Edison Chen & Gillian Chung - Right Here Waiting

Edison Chen & Gillian Chung - Right Here Waiting

At least eight people have been arrested in connection to the spread of lewd photos of actor Edison Chen and other female stars on the web.

The police raided the eLite Multimedia shop in their search for the source of the sex photos and took away four computers for investigation. A 29-year-old male ex-employee was arrested at his home, the eighth suspect to be nabbed so far. His home computer was also taken.

Of the eight, four are out on bail. Two of those still held are reportedly, like the latest suspect, working in the computer industry.
Oriental Daily said shop workers near the computer store claimed they had seen Chen going in and out of the shop.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
November 2006 , Edison Chen visited Central a computer shop for repair

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Edison Chen Apple laptop computer containing their photo, a computer named "Cotton Candy Mac."

Reports had earlier said Chen had sent his notebook to a company for repair last year and his photos were secretly copied. But the police have not confirmed if the sex photos of Chen, and actresses Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan—circulated on the web last week—were real or fake.

Meanwhile, Chen broke his silence on the scandal and issued an apology through a video posted on youtube.com.

“The lives of many innocent people have been affected by this malicious and criminal conduct, and in this regard I am filled with pain, hurt and frustration. I hereby use this opportunity to apologise to anyone who has been affected by this strange, strange ordeal,” Chen said.

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He pleaded to those who have downloaded the images to help the “wounded heal their wounds” by not forwarding and to destroy the photos immediately.


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Edison Chen boarded Phillipine Airlines PR38 in Manila in the company of two black bodyguards. At 1015am, he arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport. He passed through Immigration Control and then collected his luggage. Detectives from the Commercial Crime Bureau then escorted him out through a side door. He boarded a silver Benz with license plate LS11 in the company of two Commercial Crime Bureau vehicles.

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At around 2pm, more than 60 Police Tactical Unit members showed up. Along with the members of Witness Protection Unit, Commercial Crime Bureau and emergency and traffic units, there were almost 200 police officers at the scene.

Edison Chen’s press conference at 3pm on 21 Feb 2008. He spoke for only about 5 minutes.

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He apologised profusely, saying that those photos were stolen from him, i.e. admitting that those photos were his, and they were never meant for anyone else’s eyes.

he has announced that he would retire from HK’s entertainment after completing his current assignments. After which, he would go out of HK to do social work. When would he be back? He says he has no idea. He admits that he has failed as an idol and asks for everyone’s forgiveness, and that he has never been trying to escape facing everyone since the photos leaked. He emphasised that he has cooperated with the police from Day 1 and would continue assisting them in the investigation of this case. Of course, he urged everyone to stop blowing it up.



Edison quit after being publicly shamed when sex photos belonging to him leaked onto the internet in January, sparking the entertainment industry’s biggest scandal in recent memory.
Edison has not, however, made a comeback – the music video for Josie Ho's ( 何超儀 ) "Repay" < 償還 > that he features in was filmed last December.
The song is part of Josie's latest album, Elastic Rock, which was released on 15 Apr.
In the video, Edison features as a puppet that Josie manipulates in love scenes.

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Update: 29 Apr 2008

Edison Chen's photos still create enormous interest. When Hong Kong had the sex scandal's preliminary trial last Thursday, 24 April, the internet started a round of rumours saying that Kira will release a new set of photos on that day.

These photos are actually shots taken from an episode of Edison Chen's "MTV Unusual Dream"

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UPDATE: 2 OCT 2008

Edison won't testify

Hong Kong - Actor Edison Chen, who was at the centre of a sex photo scandal earlier this year, has refused to return from the United States to testify at a trial linked to the saga, a report said.
The 27-year-old will not appear as a witness at the trial of a man accused of distributing photos of Chen's sex acts with female starlets, South China Morning Post reported yesterday.
His refusal has stalled the trial of computer technician Sze Ho Chun, 23, as the prosecution said it would have to apply for a higher court's permission to obtain evidence from Chen in the US.

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The prosecutor said the permission would allow a Hong Kong judge to take evidence in the US and assess the credibility of the Canadian-born star.
Explicit photographs of Chen with the stars, downloaded from his laptop which he had sent for repair, flooded the Internet earlier this year.
Sze was arrested in his computer store and has pleaded not guilty to obtaining access to a computer with a view of making dishonest gain for himself or another.
Chen's management company said the actor has promised to assist the investigation of the case but not to return to testify in court, the report added.

