Vietnam people love to eat cat and dog

Dog eating is dying out in many other Asian countries: e.g. Taiwan, which today has very stringent laws against it and has just raised the fine levied on anyone charged with it. Hong Kong and Singapore (previously both were British colonies) outlawed it in the 1950's - but, in Hong Kong it was still going on in the rural areas in the 80's and early 90's - today it is virtually non-existent, and most Hong Kong Chinese are disgusted by it.
Korea is still a big problem, but there are wonderful local groups speaking out on behalf of the dogs.

Vietnam is a major dog-eating place, though traditionally (for what it’s worth) they do not torture the dog to death.
In addition, the Philippines has outlawed dog eating except for some tribal holidays - yes, it still goes on.....but its moving in the right direction.....I also would like to say that the push to stop dog eating in these Asian countries is driven by Asians, who feel exactly the same way about it as we do!

However, it's obviously something that is growing in China, it's very hard to know the exact number of dogs eaten, but it definitely must be in the many millions a year - maybe more. Still small if you consider that it is estimated that 556 million pigs are slaughtered every year in China.

The truth is many people in Vietnam eat dogs and cats and many people enjoy this food. Why do people choose to insult them? Many people in other countries, eat cows, pigs and chickens...... This is a fact.
Now there is huge issues relating to cruel treatment of livestock in some countries. Vietnam still has much to do in this area, and not just for the animals. If people learn more about the care of animals, improving their health, and living conditions. They will in turn generate more income from livestock and be able to invest in things such as the health and education of their own families.

UPDATE:15 AUG 2011

Thousands of dogs saved from dinner table by Thai authorities
Thousands of dogs have been rescued after they were found stuffed into tiny cages destined for dinner tables across Vietnam. Thai police intercepted four trucks stacked high with crates packed with the animals in an operation in northeastern Thailand near the border with Laos.

A Nakhon Phanom livestock development official said 1,011 dogs were being held in a government shelter after two separate raids in Nathom and Si Songkhram districts. But she said a further 119 had died from either suffocation in the cramped cages or when they were thrown from the back of the trucks as the alleged traffickers tried to flee police.

Police officer Captain Prawat Pholsuwan said two Thai men and a Vietnamese man were charged with trafficking and the illegal transportation of animals. He said the dogs were being smuggled out of the country to be cooked and eaten in Vietnam.

"The maximum punishment is a one-year jail term and a fine of up to 20,000 baht (£410)," he said. Traffickers, who round up stray dogs and barter for pets in rural Thai villages, can receive up to £20 per dog in Vietnam, police said.

Shocking Video

UPDATE:22 Sept 2011
China bans dog-eating "carnival" after online uproar

The Chinese government has banned a traditional carnival in the east of the country in which dogs are eaten after being chopped up alive in the street following a public uproar that the festival was cruel, state media reported on Wednesday.

The tradition in Qianxi in the wealthy coastal province of Zhejiang dates back 600 years to celebrate a local military victory and is normally held every October, the official Xinhua news agency said.

"The ancient fair was replaced by a modern commodity fair in the 1980s, but dog-eating has been kept as a tradition," it reported.

"However, vendors began to butcher dogs in public a few years ago to show their dog meat is fresh and safe, as a way to ease buyers' worry that the meat may be refrigerator-preserved or even contaminated."

UPDATE:14 JAN 2012
Thai navy rescue over 750 dogs destined for cooking pots in Vietnam

About 800 dogs were saved from the cooking pot in Vietnam by a navy unit operating on the Mekong River early on Thursday. The navy's Mekong peace-keeping operation unit intercepted a group of smugglers trying to take a truckload of dogs by boat across the river to Laos from Nakhon Phanom's Ban Phaeng district.

Capt Teerakiat Thong-aram, commander of the unit operating in Nakhon Phanom, said a team acting on a tip-off caught the smugglers in the act at Don Phaeng village in tambon Ban Phaeng at about 4am. They seized a six-wheeled truck loaded with 40 cages with about 800 dogs crammed into them as it was about to board a ferry waiting on the river bank.

One man was arrested. He was identified as Preecha Utthasri, 37, of Ban Phaeng district. Other members of the gang fled into the night. About 100 empty cages were also found on the river bank. They were believed to have been used to transport at least 2,000 dogs to Vietnam via Laos previously and then returned to Thailand, but had not yet been collected, Capt Teerakiat said.

It was the second recent interception of smugglers trying to take dogs to Vietnam for use in exotic dishes in restaurants. On Dec 26, about 300 dogs were rescued by a navy team on the bank of the Mekong river at Ban Thalad in Ban Phaeng district. One man was arrested. Nakhon Phanom deputy governor Somdee Khathayangyuen said smuggling gangs received a lot of orders for dogs during the New Year festival, when dog meat was very popular in Vietnam.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:33 AM


  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:25 AM

    Blowtorch to the head? How sick. You can't just use a cleaver for, at least, a quick death?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:54 AM

    You peaple who eat this stuff is freaking gross.
    You dont haved to torture or eat them,
    Jeeze what the heck did they do to you.
    If i seen any of you guys who eat them.
    Oh you are lucky if you get at least 2 broken bones.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:15 PM


  5. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:24 PM

    OK... thats nasty!!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:57 AM

    this is the kind of behaviour that darkens the world. cruelty and prolonged fear and torture is a sign of the intelligence of these peoples. may god forgive them and have mercy on the animal's souls.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:37 PM

    I am half Asian and American and I myself have not or plan to eat cat or dog but I don't know why everone is calling these people nasty and crazy. People in the US eat beef which is a sacrade to Hindus but you don't read or hear Hindus calling us nasty and crazy. I think the only reason for these comments is due to fact that for many of us including myself dogs and cats are like a member of our own family.

    While I dissagree with their choice, I would never put someone down or degrade them for that.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:20 PM

    yup no difference from killing a pig or other animals

    westerners need to shut up and help poor hungry people first

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:25 PM

    there is still other foods but why must be dog? gross!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:23 AM

    You, the half asian guy, here is an answer:

    If they HAVE to eat cats and dogs, doesn't mean that they have to torture them? That's the sick part... And now I don't just mean you shouldn't torture just cats and dogs, but all the animals...

  11. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:44 PM

    that is so wrong. there just cat

  12. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:46 PM

    meat might be good but cats r so cute ...not to eat!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:28 PM

    that is un exeptable. that is the most crual thing ive ever seen!! yea matbe i do eat beef but we dont kill them animals in that way we do it humanely making sure that the animal doesnt feel any pain. dogs and cats have not been created to be farmed for food cows and sheep have. these people need there heads checked. there sick bastards

  14. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:00 AM

    So just because you read or heard about SOME of the Asians being crule on the way the kill the animals you think that ALL Asians do it that way????

