Newborn buried alive saved by a dog

It is horrible to think that human beings have been eliminated only because they were female.

This is nothing new for India, where being born female can get you killed.
Some 10 million girls have been killed by their parents in India in the past 20 years, either before birth or shortly after.

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Last Friday, a dog in Samastipur reinforced the view that it is the man’s best friend.
A dog saved the life of a newborn buried alive at Narhan village of Vibhutipur in Sitamarhi district, about 100km from Patna. Residents have been unable to identify the persons guilty of the crime, as there is no official record of recent births in Narhan.
The villagers firmly believe that those “closest” to the “unwanted girl” must have perpetrated the heinous act.
Ramesh Kumar, a resident of the village, told The Telegraph that the baby was buried in a shallow pit in an orchard near the village and was covered by soil.
But the dog sniffed life hidden under the layers of half-foot soil and dry leaves and began to bark and dig the area.
As Narhan’s headman Ram Narayan Sahi said, some villagers gathered around the dog apprehending some large animal or a snake as it was barking “consistently”.
By the time 12 odd men and women reached the site, the canine had unearthed the baby gasping for breath.
Though the gathered women took the baby in their laps by turn, it was Rajjo Devi, a childless woman in her late 30s, who agreed to give her a home.
Abandoned by those who were closest to her, the baby finally found a new home, comfort, mild wash with tepid water, bottled milk and a new dress — from a complete stranger.
Amarkant, a resident of the area, said Rajjo, who lives on agriculture land and petty work, was overwhelmed with her “gift”. The villagers said they, too, were moved by Rajjo’s act.
Since 1961 the sex ratio has always remained unfavourable to women in Bihar. In 2001, the Census showed 921 girls per 1,000 men, as against 907 in the previous Census.

The villagers did not forget to mention the dog, living on leftovers.
Ramesh said: “The dog was offered fresh loaves of bread as reward.”
Former spokesperson for State Women Commission Manju Prakash said: “It’s a sad reminder of how our society is. But why blame the women alone, fathers, too, have to come forward to put an end to this evil.”


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