Every Vote Is Valuable

Whatever should be said have been said. Whatever should be written have been written. Whatever should be known have been known. Everything else depends on you tomorrow 8th March 2008.

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Vote Wisely Vote Yesboleh

Who do you believe in? Who do you trust in? To whom you want to entrust your fate to for the next five years? Decide it with the vote in your hand tomorrow.
As long as you have not give up, as long as you still have hope, as long as you still have the passion, you should should make up your mind and do not be hesitate to cast your vote.
In democratic elections, every vote represents each voice. Every vote is valuable.

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Using RM 2 million indelible ink as Tattoo

The most important thing is the voters' brain can't stop thinking in the next five years. Constantly thinking, testing and supervising are the core values of democracy practice. This is also the hope we call for social justice and an ideal society!

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"Bersih warns Malaysians that the general election on March 8 could be Malaysia's dirtiest election ever as a result of the Election Commission's decision to cancel the indelible ink on polling day,"




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