Can you spot the REAL Women?

OPen your eyes widely and guess which pictures are the real women!

Scroll down for answer

Honestly speaking all the above pictures are NOT real women .
THey are Mak Nyahs or transsexuals. They look like women,walk like women, dress like
women BUT is not a woman.
They are more beautiful than most ladies on the street.
Although their Identity Card identifies them as male,they don’t have to tell everybody they are male.
Why not they just live as a lady and don't bother what the world thinks of .

UPDATE: 30 MAY 2008
Thailand's most beautiful transvestite

A TEENAGE transvestite who grew up on a military base has been crowned Thailand's most beautiful transvestite, in an extravagant annual pageant which transfixed the nation.
Kangsadarn Wongdusadeekul, known by her stage name "Nonk", cried as she accepted her Miss Tiffany crown from last year's winner.
Nonk, 19, particularly impressed the panel of judges with her question round.
Asked if she would be happy to join the army as a man, she told the audience: "Last year I went to register as a soldier but my figure had changed so the government did not let me.
"We are beautiful - so we have no need to be soldiers," she said, getting the biggest laugh of the night.

Her win brings considerable financial reward: 100,000 baht ($A3350) - equivalent to a year's wages for a factory worker - and a Honda car.
But with the cost of a single pageant dress at least 10,000 baht, winning Miss Tiffany is about more than the prizes.
Most of the 30 transvestites parading across the glitter-filled stage said they were seeking social acceptance rather than money.
Nonk says she is lucky to have been accepted by her family as her father is a colonel in the Thai army.

Nonk told AFP after the contest that she had known she wanted to be a girl from a very young age, and her military family were so understanding they now tell friends she is their daughter. They keep few photos of Nonk as a boy.
"They said I can be whatever I want to be so long as I take care of myself and other people," she said.
Miss Tiffany 2008 was crowned in a sold-out 2000-seater theatre, and televised nationally.
The runners-up were Pailin "Bank" Denfhanapapol and Doolkamon "Golf" Kontun, with awards also given for Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic.
The event has become increasingly high profile, with winners forging careers as television presenters and as the faces of beauty products.
Miss Tiffany will now advance to the global competition, Miss International Queen, to be held in Thailand in October.


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