New Fashion Trend in Japan

If you have visited Japan recently, you would have noticed these unnatural-looking young girls known as Ganguro.Of course, there's nothing wrong with that fashion.
Ganguro literally mean "black-face", is a Japanese fashion trend among many Japanese girls which peaked in popularity from the late 1990s to the early 2000s is coming back, an outgrowth of chapatsu hair dyeing. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the centre of ganguro fashion.

The basic look consists of bleached hair, a deep tan, both black and white eyeliners, false eyelashes, platform shoes (usually sandals or boots), and brightly colored outfits. Also typical of the "Ganguro Gal" look are cell phones covered with purikura stickers, tie-dyed sarongs, mini-skirts, hibiscus flower hairpins, and lots of bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Besides being ganguro, these girls wear more outrageous makeup with white lipstick, white eye shadow around the eyes (a racoon or panda look), silvery hair, and some glitter or fake tear drops on the cheek.

Extreme trend followers further bleach their hair up to a platinum blond shade, get even deeper tans, wear white lipstick, multicoloured pastel eye shadows and tiny metallic or glittery adhesives around the bottom rim of the eye sockets

The centerpiece of their street costume is 15-cm (6-inch) or higher platform shoes or sandals that makes them tower over the average Japanese. It lets them "look down" on the world or to have the world "look up" to them. Despite the obvious hazards of these high footwear, they have been in fashion for some time now.

They also have a loud, gregarious (but not wicked) way of talking and laughing. These girls want to attract the attention they are getting, and they relish it. They also feel much more confident and attractive. Without all these superficial condiments, most of them are really plain-Jane (or plain ugly) girls who need a lift (both in spirit and actual height) in life.


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    i prefer Leah Dizon-like


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