    So I am safe in saying that all People who have pitbulls are only traing them to be killers!!!! You don't hear about the good pitbull owners only the ones who train the dogs to kill but I don't say ALL pitbull owners are bad it the same point!!!

  15. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:46 PM

    Hi, just some information for you guys. Here in Vietnam, many dogs are raised for meat. What you see in the photo above is that a woman is barbecuring a dead dog with a blowtorch. I myself don't eat dogs or cats though I am Vietnamese. And I think anyone who has seen "Meet your meat" (available on YouTube) will probably think of stopping eating meat, any kind of meat. But I have to admit that I'm not a vegeterian.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:57 AM

    I find it funny how many westerners complain about easterners 'torture' animals before death without thinking about how the mass markets in western countries (namely america) raise and slaughter pigs, cows and chickens within inhumane conditions. Just check out any PETA vid, or hell, google it.

  17. Blogger sunny said,

    2:29 AM

    I believe best are the Indian Hindus who never eat flesh. They are pure vegetarians. And yes, Americans don't need to say this thing "nasty" as they are the highest consumers of Beef & Pork. There are places in India where people worship cows and Americans eat their flesh.
    To conclude, Americans should not dislike this blogger just because they have cats and dogs as their pets.

  18. Anonymous nana said,

    9:35 AM

    you fucking dirty rotten basterds that is so crule there just poor helpless animals how can you do that its horrible if i ever se you dick heads ill fucken toucher you and feed you to the wild dogs.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:31 PM

    I just want to eat some cats head right now and rub it all over my body.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:05 AM

    I live in Vietnam and I love the taste of cat. I rather have dog though. Especiially Golden Retriever. My family and I are about to eat some American guys dog. We stole it out of his yard and are now about to eat it. I absolutely love to eat them.
    P.S Yummmmmmmmyyyyyy... Who knows if it will be your dog we eat next.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:25 AM

    I love to eat animals that are usually peoples pets. I think that they taste good. I just want to eat a Yorkshire Terroir right now and drink its urine.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:47 AM

    The Chinese beleive the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes, well actualy they are totaly wrong! Have you ever eaten a realy super yummy steak? well that cow died without stress, it did not suffer or starve, it actualy died a fast non painful death, This is true, the better the meat tastes the less stress or pain the animal was in

  23. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:29 AM

    i hunt dogs 4 a living and i happen to disagree. they taste the best if you beat them with cane poll, starve them for a week, smoother them half to death and then slowly bleed them out. ps i love poodles and bald cats.

  24. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:30 AM

    I agree that you should do all those things except you shouldn't starve them because that wastes the meat. I like to rake them with a garden hoe and then beat them with their genitiles. Then stuff their bodies in a compressor.

  25. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:41 AM

    I ate cat and I liked it. Just like your mom. Mmmmmmmm... Lucky Charms. Taste the rainbow.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:20 AM

    My name is Job. I am a Viatnamese 15 year old that goes to Wakakaka High School. At our school we have cat and dog for lunch sometimes. I love it. I buy lunch every day when my father sells fake watches to dumb foreigners. I have a dog as a pet named Fu Fu and I get very hungry and sometimes beat him. But I never eat my Fu Fu. I just lick him clean.

  27. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:20 AM

    i live in vietnam. i wish you stupid americans would stop trying to tell us off about what we eat. i mean who is the stupid one, u all like to go out and watch men touch each other while getting a little brown turd shaped ball. be realistin oji-chan. i love 2 eat cats and dogs and i happen to like it. i use to work for the ruler but he didnt like the way i fried his eggs. :o <====3 ha ha ha.

    ps; Job is awsome

  28. Anonymous POOOOOO said,

    2:22 AM


  29. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:23 AM

    4 all u peta people you can suck my fried dog and clean my waak.

    ps: pooooooooooopyyy in your bed roll

  30. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:24 AM

    Me nombre es Job. Yo tengo dos perro. Me come siete perro en uno a`nos. Me poo en el classe de ingles.

  31. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:26 AM

    dont be talkn that little spanish crap over here, this is vietnam.

    ps: im gonna blow this mother f%$&er up if i dond get my motherfu^%en change back

  32. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:26 AM

    Me tengo su madre el desnudo en el pantalones.

    translation: I do your mom!!!! Hard!!!

  33. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:40 PM

    i bought ur mom 4 $5 so eat it( not the way she did because nobody can out do her. i just in do her(not to be mistaken for hindu))

    ps: i love to eat cats dogs and ur mom

  34. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:41 PM

    i <3 harry beavers

  35. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:39 AM

    my only comfort in this world is that barbarians who can behave this way will burn in hell. it doesn't matter if you are the chink in asia or the white trash in america, you all need to pick your knuckles up off the ground.

  36. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:18 AM

    I just found this website and read 90% of the comments. I find it sad that we cannot accept other cultures and deem them as wrong. We in America see eating dog and cat as wrong an inhumane, but lets also think about Agent Orange and the effects it had on human lives that were for "protecting the country." Talk about using life as a guinea pig. I am an animal lover and we own many domestic pets. However, cultures different than ours and far older should not be ridiculed for their diets. Also, has anyone seen how some cows, chickens and pigs are manhandled on their journey to the inevitable, it's sad. Humankind has a "hierarchy" if you will, "lets kick the chicken into it's pen it doesn't matter, it's not human." Sounds like the way we treat some humans doesn't it? I am not a vegetarian, I eat and enjoy many proteins, but also realize the sacrifice that they gave.

  37. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:24 AM

    hey you little tree hugging crap. shut your mouth. I read one line of your stuff and was sick by how much you are of a pacifist and peacemaker. People like you are teachers pets and suck ups. Oh by the way I just want to lick a girl clean and rub my thing in her mouth

  38. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:29 AM

    the one before this one is wrong. someone else wrote it that was using my thing.

  39. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:54 AM

    I wonder if Kitten is as tender as veal? LoL but yes its wrong to eat dog but cats I will eat everyday to show my hatred for them!

  40. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:49 AM

    I'd love to see a Chinese person get tortured in front of the cages. Cats and dogs are very emotional animals and shouldn't be tortured and eaten. How about a blowtorch to a human head,,,,,HHHHMMMMM maybe they would taste good!!!

