free and my nipples get hard so many times a day. stay bra free. Love my tiny tits Wendy.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:54 AM

    women with small breasts looks sexy going braless with their nipple aroused

  16. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:56 AM

    I always go braless. I love it when my nipple show through. Is's so sexy. I also buy clothes that eccentuate my high beams.

  17. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:16 AM

    I go braless mostly when hubby and I are out of town. I am 48 years old, 5'2" tall, and 36DD. I love to wear a sheer see thru top and go into stores where the younger guys work. let have a free look ! Onw day I hope to get brave and let some guy have a free feel.

  18. Anonymous jenny said,

    11:48 AM

    i think going braless is super hot! i love how it you can see the shape of your breasts! I have 32 c's with nice perky nipples that i love to show off!

  19. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:34 PM

    i have been braless for 5 years and Love it. My little tits are just an A cup if I am lucky and they love being free. I like to wear loose fitting tops so it is easy to see my tits. I love showing them off. my nipples are hard so much more it makes me horney too.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:34 PM

    i have been braless for 5 years and Love it. My little tits are just an A cup if I am lucky and they love being free. I like to wear loose fitting tops so it is easy to see my tits. I love showing them off. my nipples are hard so much more it makes me horney too.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:33 AM

    going braless is the best more women should be braless ban the bra

  22. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:16 AM

    i think going braless is very sexy. i was shy at first and have only done it a few times but i love the way guys can't stop staring when they see my boobs jiggle and nipples poke out through my shirt. i think its sexy to wear soft flowy tops that move freely and show off glimpses of either the sides, tops or bottom of my breasts

  23. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:54 PM


    1a) Some women show the outline of their breasts and nipples.
    1b) Some men take action to really feel what they see.

    2a) Some women wear see-thru to tease.
    2b) Some men take action to really feel what they see.

    3a) Some women wear minis to show off part of their upskirt.
    3b) Some men take action to see everything upskirt.

    4a) Some women allow filming their love-making for private viewing.
    4b) Some men allow everyone to see their love-making.

    5a) Some women wear G-strings and let others see their Y.
    5b) Some men might as well see the V-thing other than the Y-thing.

    So u see, women and men are different.... Women show off thinking it is just teasing. But men TAKE ACTION to really see what is really teasing them.

    So, some girls are ignorant and some men are lustful.

  24. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:26 PM

    I am a size 6 but i have 36ddd (f)cup breasts. I adore going braless! It is something I do just for me! I love the sensual and natural feel that it gives me. I have implants so my breasts stick up quite well. I actually got the implants so I could go braless more. I always wear shirts that cling but allow for movement too. Nipples are beautiful and I really wish that our society didn't try to cover them up so much! Mine show through everything-even sweaters-and I love it. Going braless really just makes me feel ultra feminine and beautiful.

  25. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:35 PM

    Going braless is sexy, and also natural. I love it when women go braless especially with loose fitting and soft material. Not because I want to peek or anything, but because its sexy to show some, but not all. I wish this trend would pick up in asia though.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:52 PM

    I am male and not into any form of weird perverted porn or anything out of the ordinary but, I cannot tell you the feelings I get when i see a braless Lady! It is natural of course and there is nothing more beautiful than the female form. To see the natural shape of the breast through clothing is the most beautiful thing I can imagine.. If any of you want to share this with me, you would make my day ;) XX

  27. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:58 PM

    I support the ideea of women not wearing clothes at all and fuck with anyone who wants to! Who's with me? I think it's a cool and revolutionary ideea that hasn't been thought of yet! Or or how about men fight and then woman choose the best one! Just like in the wildness, like primitives!! Oh, look at me how evolved I am! Oh i got carried away... About the braless trend, how about men wear tight pants and no underwear? I'm pretty sure that the GUY(or guys) supporting this trend would love that, is it?

  28. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:36 PM

    im glad guys like it... i like to be looked at lol :)

  29. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:41 PM

    i'm a male. i enjoy having a chance to look at females going braless. dun get so much in an asian society. some kweilo got lah... but when overseas... a lot more chances especially during summer days. i just find that having to see the pointed nipps with the outer layer covering is just so sexy. it just makes me feel so much more arouse. i so wish that my female friends would be daring enough to try and show it off. it may just be so interesting to laugh over the stares and looks of those guys who look at it and do something stupid like knocking into pilaars for instance...hahahaha.....

    kelvin (do msn/email me if u r female and interested to listen to some interesting stories about my adventures... sure a lot of on9 fun)

  30. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:02 PM

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  31. Blogger Doug said,

    5:00 AM

    I am a male and have traveled to China many times. I love the way Asian women look but they always wear a bra. Why do Chinese women, and for that matter Asian women, always wear bras?

  32. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:01 AM

    I am a 50 years old Vietnamese women and have 34a breasts, I have never owned a bra and never will. My breasts look and feel great. I don't expose myself but just do not like the uncomfortable feeling of a bra.

