Ronaldo and transvestites scandal


A transvestite has denied trying to extort money from AC Milan striker Ronaldo, who has returned home to Brazil to recover from a knee injury.Police are investigating claims by the Brazil international that Andre Luiz Ribeiro Albertini, known as Andreia Albertini, sought to extort money from him following an altercation at a Rio de Janeiro motel.

Transvestite Andre Luis Ribeiro Albertino reacts as he watches the news about him and Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo in Rio of Janeiro

Ronaldo contracted the services of three transvestites - believing them to be women - and took them to a motel.
However, Ronaldo is then said to have tried to get out of the situation after one of the men went in search of drugs.
Two of them accepted pay-offs of 1,000 reais (US 600), but Ronaldo has claimed that the third, Albertini, demanded 50,000 reais (US 30,000) and threatened to post a video on the internet if he was not paid.
The police also said that the transvestites have claimed Ronaldo threatened to hurt them.

Transvestite Carla walks past journalists as he arrives at the Barra da Tijuca police station in Rio de Janeiro -

Albertini denied the accusation of extortion, telling Rede TV: "I have never asked him for money to buy a house. Ronaldo begged me not to ruin his career and asked me if 50,000 reais would shut my mouth."
Albertini also described how he met Ronaldo: "It was about 4.20 in the morning on Monday. He was in his car and called me to enter.
"He told me he was in a hurry because he could not allow himself to be recognised.
"When I got into the car, I didn't realise it was him.
"I have already had some dates with famous people and I haven't had any problems. They have always paid me. He (Ronaldo) just wanted to make this situation scandalous."


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