Chinese Astrology for the year of the Golden RAT 2008

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Chinese Astrology for the year of the Golden RAT 2008

This year sees the Rat being governed by the General Star, also known as
the Sui Jia star. You will see enhancements to your work efforts as well
as fantastic support from your superiors and workmates! This is the time
for you to show off your skills and shine, Rat - in fact, the stars show
that being more extroverted than usual will only serve to strengthen your
luck potential. Be vocal, too, and you will see others actually listening
to you for guidance.

Though your career luck is wonderful, do keep in mind that any major life
changes are not advisable for you this 2008. Do not make any big
decisions, either, but instead keep busy with your work. One exception to
this rule is if you are offered a project abroad by your existing
employer, taking up the challenge will prove advantageous!

The Rat will enjoy very good Wealth luck this year. Inspirations and
opportunities abound, and you will indeed prosper. Concentration on your
work is the key ingredient though, Rat - work hard, play hard, and success
is yours.

If you're interested in dabbling with investments this year, you should
depend on conservative investments and steady revenue rather than
speculative ones.

The Rat's relationship prospects are a little uncertain this year. For the
single Rat, it is actually very advisable for you to put your love life at
a halt this year and focus on work - but, if you're keen on starting a
relationship, chances are they will be short-term and casual in nature.
The attached Rat should also do likewise - maintain your love life, but
keep your career at the fore.

Because the Rat will be nose-deep in work effort, health may be
jeopardized. Organize your time well and remember that you do need a good
rest every night. Aside from this, the Rat should also be careful of
accidents involving vehicles or even heavy machinery. There is also a
potential of you getting robbed and seriously hurt in the process,
therefore reduce this risk by staying entirely away from remote places and
don't take any chances with your personal safety.

You may also counter these possible occurrences by donating your blood in
It is smooth and easy going for the Ox this year. Progress is good, and
with a bit of effort you will be able to scale the career ladder fast!
Your stars also show that you shall be continually assisted by people
around you, especially men who are at the top rung of the hierarchy. These
people will buffer you and get you places if you play your cards right.

Your peers may begrudge you the attention you're receiving from the
bigwigs, though. The year 2008 also sees hostilities from your colleagues
because of this. The Ox may even feel tempted to resign! This is not a
good idea at all. Just roll with the punches and remember that any kind of
gossip and backstabbing, however bad in nature, cannot hurt you this year.
Play the game of diplomacy and stick it out - it will get better as the
year ends.

It's average Wealth prospects for the Ox this 2008. Property investments
are not recommended for you, but if you wish you may go for conservative
investments rather than speculative ones.

That said, the Ox will find his or her wallet continually lined with wads
of cash, and never in want of money. Enjoy.

It's a great time for the Ox this 2008. If you are single, this is the
time for you to meet a suitable match. But, you will need to put some
effort in socializing to find that perfect partner. You may even turn to
your family members or seniors relatives for some matchmaking. The married
Ox people will enjoy a harmonious and happy year with the spouse.

Your health is on the up and up this year. There are no major ailments in
store for you this 2008, and furthermore your overall health is rosy. Ox
women who are pregnant this year may be prone to depression and moody
silences, so look to your friends or loves ones for some much needed fun
and laughter! You should also be honest with your feelings - don't
hesitate to pour it all out to a trusted confidante.
The Tiger's star shows opportunities to work in far-flung, exotic
locations in 2008. It will be a tough year somewhat, but if you travel for
work this year you will be able to prosper. Otherwise, Tigers who stay at
a single location year-long will not benefit much this year. You are given
plenty of work and new responsibilities, but find it difficult to advance
otherwise. This is a year to hone your skills in preparation for more
auspicious times.

If you have never ventured abroad for career of wealth, now is the time
for you to do so, Tiger! Your luck will be enhanced with some serious
traveling. Trading is a good option for you.