  33. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:42 AM

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  34. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:15 PM

    Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

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  35. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:49 AM

    Hi all, I live in France & i used to go braless, even in summer. It was a bit difficult at the beginning but now it' s OK, i' m fearless. Anyway, it' s fashion now to go braless here so it' s easier. Now i feel comfortable and i don t mind if men notice that i'm braless. If they tell me something about it i don t argue anymore, i just smile a bit and tell them to ask their wife or girlfriend to do the same if they like it so much ...

  36. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:20 PM

    im 16 and i once worked up the courage to go bra-less. i went to school that way and it was amazing; i loved how everyone stared, my male teachers especially

  37. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:19 PM

    Wow, I agree with everything what I have read I enjoy women going out braless even with no knicker on. It's nice to see women waering a nice thin white top with seeing their boobs jig about and nipples poking though. If anyone would like to email with photographs of their selfs my email is

  38. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:57 AM

    Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

    Can someone help me find it?

    Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

    Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


  39. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:38 AM

    I think most of you people have no sense of shame why dont you just go out nude anyway our mothers and sisters have come a long way from having no respect to having respect to becoming shameless think about it people!!!

  40. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:33 PM

    I do love seeing the rare female who is daring enough to jiggle a bit. Shame that society causes such modesty that those who don't need a bra must wear them anyway.

  41. Blogger emiko said,

    5:32 AM

    I like to be looked at, not stared at. I like to be touched firmly with confidence but gently. I don't like them to sneak their feeling, and I don't like to be grabbed. A man who can be bold but polite at the same time will get what he wants.

  42. Blogger emiko said,

    5:38 AM

    I like to be looked at, not stared at. I like to be touched firmly with confidence but gently. I don't like them to sneak their feeling, and I don't like to be grabbed. A man who can be bold but polite at the same time will get what he wants.

  43. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:03 AM

    Here's the deal. You won't sag without a bra. You're more likely to sag with a bra. Bigger breasts do have the problem of chafing and what not, so just go wipe them down every once in awhile or use deodorant. Plus, wearing a bra increases your chances of getting breast cancer, and wearing it more often increases your chances tenfold.
    It's not slutty or whorish. It's healthy and natural. Who said it was slutty? your mother? your father who didn't want guys ogling you? You know who originally said these things? Underwear companies implied it when they first started really marketing bra's way back in the day. Yeah, it provides support, but only if you wore bra's all your life and no longer have the muscles to support yourself. Try it for a year, work up to it, and you'll see it starts to hurt less and less, and your breasts even get fuller and more round.
    Amazing how ignorant people are.

  44. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:52 AM

    as men, braless is a beautiful scenery. as I have ever seen, while I was jogging in the park, there are about 25 years old woman with breasts, which I thought was very large, about cup D, was jogged with a fairly loose clothing. when I look at, her breasts bouncing up and down left and right sides were irregular, plus a wet sweat makes the nipple look. This is a beautiful sight to me. but that makes me very impressed, although large breasts and do not wear a bra, her breasts look very tight and do not sag as people imagine about the effects of not wearing a bra.
    when he had finished, I approached him, I asked him why he did not wear a bra, she replied, 'I was already 2 years never wear a bra again'. have you ever thought about the secret? he replied, oh, it is important not to ever trust with the drug, all was a lie. big tits and tight can not be instant. there are a few tips you can do:
    1. avoid bra excessive usage. breast muscles also need to be trained so as not brittle and less elastic.
    2. doing sports, especially gymnastics, multiply the movements involving the muscles of the pectoralis major and minor as breast hanger.
    3. use papaya. Since time immemorial, young papaya has been used to tighten the breast, an enzyme found in papaya helps in breast growth. Meanwhile fasteners hormone and vitamin A in the papaya enzyme, believed to be induced stimulation of the female hormone, but it can stimulate the ovaries to release female hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin), paved the mammary gland and of course the tightening of the breast.
    Method: Cut the papaya mengkal, take about one cup, then made into juice with soy milk mixture. Phyto-estrogen content of soy is very good for the breast. After that give a little lime juice and one or two tablespoons of honey. Drinking regularly every other day.
    4. Use a breast mask. Breast Mask is made from rice flour material or Amylum oryzae. The core of rice flour is useful to tighten the breast, skin smooth, and beautify the shape of the breast and slow aging.

    Here is the sequence when you do a breast mask:
    -Lie relaxed on their backs.
    -Wash your breast with a towel that had previously been soaked in warm water.
    -Wipe the skin soft and dry breast wrapping.
    -Before you mask, you can apply the oil while doing massage struck in the breast, do it slowly for about 10 to 15 minutes.
    -Wash your breast with a damp towel then dry.
    -Close the nipple with wet cotton.
    -By using a brush, apply a mask that has been mixed with rice flour rose water evenly on the breast. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until dry.
    Breast-Rinse with warm water until clean, then compressed with ice. Give a pat gently on the breast with cotton that has been moistened refreshment.

    For maximum results, mask your breasts once a week, respectively, for 10 weeks.

  45. Blogger Terra Nullius said,

    11:13 AM

    I support this trend. Women should be the flexibility to decide whether to wear a bra or go braless. It is not stated in any statute law that women must wear a bra.

  46. Blogger Sky Tower said,

    11:19 AM

    Agreed with Terra Nullius that since it is NOT a statutory requirement, women should be given the flexibility to decide whether to wear a bra or go braless.

