Three minute sex is more than enough

The best sexual intercourse lasts between seven and 13 minutes, according to a new survey by US experts.
According to the research, led by Dr Eric Corty, from the Behrend College in Erie, Pennsylvania, three-minute sex is adequate.

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Intercourse lasting between three and seven minutes was adequate, but anything less was too short and beyond 13 minutes was too long.

The study is the first to review what the experts believe is the ideal length of time to have penetrative sex, with the random sample of Americans and Canadians labeling seven to 13 minutes most desirable.
The study concluded that intercourse lasting between three and seven minutes was adequate, but anything less was too short and beyond 13 minutes was too long.
The extraordinary research is designed help calm couples’ unrealistic beliefs that healthy sex should last a long time.
Corty said that this was a situation “ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction”.
“In the fantasy model of male sexuality, men have large penises, rock-hard erections, and can sustain sexual activity all night long,” quoted Corty, as saying.

“It appears that many men and women hold this fantasy. The results from the present study, by providing a realistic not a fantasy model of sexuality, are useful both in treating people with sexual concerns and dysfunctions, and, with wider circulation, in preventing the onset of sexual dysfunctions, he added.

Reacting to the research, Australian sex therapists commented that most Aussie men wanted sex to last considerably longer while most women were not bothered if it was over with fast.

Dr Jane Howard, a Brisbane-based medical sex therapist, said there was a dearth of data on Australians’ expectation of sex.
Anecdotal evidence suggested most Australian women would be happy with the therapists’ “adequate” time of three to seven minutes, while men would not.

The study is published in the international Journal of Sexual Medicine.

UPDATE: 5 MAR 2009

Top sex mistakes men make

There just isn’t any other way to say it – a sex slip-up just isn’t sexy, and to save all men from bedroom ‘disasters’, a leading sexologist has come to the rescue.
Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc., has come up with top mistakes men make in bed.

The biggest mistakes men make include:

1. Foreplay doesn't start in the sack

The timer for enticing does not start once you hit the sheets. Your pre-game show is best approached as an all day affair.

Women love to be wooed. Sex is a head game — in more ways than one - and women want to know you can’t get them out of your mind. We love knowing that we are desired.

2. Don't head south straight away

A woman needs to be properly aroused before any below-the-belt action feels good. Be sure to focus on her entire body - head to toe - before going for the gold.

3. Get to that G spot

In digging for buried treasure, many guys don’t know that “X” doesn’t always mark the spot. Found on the front wall of the vagina, a woman’s G spot may be a little higher or lower, or more to one side than the other, than often depicted.

4. Don't be too goal-oriented

There is nothing more endearing than a man who wants to play. Just don’t get caught up in yourself. Your sexual exploration should be playtime for two.

Stay “present” in the moment - connecting with your partner will bring the ultimate climax for both of you.

5. Let her be naughty

Sometimes she needs to get in touch with her adulterated side. In fact, research has found that women are more aroused by explicit fantasies than romantic ones. It's not always about the prince on a white horse or canoodling on the beach.

6. She's not a porn star

As seen in porn films, many men expect their lovers to fulfill their every fantasy. Remember that porn is fantasy, not reality. Expecting her to act like a porn star is simply not fair.

7. And men aren't supposed to look like porn stars

Despite what XXX-rated films indicate, most women are not lusting after a three-legged man. Maybe some women are up for the challenge, but many are fine with the guy who fits within the norm. Don’t be too hard on yourself for being just that.

8. One orgasm is not always enough

Women are not as quick to come down from their aroused state as men are post-sex. Many can be launched right back to bliss, and many women do crave more action and orgasms, even if they were perfectly satisfied the first time round.


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