The single Tiger should stay on the career course and not hope too much
about finding a good love match. However, those who take up traveling or
have decided to work abroad for 2008 will see much better love luck in
store - chances are seriously relationships are possible for the
wander-lusting Tiger. Married or attached Tigers may feel distant from
their partner due to work demands. This is because you feel neglected and
misunderstood though the truth is the opposite! Practice some patience and
understanding towards your partner, and remember that he or she is always
there for you. Voice your thoughts and feelings to your loved one and you
will see your love life regaining the passion and intimacy of early years

The Tiger is physically fit and able this year, but you just can't seem to
shake away the feeling of sadness, moodiness and overall feeling of
lethargy. Don't succumb into this spiral of depression, Tiger - you can
snap out of it by simply opening up to those around you! Feel free to talk
it out, and you will see improvement rather than bottling it up inside.
Aside from this, there is a potential for your parents or other senior
members of the family getting sick or injured, so do spend some time with
your old folks this year to watch over them.
Your ideas and brainstorms will go down very well with work colleagues
this 2008, Rabbit. Be vocal with your thoughts and you will see people
agreeing with you. Your pay rise will also be good and you will be quite
the contented little busy bee this year! Though your career prospects seem
rosy, there are some undercurrents of jealousy resentment from your
workmates regarding your good rapport with superiors. Play the diplomatic
card and be as nice as you can to everyone, or potential blowups and
finger-pointing is likely.

Occasionally, work-related stress may escalate to a point where you wish
you could leave and look for another job, but my advice for you is to stay
on because switching careers is not an auspicious move for you. Just take
comfort from the fact that the problems stem from mere hot air alone.

Avoid every kind of risky venture this 2008, since the Rabbit can only
profit through conservative means. But as a general rule, Rabbits who are
in fashion and beauty industries will reap a better profit than those with
other professions this year. The stars also show that you will need to pay
extra mind when dealing with female clients of contacts, though, since
chances are you may get cheated by them!

Single Rabbits are in luck this 2008 since romance and love matches are
aplenty for your choosing. Follow your gut instincts rather than physical
charms and you will have a great relationship. Rabbit men have especially
strong Romance luck, but the person you meet and click with the best will
be quite opinionated as well, and this may irritate the otherwise
good-natured Rabbit to the bone! The married or attached Rabbit needs to
be wary of third parties disrupting the harmony of your relationship.

The Rabbit's physique is prone to some sicknesses this year therefore make
an appointment for a full medical checkup as soon as you can. You must
also practice prevention rather than cure - stock up on the vitamins and
fresh leafy greens to keep yourself healthy. This is because even the most
innocuous cold can cause trouble for you.

Dragons will find fair Career luck this 2008, though those who work in
creative industries will enjoy much better luck. You will find yourself
time and again headhunted by potential employers, but it is advisable for
you to not leave your current profession since your superiors are very
helpful and will want to guide you in all matters. There is some petty
gossip concerning you swirling in the workplace, though, but if you
maintain aloofness and work hard at what you do best, the negative
whisperings cannot hurt you in any way. The Office Essentials, making up
of multiple Feng Shui enhancers, will guide you to good productivity and
lesser spending this year for the Dragon.

As mentioned above, Dragons who are in the creative industry to will see a
pay rise or bonus to their current salaries! This is because the year 2008
denotes to unique ideas and inspirations for the artistic Dragon. Other
Dragons who stand to do well this year are those in public relations as
well as customer service - your stars show smooth dealing and hiccup-free
communications that will see your name go far.

Dragons should not partake in any aggressive investments. Long term
investments should do alright. One aspect in which you stand to lose
wealth this year is through legal hassles - lawsuits are all too likely.
The married or attached Dragon feel lonely and neglected this 2008. This
is due to a lack of communication, so do make the effort to reach your
partner and you will see instant reciprocation. It is very, very important
for you to mend any fraying ties with your loved ones since there is a
possibility of a divorce or breakup. Single Dragons are likely to find a
great match this year, but you may not actually feel up to pursuing the
relationship since your mind is constantly at work!

