Full Lunar Eclipse on Feb20/21 2008

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Path of the Moon through Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows
during the Total Lunar Eclipse of February 20, 2008.
(Eastern Standard Time)

A total eclipse of the Moon occurs during the night of Wednesday, February 20/21, 2008. The entire event is visible from South America and most of North America (on Feb. 20) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (on Feb. 21). During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.

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Total eclipse of the moon

An eclipse of the Moon can only take place at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth's shadow. The shadow is actually composed of two cone-shaped parts, one nested inside the other. The outer shadow or penumbra is a zone where Earth blocks some (but not all) of the Sun's rays. In contrast, the inner shadow or umbra is a region where Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon.

If only part of the Moon passes through the umbra, a partial eclipse is seen. However, if the entire Moon passes through the umbral shadow, then a total eclipse of the Moon occurs.

Ancient Chinese Myth about lunar eclipse.

Make a wish during lunar eclipse and it will come true. This is the ancient stories and myth about lunar eclipse. The phenomenon of " Total Lunar Eclipse" is due to that "the moon was eaten up by a dog from heaven". Very interesting folklore.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:30 AM

    I will wish tonight during this lunar eclipse and i will write back if it comes true or not!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:37 AM

    I made a wish last night during the lunar eclipse. I really hope it will come true!!

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