Curbing prostitution in East Java

A BID by a local government in Indonesia's East Java province to curb prostitution by asking masseuses to wear a padlock on their pants was an insult.

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Pants padlocked to stop parlour prostitution

The local government in East Java has issued a ruling requiring women who work in massage parlors to use a kind of padlock on their skirts/pants and underpants, to prevent male guests from making too much headway in that area.
Indonesia has a flourishing sex industry and massage parlours are frequently a front for prostitution.

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The purpose is to prevent the town of Batu from getting a bad reputation as a place of prostitution, it is said. Later the ruling will become an official regional law and those massage parlor operators who fail to have their staff’s underwear under lock and key will be subject to penalties.

Batu, 75 km south of Indonesia's second-biggest city, Surabaya, is a popular tourist destination for its cool climate, hot springs and mountain scenery.


  1. Blogger maria said,

    4:51 PM

    hahhaha!!! who handles the key?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:59 PM

    If the customer want to hold the
    key he will be charge EXTRA!
    I think so

  3. Blogger Jam said,

    12:06 AM

    Seems to me the new law implies that it is OK for the masseuse to do oral sex. Most customers would STILL leave just as happy.

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