  41. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:43 PM

    you fucking vietnamese shit heads,how can you you dickheads eat cats and dogs,the americans should have killed the whole lot of you rubbishes,jou ma se poes jou naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai-Deon Mitchell

  42. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:57 AM

    Being a vegetarian ALL my life I believe this to be DISGUSTING and inhumane. A dog is "a mans best friend". They are brought into the world and hope for love and affection. Only to have their hind legs broken by some sick f*** for meat. I have two dogs who love me without me asking or expecting. This cruel trade should be outlawed immediately. Sick disgusting people. Come west and see how real people live.

  43. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:36 PM

    This is really sick!
    Cows, pigs, chickens, fish, and sheep we're MADE to be eaten! Dogs and cats weren't! They we're made to be pets and also have much more emotion than all the other animals that were made to be eaten, so why the hell would anyone want to eat them! And also if you bitches insist on eaten them then why can't you at least NOT torture them what the heck did they do to you!? Why put a blow torch to their head and starve them!? So the next time one of you Vietnamese moron fools eat a cat or dog think about what a low life loser you're being!

  44. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:50 AM

    keep eating cats, they are useless, dogs aint, stop eating them

  45. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:43 AM

    oh this is scary I am missing two cats and there is a vietnamese restourant down the street gross go to hell all you cat eaters!!!!!

  46. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:53 AM

    I know it is not politically correct, but I find this disgusting and cruel. If they have to eat them, they should not torture them.

    This is why I find it hard to respect Koreans and Vietmanese-because of this part of their culture.

    I don't like cruelty to other animals either. If you eat them, you should kill them instantaneously.

  47. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:57 AM

    I spelled "Vietnamese" wrong.

  48. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:12 AM

    I also want to say that I find it difficult to learn Vietnamese and Korean because I hate this aspect of their culture. I speak other languages, so learning languages is not a problem for me, it's a visceral thing. I don't want to be around Vietnamese and Korean unless they are against eating dogs and cats. I don't buy this "It's a cultural thing." People who are cruel are not civilized and this includes Americans and others who are cruel (aborting children out of convenience, etc.) and cruel to their own pets.

  49. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:18 AM

    The woman who is blowtorching the cat is cruel. Pray for her and others who are cruel to animals-so that they stop this practice.

    May all dog and cat eaters be overcome with nightmares until they stop eating them!

  50. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:57 PM

    this is horrible...pets here have shelters and millions of vets to go to... but in 3rd world countries theyre fucked with no hope except one has done anything... about it. We americans sit and take our pets to be groomed while they get torched to death.theres no such thing as vets,cat food/dog food,animal shelters in these countries. most of them starve to death..what can we do to help?!

  51. Blogger lizabeth said,

    9:57 PM

    this is horrible...pets here have shelters and millions of vets to go to... but in 3rd world countries theyre fucked with no hope except one has done anything... about it. We americans sit and take our pets to be groomed while they get torched to death.theres no such thing as vets,cat food/dog food,animal shelters in these countries. most of them starve to death..what can we do to help?!

  52. Blogger lizabeth said,

    9:58 PM

    this is horrible...pets here have shelters and millions of vets to go to... but in 3rd world countries theyre fucked with no hope except one has done anything... about it. We americans sit and take our pets to be groomed while they get torched to death.theres no such thing as vets,cat food/dog food,animal shelters in these countries. most of them starve to death..what can we do to help?!

  53. Blogger lizabeth said,

    9:58 PM

    this is horrible...pets here have shelters and millions of vets to go to... but in 3rd world countries theyre fucked with no hope except one has done anything... about it. We americans sit and take our pets to be groomed while they get torched to death.theres no such thing as vets,cat food/dog food,animal shelters in these countries. most of them starve to death..what can we do to help?!

  54. Blogger lizabeth said,

    9:58 PM

    this is horrible...pets here have shelters and millions of vets to go to... but in 3rd world countries theyre fucked with no hope except one has done anything... about it. We americans sit and take our pets to be groomed while they get torched to death.theres no such thing as vets,cat food/dog food,animal shelters in these countries. most of them starve to death..what can we do to help?!

  55. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:55 PM

    Yes! eating meat is cruel and everyone shold be vegetatien. No one has the right to torture and eat any animal. Not just cats or dogs. If you are vegetarien then you have the justification to judge and say nasty things to those people who eat dogs and cat.If you are meat eater then you are no different from them. Just be quite. Okay?

  56. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:59 AM

    PLEASE AMERICA drop a bomb on all these chink countries that torture and butcher cats,dogs ,rabbits,kill the evil slitty eyed bastards

  57. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:54 PM

    So chickens,pigs,fish and cows were MADE to be food? I don't think they were MADE to be food, they were domesticated!

    An animal that has become tame as a result of belonging to a species which has been kept and bred by human beings, especially for use as food, as an aid in work, or as a pet

    So why can't dogs and cats be considered as food. You don't know their custom culture or living conditions so why make such ignorant comments?

  58. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:36 AM

    Well, I'm a VIETNAMESE, and I just wish all those people who eat cats and dogs will go to hell, die in all kinds of accidents possible, cut in half, and be eaten by their children.

    You might say if people can eat pigs, cows and chickens, they might eat cats and dogs too. Well, hello meat-eaters, why don't you kill your parents and children, or anyone to eat too, they're all meat. Eat them, and tell me what you feel. Delicious? Taste good? Feel good? Get them suffered a little bit and they might taste even better.

    Hundreds of cats and dogs are stolen in Vietnam everyday. Those dog-cat-meat sellers are genious,they don't have to raise one, they wait until those dogs and cats are fully fed and loved by their owners and steal them. That's a perfect business.

    Nothing can be done... I feel ashamed of my own country for this.

  59. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:47 AM

    I live in Vietnam. My cat got out once and never came back. He might be in someone's stomach now. I've cried for more than a week.

    He was a member of my family. I hope all those cat-eaters will go to hell too.

    The fact is terrible in Vietnam. But there are Vietnamese peope, especially the young, who love dogs and cats, feed them well, love them, treat them like family, there are forum for pet-lovers, there are some vets too. Poor them, their pets might be stolen at any time, no matter how careful they are, just like mine.

  60. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:52 AM

    I am Vietnamese myself, I DO NOT eat dogs and don't plan too. I've seen all these comments by western people donning us as cruel, morons and horrible. I don't think it is right to call us those words because to some of us Asians, we think of dogs or cats as you think of beef or pork. JUST because you have a dog as a pet doesn't mean it is right to call us horrible because we eat them. Some of us have pigs and cows as pets, but do you hear us donning you nasty and crude names? I don't think so.