  47. Blogger New Yorker said,

    11:44 AM

    Yes, women should decide whether to wear a bra or go braless.

  48. Blogger crazy said,

    12:01 PM

    Women should be given a free hand to decide their relationship with the bra.

  49. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:30 AM

    Well, cloths are just cloths.
    It is always a option. Underwear, boxer, panties, bra or whatever it is. It has always been the person choice to wear it or not. Maybe just to be fit in this modern age.
    Since most people wear it. Some will find strange that why you don't wear one. But they'll get used to it.

    I'm not a female. But I don't mind females wear a bra or not. I just happen to find this site. And post my point of view. And It is true that most guys will be starring at a bra-less female more often. Because guys like gales in a nature way of all living creatures.
    Or you can say eye catching.

  50. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:34 PM

    Going braless is great and comfortable.However I can only do these at home.
    I went braless out in singapore and the people around started pointing fingers at me and gossip abt me as though I was some slutty bitch.

  51. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:39 PM

    bras are so uncomfortable going braless is so great no matter what size your breasts are

  52. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:35 AM

    Whatever you all say, bra is a definite need for growing women, bra supports breasts and helps them keep in proper share, women wearing proper bra wouldn't need a implant, I say. And definitly without bra, all your breasts are going to be soggy, so enjoy the little braless time, because if You continue, noone would like to look at it when it gets soggy

  53. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:26 PM

    Bra less is better but do no expose your nipple as it is brown-black color that absorbs heat and radiation and it may difficult to get out milk for your child.Using tight or lose bra will really effect in surrounding bras. I recommend you to wear lose, comfortable and non-visible bra clothes that will look elegant, respective, no one can make any question about it. Get freedom. However, if you show your bras , boys brain intention will be bad especially for uneducated one.It is natural, no way to avoid.

  54. Anonymous Lisa said,

    2:52 AM

    I'm a modest woman who loves going braless, it feels so good and natural. I love how it makes me feel when young men look and smile. I look really young and have small breasts that naturally don't need support. Most of the time my nipples are hard for some reason ; ) You can be free, beautiful, natural and decent at the same time. The body is thing of beauty.

  55. Anonymous Magellan said,

    2:58 AM

    I love it when boys sneak a peek at my tits, when I'm wearing only a t-shirt. It turns me on. I fantasize about letting them touch. There's no downside to not wearing a bra. I find there's nothing wrong with going natural. That's why it's called natural!

  56. Anonymous huge tits said,

    5:42 AM

    pretty nipples

  57. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:19 AM

    I love to see other women braless, especially if they are DD or above. But I always wear a bra myself. Too old to change.

  58. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:44 PM

    Bras are promoted by the fashion business for the money, and there is lots to be made, or lost depending upon that item.

    Where did it come from that the purpose of a bra is to provide a centimeter of armour plating against dreaded nipple show through. Dreaded by whom?

    Here is whom. The first critics are other jealous and weak women.
    The other, and loudest critics, they are on these websites and tabloid TV shows with phony "tsk-tsk" complaints about someone or the other who they say "forgot her bra" or had a "malfunction".

    Forget these critics. The truth is that they don't even like women anyway.

    Visible nipple or not, it is about attitude. Once the woman becomes concerned about it, the attitude is gone, and they become another weakling knuckling to the control of the fashion sales business who doesn't like anything about women except the money they can take.

  59. Anonymous mehranbiz said,

    7:53 PM

    Girls looks many times attractive innocent without wearing Bra inside dress in her natural breasts curves, Bra always gives fake and artificial look to her personality but bra less women looks more natural attractive and innocent
    To go braless women need perfect firm and fit breasts

  60. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:15 AM

    Its nice to see the women braless. Its so natural and beautiful.

  61. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:19 AM

    At my place you will not get a chance to see any ladies go braless. To me its natural and beautiful to see the female form. I wish the ladies would share this beautiful looks with me. It makes me feel excited too. Get in touch with

  62. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:21 AM

    Share with me!

  63. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:03 PM

    I love going braless as long as there aren't any kids around or at work.

    I first tried going braless in high school on a dare by my then boyfriend. There were definite advantages without it but I also enjoyed feeling sexy and a little daring. I'm small so it's not like I'm throwing them in peoples faces or flaunting them. My husband definitely prefers I go without a bra and encourages me to be more daring in my selection of tops and dresses. When we have guests over he loves to show me off. I don't want to feel conceited about it but I know he enjoys it. It has also become contagious because many of the wives are now doing it too. The guys love it! If I'm not the only one on display, it's more fun to get really sensuous without being self conscious. See thru tops are really appropriate in those instances.

  64. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:08 AM

    I threw out all of my bras, they were uncomfortable, none fit right and despite the irritation and annoyance my breasts looked squished, pushed, squeezed or out of place in a bra. I took it off and realized I have some beautiful boobs! Smallish A/B cup, perky nipples which are constantly erect and the overall breasts are well rounded and proportionate to one another. What was I thinking wearing bras all my life? My breasts are perfect just as God made them. I will never wear another one of those diabolical contraptions again.

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