Be careful when you're driving on the road, Dragon, since a car accident
causing an injury is most likely this 2008. Aside from this, the Dragon
enjoys wonderful health and good stamina. In more spooky matters, this
year sees the Dragon susceptible to illusions or spirits! Therefore,
unless you are an enthusiast in paranormal activities you will need to
stay away from Yin-energy locations that are cold, wet, dark and remote.
The Dragon must also avoid attending funerals since you will be negatively
Congrats, Snake! You will enjoy excellent Career Luck this year. Your
superior is very helpful to you and will want to buffer your every career
move this 2008. Aside from this, rapport with fellow colleagues is also
great, and work takes on an almost pleasurable form like never before. In
short, the Snake enjoys the very best kind of Career luck among the entire
Chinese Astrology animal menagerie!

All the past negativities in your life will transform into positive
outcomes this 2008, Snake. Income is sure to increase because of your good
progress at work. But, though you may luxuriate in your fantastic luck
prospects, be wary of cheats who may rob you substantially. There is even
a potential for your business partner to spirit away company funds right
underneath your unsuspecting nose, therefore keep an eagle eye on everyone
around you and be very careful with your money.

Married or attached Snakes will have a peaceful year with no change,
whereas those who are single will find it a little difficult to meet
someone suitable. Snakes who have recently ended a relationship in 2007
will have another one this year but all will not be well. A note to
remember: Snake, be careful of your expenditures while out on dates! There
is a possibility of you wanting to spend all that money - don't!

Health Year 2008 sees the Snake having average Health luck. The occasional
cold or cough is as serious as it gets, therefore all you need to do is to
be diligent with the vitamins. Aside from this, it is recommended for you
to accident-proof your home because there is a risk of some mishap at
home. There is a potential of a death in the family this year.

Horse, things may be a little tough going for you this year. You must be
prepared to be super-productive and do stay on with your current job even
if a lucrative job offer is dangling before your eyes. You will feel very
put out about your job, and feel as if you have not the heart to continue.
Do not give up, but seek help from older or more experienced colleagues.
Don't be too disheartened with these prospects, Horse, because your career
prospects are not entirely bad - you just need to work a little extra this

Horse business owners must not pursue any expansion plans. Instead,
concentrate on your current business.

With some careful planning and prudent judgment, the Horse is in for a
Wealth-rich year 2008! Another way to take care of your money is to never
bring large amounts with you, and be especially careful when making
expensive purchases because your stars show a potential of you paying more
than the item's worth.

The married or attached Horse will have a cozy, comfortable year with each
other. But, there is also a minor potential of breakups but this can be
avoided easily enough if both you and your partner exercise tolerance,
understanding and perhaps a little time away from each other. As the
saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Therefore try to keep
away from your partner if you can - you may see a renewal of passion!

Single Horses will meet someone, but the relationship will be short-term.
You must also avoid from putting your heart at your sleeve this 2008.

This year sees the Horse undergoing less than desirable health problems
such as injuries of such a nature that may require surgery. Keep yourself
away from harm by avoiding dangerous sports and being a cautious driver
when on the road. Aside from that, everything is good Health-wise for the

This 2008 sees the Goat enjoying good communications with the boss. He or
she will recognize your innate talents and either offer you a promotion or
give you a chance to take on extra responsibility! To this we say carpe
diem - seize the day. For Goat business owners, you may have to play
peacekeeper among your staff since they will be antagonistic towards each
other and disrupt an otherwise good work flow.

