NASA captures alien figure on Mars

Image Hosted by
The photograph, taken in 2004 by the Mars explorer Spirit,
appears to show a human shaped object

Life on Mars? Well, bizarre images have emerged showing a mystery female figure walking down a hill on the arid planet. The photo of what looks like a naked woman with her arm outstretched was among several taken on the red planet and sent back to Earth by NASA's Mars explorer Spirit, the 'Daily Mail' reported on Wednesday, citing an unnamed Web site. Though no official confirmation has come from NASA whether the figure is an alien or an optical illusion caused by a landscape on Mars, it has s et the Internet abuzz that there really is life on Mars.

Image Hosted by
The picture was taken in 2004 when enlarged reveals a mysterious figure

The news of the mystery woman on Mars came just days after a team of French scientists claimed to have discovered proof that the red planet possesses high-level dense clouds of dry ice, which scud across its orange sky. Using data obtained by the OMEGA spectrometer on board ESA's Mars Express, the team found the existence of the ice clouds which sometimes become so dense that they throw quite dark shadows on the dusty surface of the red planet.

"This is the first time that carbon dioxide ice clouds on Mars have been imaged and identified from above. This is important because the images tell us not only about their shape, but also their size and density. Previously, we had to rely on indirect i nformation. However, it is very difficult to separate the signals coming from the clouds, atmosphere and surface,'' according to lead scientist Franck Montmessin of the Service d'Aeronomie at University of Versailles.

UPDATE:14 June 2009

An Australian UFO hunter believes that he has found a skull on Mars!

He enlarged photos released by NASA of the planet’s surface taken by the 'Spirit' space probe. The result was astonishing.

A piece of rock in the foreground of the photo had a spooky shape - it looked just like a skull!

Could it be an extra-terrestrial mystery or just a bizarre coincidence?

A scientific explanation for the phenomenon has not yet been given.

But it is possible that rocks on the surface of the Earth’s nearest neighbour could have created a sinister shadow, much like the ‘Mars Face’.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:41 AM

    If you look to the right of this figure and down a bit, you see a second figure that looks like he/she/it has fallen down. I'll bet anything that these are two Martians and that they are at a bus stop. They probably started arguing about who was getting on the next bus first, and the woman Martian pushed the other Martian down the hill in anger. No bus of course has come to this stop in 1,000 Earth years, due to climate change and the cost of gas.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:44 PM


  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:40 AM

    I also noticed the figure which appears to be lying down. It looks to me like a man wearing a Starfleet uniform. I suspect he was one of those expendable extras who are so frequently done in by malign aliens at the beginning of the show.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:54 AM

    ZOMG!!! sand people!!!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:46 AM

    lookes like a tusken rider from star wars lol

  6. Anonymous pop said,

    2:10 PM

    omg that is so stuped it propbibly is not even an Alien :}

  7. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:30 AM

    it looks like the photo of big foot walking on mard

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    8:37 PM

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  9. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:34 PM

    this is proof aliens have watches..

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    2:59 AM

    Well, I don't actually consider this is likely to have success.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:57 PM

    Why cant anybody accept the possibility? Is it fear

  12. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:59 PM

    Why can anybody except the possibility? It is fear

  13. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:30 PM

    That's the most wonderful pic

  14. Anonymous RawG said,

    3:56 AM

    It's more likely a statue and a helmet... because that "rock" is rounded, liquid flowed over it, or it is organic, either way,
    builds a strong case resembling proof... of something!?!

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