  61. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:59 PM

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  62. Anonymous Jeremy said,

    1:30 AM

    This is not right. I am a hunter and I harvest animals for food, but there is no need to torture them. This is wrong from all angles. This type of practice should be outlawed!

  63. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:46 PM

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  64. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:36 AM

    what an arrogant race we are here in the united states.Why do we believe that our ways are the only way?

  65. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:57 AM

    I think the cat with the blowtorch is dead. Looks like she is just crisping it up to skin it like a roasted pepper.

  66. Anonymous POOOOOOOOOOOOOOO said,

    9:05 AM

    none of you have are writing about eating dogs and cats--many of you very motivated...You have no should just kill your dog and shove him up your bung.

  67. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:39 PM

    What do you expect from Vietnamese people. Like most Asians they too come from dirt poor 3rd world countries where incest, rape, and many other immoral such things occur as commonplace. What do you expect? I met a Vietnamese girl who eats raw chicken, just hatched from the egg, how gross is that, and it's not comparative to eating cow and pig because at least that is cooked thoroughly before it is consumed lol Vietnamese are just a wannabe Asian race that should have never been allowed to immigrate to the US in the first place, I mean weren't we at war with these derelicts just a few decades ago? No wonder American values have dissipated over time, we let all the mongrels in. Not too mention the incest and deformities that happen in these Asian countries in which families and communities are so close that inbreeding in countries more than often occurs, which explains the cleft palates, heightened statistics of cancer and other deformities, etc. and all the agent orange and napalm that was dropped on various regions during the Vietnam War lol Your best bet is to stay away from such a beastly culture, which for all intents and purposes is a lot worse off than even blacks, yet these gooks, chinks, slanty eyed devils still hold themselves in high esteem when they are unaware of their relative lowly value around the world lol

  68. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:09 AM

    When the aliens finally come down to overtake us let's offer them the chinese/vietnamese/korean people that eat dogs & cats and have them tortured/deboweled alive for their eating pleasure and experiments

  69. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:32 AM

    Firstly not all Asuan nations eat dog ,japan honored dogs long before the west did.

    not only Asian nations eat dog some white western nations like switzerland have and still do eat dogs.

    America not only slaughters cows and pigs by the thousands on a daily basis but horses as well.

    more cats and dogs are killed in western nations every day as unwanted strays than are killed in Asia as food dogs.

    Asia is the only place to have produced religions that view all killing as wrong.

    All that said dog eating needs to stop dogs should be honored for the loyalty they show mankinf.

    and certainly the cruel execution methods need to stop.

    ps vietnamese and chinese will eat just about anything that moves even rats.

  70. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:17 AM

    Chinese people are the Cancer of the Human race! How is it possible that a culture that is more than 5,000 years old has manage to stay so primitive in their way of thinking? They need to evolve and get with the mainstream Global thinking or face the Self annihilation of their culture! it is a cancerous cell that need to be cured or removed by others. PET EATING IS NOT SOMETHING TO BOAST ABOUT!!

  71. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:34 AM

    Americans, shut the fuck up seriously, you arrogant/ignorant rednecks. I am shocked by the stupidity of your comments. I am european, and I love dogs and cats and have 2 of each myself. However, I don't find it wrong if people in asia eat them, or americans (or anyone else) eating pork, cow, chicken etc. Who are you to say that's wrong to eat whatever they can get to survive? It's not their fault you chose to have those animals as pets. all animals are equal in my opinion. I would rather let people eat any animal than die of hunger, and if a wild animal somewhere in the world eats a person because it needs food, then I wouldnt judge it either.

  72. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:29 AM

    Europeans, Shut the fuck up seriously, lol. you arrogant/ignorant pizza faces. what do know about those countries? you think S.Korea and Vietnam can't survive without blowtorching cat's head?? you must be freaking stupid. what? wild animal eating human> I wouldn't judge? wha?

  73. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:15 AM

    Wow, you anyone who eats meat and says eating dogs and cats are nasty are hypocrites. Just shut up. Who says Dogs and cats are better than other animals. Pigs are more intelligent yet people seem to be okay with the idea of frying them for some hot dogs and bacon.

    I am against torture of ANY animals. Anyone who eats veal; that's just cruel.

    I would never eat dog/cat/bunny/veal/horses and etc. But never would I think they were lower or filth just because they eat something you don't agree with.

  74. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:01 PM

    chinks need to be turned into food for american dogs and cats, we could save a lot of money on this

  75. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:53 PM

    you vietnames are sick bastards! for eating poor little cats!

  76. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:48 AM

    I'm a Turkish woman, I'm a vegetarian and I love especially cats, dogs, seals and all animals. (except for snakes) I have a cat and it's horrible to think the cat as a food! The woman in the picture is horrific! Terrific! How can a woman can be so cruel? How can someone do this to a cat? ! My GOd please do something to stop these people! I'm so terrified! I'm shocked...poor poor animals!!!!

  77. Blogger Cheriska said,

    11:05 PM

    Notice all the losers who write disgusting comments are COWARDS! They never leave their name but post vile filth anonymously!!! Proves my point that those who agree or do this are hsmeful! This nis a barbaric disgusting behavior that needs to STOP!!!

  78. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:56 PM

    Vietnam will take over the world and soon dogs will be legal to eat.

  79. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:03 PM

    The western are very stupid they don't know that dogs meat are very good. and it is very good for your health stupid American don't know anything DO MA

  80. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:06 PM

    I'm from Vietnam and dogs are meant to be eating before i kill the dog i fuck them in the ass and then i hang them.

  81. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:20 PM

    what the hell? omg. damn mean. they are lving things and isnt it gross?!
    i cant belive this.

  82. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:44 AM


  83. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:46 AM


  84. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:09 AM

    Prejudiced pricks, its no different than eating any other animal. Ok I'm not for cruelty but eating them is fine by me. I'm ashamed of the western attitude and I'm from Australia. You guys are just bigots! The blow torch is for removing the fur, the animal is killed first. Some people are so stupid!

  85. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:40 PM

    You low life breed of filth! I hope you get all the deadly diseases upon you and your fithy bred culture!

  86. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:03 PM

    scum of the earth! America should have burnt the lot of you with all the nepalm that had to drop of this evil, dirty, cruel race of monsters!

