How much is your virginity worth in dollars?

I could say mine is worth a billion dollars, but let's be real, I never would have gotten a billion dollars. Conceptually, my innocence should have been worth that or more, but how can money really be used to value something that personal?

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Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysian woman has sued her husband for 3 million ringgit (882,000 dollars) for the loss of her virginity after she claimed that he failed to fulfil his promises of a good marriage, a news report said Friday.
The 30-year-old teacher from the eastern state of Sarawak also sought for the court to declare her marriage null and void.

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Men must think twice before dating a virgin

The woman claimed that her husband had persuaded her to have sex with him several months after they first met in 2006, promising to marry her, the New Straits Times daily said.
The duo were married several months later, but the woman's in-laws refused to acknowledge the union.
In the suit filed in the state High Court, the woman claimed she was duped into her first sexual experience with the promises of a happy marriage, but claimed instead that her husband and in-laws caused her "humiliation and mental torture."
The woman's suit is the first of its kind in a marriage, said her lawyer Ernest Chua.


  1. Blogger clement said,

    1:07 AM

    damn, that is unique...loosing mine would be that much.. ha ha

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