UPDATE: 15 JAN 2009

Edison to testify in Canada

A deal has now been reached for Chen to give evidence instead at a five-day hearing in the Supreme Court of British Columbia Feb 23, the South China Morning Post reported.The case caused an international sensation and the pictures, allegedly stolen from Chen's laptop when he took it in for repairs, were viewed by millions of fans in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
Chen's refusal to return to Hong Kong has stalled the trial of computer technician Sze Ho-chun, 23, accused of distributing the photos of Chen performing sex acts with well-known starlets.Sze, who will not appear at the hearing in Canada, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of obtaining access to a computer with a view to making a dishonest gain.He will go on trial in Hong Kong in April, the newspaper reported, and Chen's testimony from the Canadian court hearing will be presented as part of the prosecution case.

UPDATE:24 Feb 2009

Disgraced Hong Kong star steps back into limelight to testify in B.C. court

Chen (second left)is surrounded by security as he leaves British columbia Court in Vancouver

VANCOUVER -- Hong Kong movie actor and pop icon Edison Chen, whose soaring career was shattered by sexually explicit photos on the Internet, will be in a B.C. courtroom this morning to provide videotaped testimony for a coming trial in China of the computer technician allegedly responsible for some of the postings.
The scandal, that also tarnished the reputation of several female starlets well known in Hong Kong, has been closely watched by the entertainment industry in Asia, as well as so-called netizens who are concerned about legal restrictions on the Internet.
Mr. Chen, 28, has not appeared in public since last February, when he apologized for taking the photos of his sex partners and announced his retreat from the entertainment business. He was not available yesterday for an interview. Photographers and reporters were outside the River Rock Hotel in Richmond throughout the weekend, where Mr. Chen and his lawyers were believed to be staying.


In a court hearing earlier in the week, Hong Kong actor Edison Chen revealed that some 40 obscene photos were taken by a female celebrity and given to him as a 'present'.
The case, in which obscene photos of Chen and four other Hong Kong female celebrities were seen involved in sex acts, is currently being heard in Canada, Shin Min Daily News reported.
According to the Chinese paper, Chen testified in court that 40 of the hundreds of photos that were posted on the Internet were taken by one female celebrity during one of their trysts.
The pictures were then burned on a DVD and given to him for his "personal appreciation". Chen also admitted to downloading the 40 pictures onto his computer.
The actor also told the court that the pictures were given to him by the female celebrity out of her own will, and that it was only meant for the both of them. The other women involved in the case had no knowledge of this, Chen testified.
He also stressed that the obscene photos were not meant to be shared with any third party, and that none of the people involved had given the photos away or spoke of their sexual encounters.
This, Chen reasoned, was why the photos, which existed since 2001, were not known to the public until February 2008. The pictures were taken between 2001 and 2006, Chen said.
Chen also denied accusations that he transferred the obscene photos from his computer to his mobile phone and showed the pictures to others.
During the hearing, Chen testified that he bought four Apple computers from the eLiTeMULTIMEDIA store in Chung Wan, Hong Kong.
One of these computers was the Apple laptop in which the obscene photos were extracted when the former action star took it back to the store for repairs. Chen said that the notebook computer remained at the store for a few days.
However, Chen told the court that the obscene pictures were already deleted before he sent the computer in. But he admitted that he did not know deleted files could still be extracted from a computer by persons with the knowhow.
Lianhe Wanbao reported Chen confirming the identities of the four female celebrities involved in the case as Cecilia Chung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan.
The Chinese evening daily said that Chen was initially reluctant to testify to reveal their identities, speaking in English, "I'm determined to protect their innocence. They have suffered enough."


Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung has broken her silence about the accident of Internet sex photos scandal.
She was lashings of pop star who took the revealing photos. Cecilia Cheung was involved in a relationship with Edison Chen for 3 Years before the naughty picture scandal.
Cecilia Cheung, shown in photos with Hong Kong Canadian actor and singer Edison Chen. She said Edison has never apologized to her personally. The photos are still circulating online. The photos show Chen in compromising positions with various celebrities including Cheung, Canto-pop star Gillian Chung and former actress Bobo Chan was a sensation.
Cheung said she decided to break her silence after Chen gave proof earlier this week in a Canadian court in the case of Sze Ho-Chun. And She charged that a computer technician who done this illegal work to publish the explicit photos online.
Chen was one of the biggest stars of Asia's film and Music. But his career destroyed by the appearance of hundreds of the sex photos.

Video showing Cecilia Cheung’s interview by Albert Au from i-CABLE Entertainement News Channel ( It is in Cantonese Language)

PART 1/3

PART 2/3

PART 3/3

UPDATE: 6 MAR 2009

Actress-singer Gillian Chung will have her say about actor Edison Chen on Saturday (7 Mar 2009) when an interview is aired, marking her comeback a year after the sex photo scandal which enveloped them broke.
TVB general manager Stephen Chan is interviewing her this week for his show Be My Guest and she is expected, like actress Cecilia Cheung, to talk about the scandal, Apple Daily said yesterday.The interview is important for Chung to salvage her image as she has been criticised for smiling and saying 'I was naive and silly' at a press conference shortly after the photos came out.