  87. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:58 AM

    If an animal must give up it's life to feed you, then it deserves to be treated well and killed quickly and painlessly, regardless of what culture we come from. I've been there and seen the way these animals are mistreated prior to their death and it is beyond belief. I've traveled the world and have never seen such cruelty.

  88. Anonymous its a big world with small minds said,

    8:20 AM

    I am an American, an I want to say that most of the people landing on this page will just look at the pictures. Nine out of ten people reading this article won’t even comprehend what they’re reading. Of the people that take time to post a response, most of them have such a high regard for their own opinions, (opinions based on feelings that they don’t even understand) that they must be classified as idiots. I understand why the world at large dislikes Americans as a whole. Free speech allows us to say what we think and most people in this country don’t think. Rest assured that the ones that can, and do, have better things to do than post evidence of country wide stupidity. Me, I’m studying social commentary….and getting degusted with American morons.

  89. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:06 PM

    I like to eat Vietnamese meat before I eat them I like to fuck them up the ass first.

  90. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:44 AM

    Vietnamese people are crazy people.they eat cats and a few 100 years they grand childern will look down up on them.they are still in the 1800.dogs have a soul eqaule to a human.they think like man and do every thing the same as us people do.that dame woman bruning a cat head with a blow tortch and that cat is just a toy.thats crazy.I see animals don't have any rights in asian they don't eat rats.because we will have the plage all over every thing.

  91. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:48 AM

    Vietnamese eat dogs and cats and marry white people ha ha ha.thats good to hear

  92. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:03 AM

    chinese,Vietnamese and philippines are dogs and cats eating people yuck! bow wow ruff ruff.

  93. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:28 AM

    If you ever have sex with Vietnamese girl before you put that COCK inside her pussy smell her pussy i bet you it smell like cat and dog meat.

  94. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:38 AM

    Why American eat pussy or suck cock?

  95. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:04 AM

    We r all good n all bad.n r earth inits vast solar system is but n atom of shit on d azz of a dog...wut goes round comes round on all

  96. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:30 AM

    You dog-lovers need to shut up. It's so annoying. You treat your fucking dogs better than you do each other. Dogs and cats are animals just like pigs and cows. I don't eat dog or cat and never will but you should respect other cultures, get a life, and move on. You dog-lovers act like you own the whole world and anyone else who doesnt love dogs like you, you act hostile. I would like to see one of you bastards try and break my bones. , I will beat you and your dog to death.

  97. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:18 PM

    First dogs and cats are pets , no food . Second is not about what those dirty , dickless , disgusting chinks, vietnamese koreans eat , but how horrible those animals are TORTURED. I wish , i can torture every chink or korean ,vetnamese who ever torture animal , i will torture you for months , primitive idiots . You torture dogs and cats only BECAUSE YOU HOPE YOU WILL HAVE FINALLY DICK , BECAUSE U SO STUPID IDIOTS , U HAVE NO PENIS , EVERY MOUSE HAVE BIGGER THEN ASIAN . THIS IS ONLY REASON , WHY YOU TORTURE THOSE ANIMALS , BECAUSE YOU PISS ,THEY HAVE BIG DICK AND YOU IDIOT HAVE NOTHING . This is true.

  98. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:24 PM


  99. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:37 PM

    Why asians torture animals ? Because believe , if torture , they will have bigger dick. But , you dont have any dick , fro day you was born. This is why Asians torture dogs and cats ,BECAUSE THEY MISSING DICK . Not other countries torture animals ,,for believe , they dick will get bigger . Because all other countries have dick . Who torture animals ? Only asian cowards ,little cat or dog , how more coward can you get . Torture most loyal animal on this planet DOG , Who haveBIGGER BRAINS , IS BEUTIFUL AND HAVE PENIS. ALL WHAT YOU CHINKS MISSINg . BRAINS , YOU MOST UGLY BREAD ON EARTH AND YOU HAVE NO PENIS !!! WHY ??? BECAUSE YOU EAT OGS , CATS AND TORTURE THEM, IS YOUR PUNISMENT. YOU ARE VERY UGLY , STUPID AND HAVE HO DICK .CHIKS,KOREANS , VIETNAMESE, LOOK AT YOUR SELF YOU DISGUSTING RACE . U NEED BOMB AND ALL WORLD WILL BE DANCING , BECAUSE YOU FINALLY GONE FROM EARTH YOU FILTH

  100. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:43 PM

    I will love cut slowly every filthy asian ,who ever torture dog , ca.t or other animal Your LITTLE PENIS , AND CUT YOUR HEART OUT AND PUT GRANADE IN YOUR MOUTH AND ASS . And cut you slowly for weeks and weeks for ALL PAIN YOU DONE TO ANIMALS You love torture little anials you disgusting coward ? I love to TORTURE YOU ASIAN FILTH ON PLANET EARTH ,

  101. Anonymous EWJ said,

    8:12 PM

    Okay, this is sick for sure. Here is a story that will get your attention. Imagine being a tourist, and not knowing anything about them eating dogs, and cats. You take your pooch with you on a walk, and tie it up, outside an eatery. You order food, and wait, and then they serve you a nice meat dish. You eat it, and enjoy the dish, and later find out, they thought you brought your dinner with you! How's that for irony?

  102. Anonymous EWJ said,

    8:14 PM

    I am not making that up either. I read it somewhere some years ago. People were horrified!

  103. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:22 AM

    Nasty people! Hope they all die of food poisoning. hope they die

  104. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:51 AM

    yall need to quit eatin dogs and cats im goin to kick yalls ass if yall dont

  105. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:21 AM

    I would like to kill a Vietnamese and before i do that i wanna fuck them in the ass and kill them and eat them

  106. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:48 AM

    Fuck all u american cunts go to hell. We eat dog,so what? You motherfuckers eat cow,pig, & chickens. I agree that torturing animals is wrong but u cow semen eaters are no fucking better with ur bullshit food industry and slaughtering more animals than we do. Hopefully all u white bitches will get killed like 911. LOL that was fuckin funny u pussy wiped bitches.

  107. Blogger clay321123 said,

    11:14 AM


  108. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:35 AM

    Everyone needs to watch the film "Carriers" from 2009. Chinks, Gooks, Japs will in fact be the downfall of the human race with their incessant diseases.

  109. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:44 AM

    Vietnamese are well known Gooks. They are filthy scumbags. They will eating anything even their momma's vagina.

  110. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:21 PM

    vietnamese and chinese pussies are the smelliest and nastiest pussies on earth! fuckin' dirty nasty chinks and gooks!

