Dad Magazine for Filipino men

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Playboy magazine is launching in the Philippines next month and will be targeting mature men who like well-written articles and tasteful photographs of semi-nude women.
"Maxim and FHM are called laddy magazines. We can be called a Dad magazine," Beting Laygo Dolor, Playboy Philippines' editor, told Reuters on Thursday.
"We are targeting a more mature market, Filipino men, 30 and above."

"There will be no full frontal nudity."

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Jamilla Natalie Obispo is a 20-year-old Philippines famous FHM Model .
(FHM JUNE 2007)

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Mens' magazines with risque photos are already sold in the Philippines, which despite being a largely Catholic country has a macho culture that encourages promiscuity.
Although rural areas are more conservative, Manila and other large cities have a relaxed attitude to sex.
Dolor, who describes himself as a "bad Catholic", said the religion's values had influenced the decision not to go for a raunchier look for the magazine.
"I don't want to be ashamed to show it to my mother," said the father of four. "I have daughters in their twenties. It's something that I want them to also enjoy. I want them to be proud of their Dad."
Founded in 1953, Playboy has some 20 local editions around the world that cater to local taste rather than simply exporting and translating its U.S. content.
The magazine will be sold across the Philippines at a cost of 199 pesos ($4.76) and 70 percent of the content will be local.
Playboy's first edition in Indonesia in 2006 sparked protests although it had no nudity and less flesh visible in the issue than many other magazines on sale in the world's most populous Muslim country. Its editor was cleared of distributing indecent pictures last year.

Dolor said he didn't expect any uproar when his magazine hits the news stands on April 3.

"It's supposed to be a very good read," he said.

Update: Apr 2008

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Look like the cover girl is a Brazillian!!!

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  1. Blogger eisuke said,

    1:57 PM

    A dad magazine for the philippines you say? aptly put... coz I think only those guys suffering the first onset of arthritis will be able to enjoy this half-hearted attempt to try and "amuse" the filipino guys out there... I'd rather buy the U.S. editions at recto and continue my FHM and Maxim subscriptions...

    Believe the Hype...not

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