If you are not keen on being the mediator among your staff, the next best
thing is to enroll them in group motivation seminars or courses, which
happens to be very auspicious for your business this year - it will also
do the quarrelsome bunch some good!
The Goat is in for some really good luck for 2008. All Goats are bound to
prosper this year, but this is especially so for those who are higher up
the corporate ladder. The higher you are, the better you stand to gain
from this year's Wealth luck! The Goat will also be able to procure money
in the oddest of situations, so always keep your ears and eyes open for
any kind of opportunities this 2008, regardless of how bizarre the

Goats who are in the creative industry or in performing arts will excel
this year - the spotlight's on you, so do your very best to gain the most.
Goat, tread lightly this year since there is a potential for some harm in
your relationship. There is a tendency for you to be suspicious of your
spouse or partner, and feel as if you are being betrayed. These are just
mere feelings, therefore, do not succumb to emotional outbursts but
discuss this matter with your partner. If your relationship has been a
little patchy lately, there is a possibility of a break-up this year. But,
all is not lost - one you get past the problematic issues, you will see a
renewal of love and deep understanding with your loved one! Singleton
Goats will be able to meet plenty of potential partners, but it is
advisable for you to take the time to nurture existing relationships
instead of hopping into a new one. For those who are attached and planning
to get married, this year is not a good time for the Goat to do so.
Goats who have been experiencing nagging health problems should definitely
take up the problem to a clinic of hospital this year because you will be
able to find a good doctor and solid professional help. Those of you who
would like to undergo a detox program should definitely do so this year,
as well. As for the traveling Goat, be wary of food poisoning this year.
The Monkey is in for some fantastic Career prospects this 2008! Which is a
huge relief, after the somewhat uneven work situation in the past year.
Those who are in the creative line will especially benefit, as those who
are into innovation and literature. But, as a general rule all Monkeys
will enjoy themselves thoroughly come work matters.

It is also a very auspicious year to embark on a new activity, Monkey,
especially those pertaining to self-cultivation such as taking up a new
hobby, talent or skill. This will strengthen your career prospects all the
more, and make you a more rounded person to boot. From bungee jumping to
blogging, the sky's the limit for the Monkey!

Monkeys who stand to gain the most in terms of Wealth accumulation are
those who are writers, artists, authors and anyone in the creative line.
Software writers, programmers, lawyers and those involved in the judiciary
and legal system, accountants and academics will also see good times in
the money department. One note for all Monkeys - do not depend on windfall
gains or your secondary income because these will not yield much for you,
to tell you the truth. The best way to take advantage of the overall good
Wealth luck for the Monkey is to start a new hobby or skill, which is very
auspicious for the Monkey this year.

Relationship With all the fantastic Career and Wealth luck going for the
Monkey, come relationship matters it will be a little quiet. And we do
mean that in the literal sense - the quieter and more bookish you are, the
more you stand to gain in your love life!

Aside from this, the Monkey will have a tendency to want to dominate their
love life or relationship with friends and family. Curb this if you can,
because it will do no good. Remember that being more unobtrusive and
observant is the best way to go for you this year. Aside from this, both
the married and single Monkey will have exceedingly high expectations out
of their love lives so tone it down a little - you (and the apple of your
eye) will find yourselves feeling better when you do so.

The Monkey will have a fair health forecast for year 2008 but there is a
potential for bodily harm or bleeding through mishaps or accidents.
Therefore, all Monkeys must be very careful with themselves especially
during travels or on the road.
The year of the Earth Rat sees the reaping of many rewards for the
hardworking Rooster! There is a potential of an increase in salary,
recognition and more responsibilities. Therefore if you are able and ready
to give your all come career, you will be instrumental in your company
advancement this year and will be duly rewarded. The Rooster is blessed to
such as extent that you will attract those of power to question your
validity, but not to worry - you will only come out smelling of roses from
such incidents!

Self-employed Roosters will find those below you become very astute to
your wants and work progress is smooth running. It's your job to
capitalize on this as much as you can and take some time to carefully
delegate tasks.