  111. Anonymous I'm Actually Reasonable said,

    10:14 AM

    Shot to the heart, and you're to blame, you give liberals, a bad name. WTF, this is the most racist and ignorant article I've read in a long time.

  112. Anonymous HopSing said,

    12:55 PM

    Not a single decent looking Vietnamese in the pictures. These nasty, ugly, smelly & despicable Vietnamese gooks should be eliminated on the face of the earth!

  113. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:18 PM

    those people deserve a horrible, long suffering death!!! then i'll serve them to the cats!!!!

  114. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:19 PM

    i hope they get wiped off the face of the earth in the most horrible way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:25 PM


  116. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:28 PM

    how can u people be so inconsiderate and heartless by looking into those cute innocent eyes and killing it without one thought and ontop of it all be proud of it !!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:38 AM

    Trolls, trolls everywhere! I wonder if all of you guys that are being racist are either white trash that lives in their mothers garage basements and are in the "kkk" club that only take insecure crackers in or just plain STUPID? Im betting on both- no wonder why Asian people are so much smarter than you people. I bet if one of you were starving you would kill each other in a heartbeat and go off on a raping spree, raping everything in your way because thats all you guys can do. You guys talk trash but cant do SHIT when your face to face. You people in America(especially down south) sometimes even eat road kill and possum- so who are you to judge? Oh and for your information- this is why Everybody hates America-because ignorant people like you guys are setting a bad name for us. Cant believe there are people like this in the world. I bet you guys are just mad because the Vietnam war. When in fact-more Vietnamese people died than American people. Dumb asses- go back to school and get your lazy asses up. Damn high school drop outs.

  118. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:44 PM

    I heard that Vietnamese people eat shit and their babies at one point in their history. I wonder...

  119. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:48 PM

    Did you really? Because I heard something similar to that too a few years back about them eat babies. Not sure about the shit part. I thought i couldn't be real. I guess it's true.

  120. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:49 PM

    What the fuck.

  121. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:50 PM

    Are you saying they eat their own babies? That's sick.

  122. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:50 PM

    That's missed up.

  123. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:52 PM

    Holy Shit you mean they eat SHIT too!

  124. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:03 PM

    I went vietnam for one week and it was hell on earth. vietnam people are fucking rude too. I will never go back to it again.

  125. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:05 PM

    Hell on earth and shitty people?

  126. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:05 PM

    It's a normal thing for them i think.

  127. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:12 PM

    I was planning a trip there in about three week from now. After reading about thing I think i will cancel my fly and change to somewhere in Europe instead.

  128. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:29 PM

    Notice how almost everyone in the comments section that are so against this are clearly the most illiterate, and wouldn't know grammar if they had an English book on their plate instead of delicious cat meat.

  129. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:26 PM

    What kinda of shit eats their babies

  130. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:24 PM

    They really should drop a nuke on these gooks!!

  131. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:34 PM

    Murder them all.Even women and men and children!!!!Drop a nuke on your motherfucking gook's ass!!

  132. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:04 AM

    fucking, slit eyed, shitty fucked up people! Eating cats and dogs for what? Who eats them but these backward slit eyed retards.... disgusting fools..... we do NOT torture our animals before we eat them.... ONLY STUPID, FUCKS DO THAT!!

  133. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:56 AM

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  134. Blogger deizeane said,

    3:02 AM

    isso tem que acabar agora!!!!

  135. Blogger Gi said,

    3:04 AM

    Faço o que for preciso para isso acabar.

  136. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:16 AM


  137. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:17 AM

    Que absurdo, isso tem que ser proibido urgente!

  138. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:52 AM


  139. Blogger carla said,

    4:57 AM

    cada vez que vejo que tipo de crueldade, penso onde este mundo vai parar...
    eu juro, todos os dias, rezo prá que estes monstros queimem no inferno por toda a eternidade, e que paguem muito caro, por terem feito tudo o que fizeram.

    o ser humano é a única raça que deveria estar em extinção.

    every time I see that kind of cruelty, wonder where this world coming to ...
    I swear, every day I pray let these monsters burn in hell for all eternity, and pay dearly for having done what they did.

    humans are the only race that should be extinct.

  140. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:21 AM

    foda-se pqp n tem coraçao quem faz isso
    tem que para com essa merda

  141. Anonymous Jéssica said,

    5:22 AM

    É uma vergonha,são pessoas que não tem noção.Eu rezo pra que sejam punidos,se não for pela justiça do homem,que seja pela justiça Divina.

  142. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    6:32 AM

    In my opinion, most of the uneducated Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese street vendors are cruel people. They seem to enjoy killing animals right before they cook them. You can see the twinkle in their eyes as they lean into their victim and blow torch it's head off. It's sickening and I have no use for those people. It offends me to know that I am related to them. But I know in my heart that no one in my large family of Asian AMERICANS NEVER do such horrible acts to animals. Sick sick sick people. They need to be locked in cages and scared out of their misery for being so wicked.

  143. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:34 AM

    You know what. You Sicko foreigners Can Congratulate yourself for being a bad example to the new generation of children on this planet. Good job. Really. Your culture is sickening.

  144. Anonymous Dee Morris said,

    1:30 AM

    I don' think God intended for mankind to torture domesticated animals or any other animals to death in the horible way these Asian countries go about it. I realize that in Asian contries there is an extreme over population of people and not enough food and a huge population of their people are starving to death. I am sorry for this and surely other countries could help. I would for one but not with these cruel killings going on and is entirely insane. I understand that none of humans walking this earth are perfect and we will all be judge accordingly. What you people are doing is so wrong against God's innocent creatures. They were put here for us to enjoy and not butcher for some werid beliefs that doesn't make any sense. I beg you to stop these cruel slaughters of these poor dogs, cats, and bears and God knows what esle.

    "MANKIND" WILL BE ITS' OWN DESTRUCTION OF THIS WORLD! Too much greed, money hungry and power hungry and no kindness to each other, I don't care who you are or where you live.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However this is the year 20011 and these centuries old practices need to stop. There has to be another way besides torturing these anmals while they are still alive because it makes the meat taste better. BULLSHIT! I hope every human being that has had anything to do with this burns in hell. How about we string you up and blow torch your head, skin you alive or cut you where you bleed a slow painful long death, begging to die.

    You know I mentioned about the starvation in these Asian countries but I'm not so sure it is not greed and for the money it brings to bring these poor animals to a living hell!!

