Japanese Latest Pillow

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The Doki Doki Majo Shinpan "touching pillow"
It's as big as a child, and even boasts a variant model: a pyjamas version. So creepy.

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The pillows provide your hands with something to do while relaxing. It's probably a very nice head rest as well.

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Touching Pillow can give you some real feeling too

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I don't think the Japanese are weird or creepy though. Everyone is messed up a little bit. Some more than others.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:25 AM

    I don't really see it as creepy. Men in the US have blow up dolls, atleast the men who made these seem to want some cuddling fondling sort of thing. I bet Japan has a lower rate of rape than the US as well because things like this are so widely accepted there.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:15 AM

    Where can i get one i wont have to wait for my wife to go to sleep before i can rest my head. Lol they look mint

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:09 PM

    I would pay like 250$ for that if I could find a link for it but I don't think u can...'-.-


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