You will be able to overachieve your dreams this year, Rooster, but it all
depends on you. If you are ready to take on more than usual and work
extra-hard, you can definitely make it big this year! This is because your
stars will provide all the opportunities you need, as well as individuals
who will be all too happy to help you - the next step to make it really
happen, then, lies on you, Rooster. Rooster people who have their own
businesses should expand or branch out this year.
Singleton Roosters will have a good time this year, with excellent Love
luck on your side. You will have opportunities in meeting lots of people
you will like, but in order for a relationship to happen the Rooster will
need to make the first move! Married or attached Rooster people will enjoy
a renewal of passion that will put an extra spring into your step,
therefore make use of this lovey-dovey year to enjoy holidays that makes
unforgettable memories.

The Rooster will be healthy and strong this year. But, your family members
may get sick this year, especially those who are in senior years. Take
them to full medical checkups this year to be on the safe side. Aside from
this, the drinking Rooster should cut down the alcohol intake since there
is a potential for liver problems this 2008.
The year 2008 will be very good to the employed Dog! This is because your
stars show that you superiors will want to aid you in all things, and
settle all niggling issues for you.

The Dog boss, on the other hand, will see him or herself taking over the
underlings' duties due to inadequacy on their part. It is advised for you
to refrain from doing so, because more often than not taking over the role
of someone else with see you biting off more than you can chew. Maintain
your superiority and enroll your staff in courses and seminars to better
their talents instead.
Dog, you will find yourself working extra hard this year because there may
be a problem regarding the maintenance of a healthy cash flow. Therefore
be ready to roll up your shirtsleeves and work it super-hard - this is
good for you, because hard work will heighten your Wealth potential in the
best way possible!

Aside from this, here's another good tip for the Dog - curb your expenses
this year and you will be relieved of money issues.

This year sees fair prospects for the Dog person. Married Dog people will
enjoy a fulfilling relationship this year, with less issues than before.
Whereas singleton Dogs will be in for a swinging good time!

That said, it is worth mentioning that interpersonal communication will be
a little hard for you this year. This is because those around you will
have a tendency to misunderstand or even intentionally misconstrue your
words for their own ends. Therefore, remember to always be empathic with
what you mean, even during the briefest of conversations, and do back up
work related dialogues with a black and white proof just to be on the safe
side! Do this, and you will be protected from enmity all year long, Dog.

You health prospects are fair, Dog. You may succumb to the mild cough or
cold, but a word of caution - it will take you a long time to recover from
each sickness. Therefore arm yourself with vitamins and keep yourself fit,
healthy and well-hydrated with plenty of fluids.

If your visit to the doctor entails an optional invasive surgical
procedure, it is better to wait it out until the next year.
Pig, this 2008 sees you covering a lot of ground career-wise, provided
that you bear the brunt of the work yourself! It is not a good year for
you to ask the assistance from others because this action will only slow
down your progress. Therefore, it is much better for you to do it
yourself, so to speak. You may be in for some stressful moments because of
this, therefore the Pig will need to ensure plenty of rest every day to
compensate for the brain-drain during the day.

Aside from this, there is a potential for you to change jobs or work
positions this year and it will be auspicious. But, do not take on any
leadership roles of any kind because this will not be good for you and
will weaken your potential for year 2008 on the whole.

The Pig will have the potential to accumulate a substantial amount of
wealth, provided that you are buffered by one who is high up the echelons
of society! But, with that said, please don't be too greedy Pig. You must
not try to take more than you should because this will only make you
stressed out.
Come love matters, the Pig will enjoy harmony, balance and stability.
Those who are attached will see a good year ahead, whereas single Pigs
will receive fair luck in attracting potential partners! This is all very
good news for the Pig because this 2008 will see you needing to pay the
most of your attentions to your Wealth and Career prospects.

The Pig must turn to herbs and natural remedies since this will be the
best for you this Earth Rat year - this is because you will not be in the
best of health. Ailments such as stomachaches, chest problems, coughs and
problems to the digestive system are all potentials for you. Don't worry
too much, though, because medicating yourself with natural herbs will make
you much better.


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