    There is another horrible insane practice that Asian countries also partcipate in the horros of moon bears. Keeping these 500 nlb. animals in cages for 20 to 25 years so you stick a steel pipe up their ass or worse just to collect bile that you think for some werid reason makes your penis bigger or it is some demented way "Good Karma, give me a break! First of all ain't nothing gonna make your penis bigger, its' what God gave you and I don't care what the hell you eat (including each other) is going to change your small penis syndrome. Asian men are usually small in build and their penis. It is a well known fact throughout the world, so deal with it!

  145. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:03 AM

    This is cultural supremacy. Who are you to say which animal is worthy of living and another good of food. People in western countries eat rabbit and some have them as pets, what the hell is the difference. Animals werent "made" or "created" for different specific human purposes, humans make what they want with them, there is no absolute law of conduct. Only difference of cultures. Broaden your minds for pity's sake

  146. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:16 AM

    Even if some Asian countries can be very poor, they can choose to eat something else, there are other countries like Cuba or India, with a lot of hungry people and they are not NASTY; I am sorry but Asian are so disgusting and I do not if they should be call HUMAN BEINGS, they are just NASTY and COLD creatures, even worse than a RAT, and if they are over populated they should stop FUCKING LIKE NUTS, and be more responsible to bring more kids that they can not afford.

  147. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:20 AM

    It is not to much that they eat is the WAY THEY ARE TREATED PRIOR TO DEATH!!! This is what most people do not know. They break their arms and tie them around the back. Muzzle them then club them or stab them or whatever.....

    I have 2 dogs...if i clip their toe nails too short, they wince in pain. If I step on their paw (accidentally) they scream out.

    Animals feel pain. Real pain. This is what has me questioning these peoples intelligence....and questioning if they in fact have any soul.

  148. Anonymous Diep Le said,

    11:04 PM


    Let's just all take a deep breath, shall we? All those who have put insulting comments, please take a look at what you have just posted. By being disgusted at this act you have judged the whole entire Asian population,specifically Vietnam, swearing at us as "dickless", "disgusting" and "worse than a RAT". It's fascinating to see how this reflects on your own prejudiced personality.

    I'm Vietnamese and I have never eaten domesticated animals before. All of those who abhor this act, I understand, but it would be nice if you take a step back from your anger and shut the fuck up before going too far and put other labels on us to your own liking.

    To some I'm sure, if you saw an ugly, bony dog straying on the streets, you would pass by instead of petting it, disgusted at its physical condition and yet with your own bias, you defend these species as if you would mother every single one of them. This does not mean that ugly dogs deserve to be eaten, hell no, but if some of you were to have cows or snakes as pet, you'd react the same to those who eat them. You're against cats and dogs, yet some of you eat other kinds of meat just because you can't domesticate them into your own house or because they're too "evil-looking", "too big", or mainly it's "illegal". Who's the hypocrite now?

    Do not put your own views on other's means of living and raising their own families and insult that. That does not make you a better person in anyway. I am personally offended by the comments posted on this blog and I speak for the Vietnamese community who does and does not kill cats and dogs. They kill.. But humans kill other organisms to survive. Hell, we kill people of our own kind. Sorry that some of you don't kill the sweet and small ones, but I don't see you raging over the fact that some other groups of Asians fry cockroaches and lizards for meals?

    And let's not forget that the ones who are committing this so called "crime" are doing this so that their kids can go to school and get an education. You talk like we're from another planet. We're living, breathing flesh, just like you are, walking and searching to find a future for our families. Please don't forget that the majority of us are working in sweatshops in INHUMANE conditions just so that you can show off your Nike's, your Converses, so you can swim in your Speedos and dry off and look presentable in your DKNY's, your Banana Republic's and your Levi's. Would you rather the people of your own kind, "chinks", suffer for your own materialistic comforts rather than animals that you're never going to see? They're cute, but at least they're not yours, right? At least they're not the cows that you have eaten for dinner?

    Just go and read your little magazines, listen to your Ipods and ignoring those on the streets in your own neighborhood who are begging for money or a simple human gesture: a smile perhaps, and then to insult people's means of living. There's something terrible that too, but I don't see you doing anything about it.


  149. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:36 PM

    how about you who oppose eating dog and cats read this article

  150. Anonymous jimmy said,

    12:12 AM

    first of all. whoever wrote this article clearly is ignorant and bias. the title is says "Vietnam people love to eat cat and dog" really? you mean "VietnamESE people" that's the equivalent to me saying "america people love to eat pig and cow". second they kill your food in front of you. those ANIMALS are food to them. how about you whiteness the cow are you going to eat get slaughtered in front of you. would you still eat it? they slaughter chicken in front of the customers and do you hear anything about that? no because we are too focused on dogs being eaten. only the negative stuff makes the news. third who are you to oppose what they eat? what if India bitches about Americans eating cows? what would you say to that? "its our culture we always eat beef..." no shit? same thing with the Vietnamese eating dogs. they always have. forth. as an american myself, i do not fall into what the media tells us. we always view ourselves as the "good guys" but in reality we are not! all the other countries hates our guts. why is that? because we cannot keep our opinions to ourselves and have to but in to other countries business when they do not fit with our culture. ex. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador. they say "we cant leave the middle east because who will govern them?" again us sticking our noses into other peoples business. 3. you don't hear India complaining that we eat beef. to them the cows are sacred, do we view dogs the same way? no we view them as "mans best friends". yet we complain another country thousands of miles away eating our "friend" when we are eating a cow that is worshipped. dont you think religion/believes should speak up more than a dog? fifth if we americans oppose so much about what other countries are doing, killing dogs. what do we do? we let stray cats and dogs run around get caught put into the pound and killed at the pound. you would say "at lease they are killed the humane way" shut up! they were killed because "mans best friend" didnt have a best friend to take care of them. they were alone and didnt serve a purpose in life. at least those dogs in vietnam served a purpose, food. to those ignorant comments up there saying "vietnamese people are dirt and incest" really? when the majority of americans came from europe, who had kings and queens, who believe in the term "keeping it in the family".

  151. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:25 AM

    this article mentioned at lease 4 countries in Asia that eats dogs. and there is comments like "Asians are disgusting" that is fucking ignorant as fuck! there are more that 15 countries in Asia. 4 Asian countries eat dog suddenly the whole Asian continent eats dogs. thats like me saying "one country in europe eats snails. therefor Europeans eat snails"

  152. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:28 AM

    its funny cuz i bet cats and dogs are feed to dumb americans while visiting those countries lol

  153. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:20 AM

    I haven't eaten cat yet, but I've been known to eat some pussy.

