The best way to stay slim

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The beauty of Overweight Women

There is no shortcut way in one's bid to lose weight

It is a very human reaction to want to fix a problem fast and when people are overweight, they naturally want an instant remedy.
Over the years researchers have come up with countless products that are supposed to aid weight-loss by either suppressing appetite or increasing metabolism to help burn up fat. Most of these products either do not do what they are supposed to do, or they cause unpleasant and dangerous side-effects.
Due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance on the side of users, many people are given misleading or incorrect information about the slimming product or pills that they are taking.

Before you buy any type of slimming drugs, consumers should check these things before purchasing:

1) The agent's and manufacturer's name and address.
2) The registration number or approved code.
3) Ingredients and what the drug claims to do- research the ingredients
4) Consult a certified physician first before consuming.

Consumers must also remember that slimming products should only be taken when all other methods such as strict diets and exercise have been proved unsuccessful. There is no shortcut way in one's bid to lose weight. Knowledge is one thing, discipline is another.

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Why spend thousands when you can just do normal exercise & diet
Slimming centre just charge thousands of dollars to their customers for a service that is 50-50 may or may not work

The best way to stay slim is to be sensible.
This is a natural diet which I think would work on anyone. Eat normal on the 5 weekdays but cut down on oily food and saturated fat. Then on Sat and Sun, eat nothing but just drink fruit juices. That should detoxify your body.
Your weight will go down soon enough. And it's cheap and it work on anyone!

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TIPS to stay slim the natural way:

Sleeping too little, or too much, can lead to weight gain in adults, according to a new study.
Researchers at Laval University in Quebec, Canada, have suggested that the optimal amount of sleep is between seven to eight hours a night.

Natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and plenty of water will do you the world of good. Eat enough so that you are full but not until the point where you're too bloated to move.

Have three healthy meals, never skip breakfast as it kick starts your metabolism and try not to eat after 7 PM if possible. After this time your body isn't usually using much energy, (Unless you tend to exercise after this time) so the energy you put into it will store as fat.
Try to reduce sugar in your tea/coffee.
Stop smoking if you are a smoker

UPDATE: Sept 2012

Woman says she lost 34kg on ‘Starbucks diet’

NEW YORK, Sept 15 — Not unlike the famous Subway diet, a US librarian claims to have lost 34kg by eating nearly all her meals from Starbucks.

American media have already coined it the “Starbucks diet” after Christine Hall, 66, of Virginia revealed that she trimmed down from 86kg to a trim 52kg following a steady two-year regime that involved getting almost all of her food from her nearby Starbucks store.

A typical day would start out with a cup of oatmeal and a black coffee, while lunch and dinner would be either a Panini sandwich or Bistro Box like the Chipotle Chicken Wrap, she said in an interview with US broadcaster NBC News.

As a law librarian who holds down two jobs, she said Starbucks served as a convenient dining option and ended up being her one and only weight loss tool.

It’s a lot of calorie counting, she says, but given that the nutritional information is displayed on the packaging, Hall — who stands at 162cm — said keeping tabs on her caloric intake is easy.

Meanwhile, her fastidious calorie counting props up the findings of a new study published in the journal Agricultural Economics which found that women who read the labels on food packaging are nearly 4kg lighter than those who don’t.

Fast food giant McDonald’s likewise announced it will begin posting nutritional information at its more than 14,000 US restaurants and drive-thru windows as of next week.

For years, sandwich chain Subway used the weight loss success of devout customer Jared Fogle to promote the brand. Fogle became a spokesperson for the company after he lost a whopping 111kg on a diet of low-calorie Subway sandwiches.

Experts, warn, however, that a diet which restricts food intake to one restaurant or food type is likely to be nutritionally unbalanced.


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