Gillian Chung's Interview Records:

It was Love at first Sight with Edison Chen

Stephen Chan gave Ah Gil a "plain sail boat" with many toy piggys, the meaning is for Ah Gil to get a fresh start in the New Year of the Ox

Because of the photo scandal, Gillian Chung was affected greatly and had to put her work on hiatus for a year. Deciding to do an interview with "Be My Guest", it will be the first step in returning to the entertainment circle. Gillian talked about her experience in the past year and often teared up, she frankly said that her relationship with Edison Chen has been dragging for 5 years. Good sister Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) has once told her that Edison is not a good guy, but she didn't listen and continued to love him.

She reveals that after the exposure of the pictures, she and Cecilia Cheung were the same, no choice but to end their contact with Edison. Ah Gil describes that before when taking these pictures, she was already worried that one day the "bomb" will explode, so she would often have a black face. In the past she thought of "suicide", "marrying someone" and now she just hopes to find a boyfriend that could protect her.

Ah Gil will eventually have to face the media, she felt very afraid, but no matter if she's no longer accepted by everyone, she insists that she will not give up.

Hong Kong's Wenweipo, published an entertainment program especially for her visit on "Be My Guest", highlighting the important contents during the interview:

Chan = Stephen Chan
Gil = Gillian Chung

Chan: After the incident with Edison Chen exposed, almost a year ago, can you fully face the incident now?

Gil: I calmed down a bit, but... actually if you want me to mention it, I really don't want to, but I never wanted to hide anything, its just that no one ever gave me the opportunity to speak."

Chan: How did you know Edison Chen?

Gil: I knew him before I entered the industry, he was a friend of a friend. (When did you two start a relationship?) It was right after I joined my company. (Was it because you two were filming an MV [女校男生] together?) Actually before that, we already started. (Within all of your past boyfriends, is he the one that you maintained a relationship with the longest?) You can say that, most liked was to drag the relationship, then reconcile again, already went through that for 4 to 5 years. (In between the relationship, did you date someone else at the same time?) I often stayed with him, I didn't have anyone else because he influenced me deeply. Every time I'm with him, it was hard for me to put my feelings into another relationship. (Was it love at first sight?) I think so. First, he really understands how to love people, can make you very happy. Even if it's just one text message, I will be really happy. (What do you like most about him?) I don't know, love cannot be explained. (How does he love you?) Very small thing, maybe....there is a period of time where he doesn't see me, but one text message will make me very happy."

UPDATE: 12 Mar 2009

HONG KONG, March 12 — A bullet and a warning letter aimed at the Hong Kong pop star at the centre of a sex photos scandal has been sent in the post from the United States to a local TV station, police said today.
The letter, written in English, warned singer-actor Edison Chen to disappear from public life and said it was a final warning to him to take his personal safety seriously.

Chen, 28, was embroiled in a scandal last year when photographs of him romping naked with a number of young starlets were circulated over the internet.
The explicit photographs were apparently downloaded from his laptop when he took it in for repairs, and a number of people were arrested for allegedly stealing and distributing the images.
The anonymous letter containing a bullet arrived at Hong Kong’s Cable TV network from the US yesterday afternoon. Police took away the bullet and letter for examination.

Chen stayed out of the public eye after the scandal broke in February last year, but appeared in court in Vancouver last month to testify in the trial of a computer technician accused over the photo scandal.
The singer-actor has said he will not return to Hong Kong for the court proceedings because he fears for his personal safety and will testify only by video-link.

Victims of the photo scandal, including pop singer Cecilia Cheung, have in recent weeks given TV interviews hitting out at Chen, accusing him of lying and failing to apologise for his actions.
Millions of people viewed the photographs after they were uploaded onto websites at the end of January 2008, causing massive embarrassment and ending the careers of some of the starlets involved.

