The Masculinity in Asian Men

Malaysian men rate sex and romance lowly when it comes to masculinity. To them, manhood means having a good job, taking care of the family and ensuring enough money.
The men of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, on the other hand, think sex is more important.

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According to a masculinity study on Asian men, urban Malaysian men rate sex and romance lowly – only 0.9% chose an active sex life while a mere 0.7% picked success with women as important indicators of their masculinity.
On the upside, Malaysian men are good providers with family as their priority.
Family and money – next to good jobs – are their top concerns and the main defining facets of their manhood – 24% of them rate having a good job as the most important thing in being a “man”.
The Masculinity in Asian Men research was conducted on 10, 934 men aged 20 to 75 years old in five Asian countries: China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Sponsored by Bayer HealthCare, the study involved 3,000 Malaysian men and was completed in 2006 but the findings are yet to be published.
In other Asian countries, though, most men picked active sex life (89%), success with women (87.9%) and physical attractiveness (85%) as key indicators of masculinity.

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The Masculinity Men?

The research was divided into three parts: men's attitude towards life events, sexual behaviour and their attitude towards erectile dysfunction.
The findings, nevertheless, reinforced the male stereotypes in the individual participating countries, specifically in their concept of masculinity: the Taiwanese and Japanese quoted being a man of honour as the most important quality, the Chinese defined it as having control over one's life while for South Koreans, it was having an active sex life.



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