How to cut cost on your wedding?

Nobody really wants a "cheap" wedding, but smart brides plan on spending their money wisely, on things that matter most to them and their loved ones.
You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Make your wedding your own. You’ll have a low cost wedding that will be a cheap.
Wouldn’t you rather have money to put down on a house, buy a car or take a fabulous honeymoon.

Also list the things you want and see if you can eliminate some items or make an inexpensive substitution. Of course these days, weddings can be a very simple affair.
Here are some tips for a low cost wedding:
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As comfortable as a BMW limousine

Rent a 2 or 3 wheels bicycle instead of a limousine for your wedding. They provide more than enough room and at a much cheaper rate. You also have the added benefit of keeping it longer if you choose to do so, whereas a limousine is only rented for an hour or two at most.
You are also helping to fight Global Warming.

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Rose, Rose, I love you

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Bridal bicycles (very well decorated) carrying the bride and bridegroom.

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Using a motorbike for your wedding

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Make your own wedding cake

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If you are using real flowers in your wedding, why not try your local grocery store's flower department? Many will create centerpieces and bouquets for weddings and at a fraction of the cost. Don't use real flowers in wedding centerpieces. Use plastic ones instead. They are usually lower in price, look just as nice and will stay "fresh" forever.
Make your own Photography that includes portraits and candids. It save you thousand of dollars.

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Serving food in the open air is much cheaper and the food taste better too.
No need to spend a fortune in an air condition restaurant.The food is just as delicious, the guests won't mind.
You can save a lot here. Probably a few thousand dollars.

Make your own wedding invitations.
In addition to the invitations, create your own wedding programs too. This can save you a ton of money.

Music for the ceremony and the reception. There are many options for this to stay within your budget. Compile your own music CD if you can.

Borrow from your friends or relative to put on your wedding day if you can.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.


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