UPDATE: 7 APR 2009

Computer technician Sze Ho-chun (L) and his mother wearing masks walk out of the court in Hong Kong on April 6, 2009. Sze Ho-chun pleaded not guilty in a Hong Kong court to illegally copying and distributing more than 1,000 photos of a Hong Kong actor performing sex acts with a string of starlets.
Sze Ho-chun, an employee of computer shop Elite Multimedia, saw the images on Edison Chen's laptop when the Canadian-born singer-actor brought it in for repair work in 2006, prosecutor Hayson Tse told the Kowloon City Magistracy.
Sze then copied the images on to a computer server which was connected to the Internet, Tse said.
At the start of his 10-day trial, Sze pleaded not guilty to three counts of obtaining access to a computer with a view to dishonest gain for himself or another.
The prosecution said that Sze saved 1,300 sex photos of Chen and other local celebrities on a compact disc and passed the disc to another of his customers. He also told the customer how to access the images on the Internet.

UPDATE: 14 May 2009

The Hong Kong computer technician convicted of stealing and distributing racy photos of Chinese-Canadian actor Edison Chen will be spending the better part of a year in jail, a Hong Kong court ruled on Wednesday.

Sze Ho-Chun, 24, has been sentenced to prison for 8½ months. In April, he was convicted of three counts of accessing a computer for dishonest gains.

In 2006, Chen — a Vancouver-born and raised actor and singer who rose to fame in Hong Kong — dropped his laptop computer off at a shop for repairs.

On the computer, Sze found, unlocked and copied more than 1,300 sexually explicit images of Chen with a bevy of female Hong Kong celebrities and distributed the photos to others via CD. The racy images were eventually posted online in early 2008 and sparked a sex scandal in the socially conservative Chinese entertainment industry.

The scandal damaged the careers of several of the stars implicated, including Chen, who apologized for the incident and has taken an indefinite leave from his career, retreating home to Vancouver.

UPDATE: 3 JUN 2009

CNN's 'Talk Asia' in an interview conducted by Anjali Rao on Wednesday, June 3 at 8:30pm.

Edison admits in the interview that there were more than 1300 pictures taken, but that all of them were taken with the women's consent. And on his disappearance? He tells Talk Asia, "Even when I had left Asia and I had went to Canada and America, it took me 3 months to realy get out of the shell that I had put myself in. I mean, I was in darkness for 5 days. I had my drapes closed and I didn't even want to go anywhere."

How can you miss that drama? Make sure to tune in for it. The interview will be available online after the airing, at www.cnn.com/talkasia

Show times
Wednesday, June 3: 13.30 GMT (20.30 Hong Kong)
Thursday, June 4: 04.00 GMT (11.00 Hong Kong)
Saturday June 6: 05.30, 15.30, 19.30 GMT (12.30, 22.30, 02.30 Hong Kong)
Monday, June 8: 03.00 GMT (10.00 Hong Kong)
Tuesday, June 9: 16.30 GMT (23.30 Hong Kong)

The following video clips are the interview of him, Edison Chen, with CNN.


UPDATE: 19 June 2009

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UPDATE: 8 JAN 2009


Presently, Zhang Ziyi and foreigner boyfriend Vivi Nevo went to the seaside for a vacation, during which they closely interacted, and were secretly photographed by bold foreign journalists. Afterward, the pictures have been wildly spread on the internet, many of them exposing the two people being amorous beach pictures.
It is reported, amongst the group of
pictures, Zhang Ziyi wears a red diamond studded bikini with boyfriend Vivi Nevo at a small French island– St. Bart beach resort. During this time, Zhang Ziyi nonchalantly did yoga at the seaside, and once tired, returned to the beach to rest, while her boyfriend was continuously kept her company on her right.

Extreme Bad Man

HONG KONG actor Edison Chen, whose pictures of him having sex with various starlets shook the Chinese entertainment world, has been voted the most “Extreme Bad Man” in the industry.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the 28-year-old actor-cum-singer was picked based on the scandal which broke more than a year ago when the pictures surfaced on the Internet.

Chen, who was recently in Malaysia to open a clothing store, obtained 33% of the votes for the Top 10 worst male celebrity sent in by listeners of a radio station in Singapore.

In second place was Andy Lau, who was chosen for lying about his secret marriage with Malaysian ex-beauty queen Carol Choo.

Malaysian “drunken street-fighter” Gary Chaw was in the fourth place.

Also in the list were singer Vivian Chow’s writer husband Joe Nieh, TVB artistes Adam Cheng Siu-chow, Gallen Lo Kar-Leung, Michael Tao Dai Yu, Michael Tse Tin Wah and Taiwanese veteran composer Jonathan Lee Tsung Sheng.

UPDATE: 1 JAN 2010
Faeces thrown at Edison at Xmas party

HONG Kong actor Edison Chen, whose pictures in various compromising positions with several female stars circulated in the Internet last year, had faeces thrown at him at a Christmas party in Hong Kong.

Sin Chew Daily reported that a man held a bucket of faeces and went up to the stage hoping to empty it on him.

Fortunately, Chen saw itcoming and managed to quickly move aside.

He ended up with only drops of faeces on his clothes.

The incident shook the Chinese entertainment world just like the exposure of Chen’s sex photos scandal last year. The man was arrested.

UPDATE: 25 JUN 2010

A Hong Kong magazine recently reported that Edison had apparently dumped Vincy for new squeeze, Fiona Tong.
Fiona Tong is the daughter of the Miss Hong Kong 1982, Isabella Kau. She is 18 years old. And there are rumors that Fiona had a relation with Edison Chen. They had started dating each other. And Fiona blindly trusts him. Edison daily send her 30 messages in which he tells her that he is missing her a lot.

Fiona was even seen at Edison's clothing label's (Clot) anniversary party when Vincy was not present.
When Edison caught wind of the report, he immediately issued a statement through East Asia, and denied any form of relationship with Fiona.
"That was a corporate event so I'm not the only one sending out invitations; she's probably invited by another friend. I don't understand why she became my 'girlfriend' when all she did was to appear at the party."
When quizzed on his relationship with Vincy, Edison replied that things have been going on very well between him and Vincy and tried to put an end to the media's speculations of his relationship with Fiona.
"I respect the media's work but please stop 'assigning' girlfriends to me.

08 Dec 2011

Edison Chen: "I was too straight, too stupid and believed people."

BEIJING: Weeks after he admitted to having once dated 16-year-old model Cammi Tse, Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen finally broke his silence over the matter, during an appearance at MTV China's 2011 Style Awards held at the Beijing National Stadium on Wednesday, reported Chinese media.

The 31-year-old star left Hong Kong following his admission and did not respond to any media queries about how the intimate photos of him and Tse came to be, or confirm if he had sent Tse racy text messages as the tabloids had alleged.

However, Chen stepped forward on his own accord to speak about the matter when he met the press on Wednesday.

"I won't answer any questions today, but I have something to say to everyone. Previously, a lot of things have happened to me and I want to explain some things to people.

"Half a year ago, seven months ago, I broke up with my girlfriend Vincy [Yeung] and I was actually unhappy, very lost, so I found the wrong outlet to make myself happy," said Chen.

"This time, I did wrong; I was too straight, too stupid and believed people.

"If I have disappointed my supporters, I want to apologise to them and hope they can forgive me," Chen continued.

"When you look at people, you need to look at [their] present, future, don't always keep looking at the past."

That might be a tall order especially since Chen has such a colourful past - he was once embroiled in a sex photo scandal which involved top stars like Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung in 2008.

UPDATE: 23 MAY 2012

Edison Chen invited Joyce Wu to his hotel

There seems to be no end to Edison Chen's philandering ways as his provocative text messages to Chinese actress Joyce Wu came to light recently.

An insider tip-off claimed that the Hong Kong actor who was once romantically linked with various actresses and models such as Cammie Tse, Suki Wong and Jeana Ho, took the initiative to ask for Joyce's number after working with her in a movie and asked the actress to meet in his hotel for a few times.

A screencap of Edison's text message exchange with the actress was leaked online and the 31-year-old used "there's not much to film tomorrow" as an excuse to meet Joyce at his hotel. Afraid that Joyce's manager would know that they are in contact with each other, Edison instructed Joyce that she "cannot even tell your friends" about their meeting.

The 31-year-old reportedly sent a message to another lady in the crew and through her, suggested a "threesome" to Joyce.

However, some netizens pointed that the messages that were leaked online were entirely in Chinese, a contrast to the exchange leaked between the actor and Cammie which was in English. It is speculated that this might be a deliberate attempt to bring attention to the pair in order to promote their movie.

Meanwhile, Joyce made a response on her microblog regarding the matter, expressing that "as it has already happened, I can only apologize. It is hard to get to where he is now, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. After another two to three days, he will still be Edison, I will still be myself, and everyone will forget about me soon. I will continue to work hard!"

Edison's management has yet to respond to said rumours.


  1. Anonymous Viclottie said,

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    Does Edison Chen really feel sorry for the sex photo scandal?

    Look at the specially made video, he didn’t really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for money as he is careless about keeping the photo as showing off to his friends. here's a hot debate over his video:


    And now the photo of his current girl friend Vincy Yeung is leaked too, what do you think? Everyone says Edison is in a deep trouble… that’s why he had to leave Hong Kong ASAP.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

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    discussions, forums, photos etc here:
    Edison Chen - 陳冠希, Gillian Chung - 锺欣桐 - 钟欣桐, Cecilia Chung - 張栢芝 - 张柏芝, Bobo Chan - 陳文媛, Vincy Yeung Sex Photo Scandal

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