  154. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:52 AM

    I think after reading all these comments, we like to jump to conclusions alot. Yes, you see these few groups eating dogs and cats. Yet we also treat cows and chickens the same. We are still discriminating so much. You lump in one group of people with their entire race. Are you saying we should wipe off an entire history of people simply because of their diet? I am a vietnamese american and I have never eaten dog or cat, and am a vegetarian. There are monks in Vietnam who are trying to reform because of this sin or are simply innocent. Killing children because of what some people who are of the same race did something bad? Have Americans sunken so low? We talk about world peace and how we try to achieve it.Yet we only talk about killing, discrimination, and so many other things. Why? Is what I ask you. Answer yourself.

  155. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:09 AM

    I wish every Asian gets skinned alive, gets torchuredthe exact same way that they do to animals this includes being cooked alive and they deserve no mersie. They will all pay one way or another.

    P.s I'm not rasiest to any part of but for one to.tourcher another including animals/pets who are like kids can all go to hell Asians are disgusting, if they see kids playing around or crossing the road they will happly run over them again and again this happens all the time look on youtube or properly look on the net you will c the facts.
    P.p.s I'm a police officer in Melbourne and my wife is also Asian and she thinks the same as I 99% of thebastards will get the same brochure as they dish out

  156. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:12 AM

    I ment torcher sorry for spelling m using my mobile

  157. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:22 PM

    1st of all this is for that stupid melbourne officer's just because vietnamese killed dog and cats to eat does it mean all asian are the same? and for that mutha fucka that says chinese and the other(except for viet) do you mean that u dont eat meat? u think that phil and chinese eat meat? sry but i think you should say CHINA not chinese because in this world there are just too many chinese..i'm a chinese but i'm a malaysian and i never eats dog and cat

  158. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:22 PM

    1st of all this is for that stupid melbourne officer's just because vietnamese killed dog and cats to eat does it mean all asian are the same? and for that mutha fucka that says chinese and the other(except for viet) do you mean that u dont eat meat? u think that phil and chinese eat meat? sry but i think you should say CHINA not chinese because in this world there are just too many chinese..i'm a chinese but i'm a malaysian and i never eats dog and cat

  159. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:35 AM

    i am a vietnamese and i still eat dogs meat, in my country, this is normal, hix!

  160. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:37 AM

    and, wellcome my blog to view many infor about dog


  161. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:14 PM

    Obama ate dog... Must be a Commie thing! Sick!

  162. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:14 AM

    motherfucking chinese and europeans can eat anything even there own dicks, pussiees,asses and even nasty turds they are wortless fuckin piece of shit fuckin dumbheads. u bastards lick my poty it tastes better than dog and beef u fuckin assholes......

  163. Anonymous Animal said,

    10:26 AM

    I like to eat dogs, cats, pigs, cows, rats, mice, turkeys, gerbils, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, mongooses, porcupines, lions, bears, tigers, crocodiles, starfish, lizards, wildebeests, hyenas, oxes, foxes, camels, elephants, zebras, whales, dolphins, rabbits, storks, frogs, horses, asses, and masses of basses. What's the big deal!

  164. Anonymous Animal said,

    2:19 PM

    And as for the hateful Obama loving, activist, worthless scoundrel bastards, that don't know how to spell, I happen to be Latino and I'm married to a Vietnamese lady. You brainless douch bags who express hate towards Orientals don't even know them! They're the sweetest people I know...even more so than my own race! You ass faces write the things that you do because you hide behind your little keyboards! Fat ass out of shape Americans!!(not all Americans) You haters need to shut your anuses.(Obama lovers) Anyway, I like to eat anacondas, bats, anteaters, chickens, tazmanian devils, kangaroos, wallabies, polarbears, raccoons, rare sea turtles, eagles, seagulls, gorillas, chimps, chumps, gibbons, jellyfish, anemones, sharks, ocelots, salamanders, rhinos, panda bears, crabs, squirrels, wombats, tapirs, doves, bugs, alligators, masterbaters, haters, jerks, twerps, and jackasses!

  165. Anonymous IM A COMING FOR YA said,

    5:41 PM


  166. Anonymous Animal said,

    3:14 AM

    Ur mom, by the way can I eat your pets?

  167. Anonymous Animal said,

    3:19 AM

    Did I make the little baby cry?

  168. Anonymous Animal said,

    3:21 AM

    Learn how spell

  169. Anonymous Animal said,

    3:48 AM

    Ok tubby, you know what, for my wife and kid's honor, I'll give you my other property's address (you'll never go anyway) I'm going to jack you up and eat your dog. You'd better get some exercise and loose some tons if you even want a chance with me... Ok my name is Animal and my address is 212 broadway ave, west beach sa, 5024 Australia ... Like you'll ever show. Chicken

  170. Anonymous Animal said,

    2:58 AM

    I'm a member of PETA

  171. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:21 PM

    I am American and Spanish and I've eaten dog on a vacation to Vietnam. It actually tasted good. However it is not nice to fetch out someones pet. We pay about half our money on them and then some freak slaughters them. Dogs and cats are very emotional. If you want cat or dog Just start the donate a mean pet like who wants a mean naughty pet so just kill the bad ones.

  172. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:24 PM

    If they want you to stop eating dog they should stop eating beef lol!

  173. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:32 PM

    We pay half our money for them( our pets) and then they get stolen. They are emotional. “but it's all meat!” Fine go eat your dog and parents. It's all meat right?

  174. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:35 PM

    Because they just steal a beloved pet from a family. They can steal your dog!

  175. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:39 PM

    If you lived there they steal your pets for it not just a stray

  176. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:41 PM

    at least we don't steal pets for that purpose

  177. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:46 PM

    Offensive much I'm American and I actually eat some dog from my vietnamese friend.

  178. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    8:45 AM

    That is so sad even though I hate cats I still think it is wrong to eat a cat or Dog. I thing the should stop eating the poor animals and do it by a law

  179. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:19 AM

    vietnamese you are arogant heartless bastards, how many species of animal have gone extinct because you took ONE part from that creature as an afrodisiac, or to make your teeny tiny penis grow! Btw asian people who kill lions and elephants and rhinos who are nearing extinction>>> your dick will NEVER get ANY bigger!!!!! no matter how much lion balls or bear gallbladder or rhino horn you ingest!!! It is TINY, you have very very very very tiny penis vietnam-man!! and torturing animals wont help it grow either! so smash your balls on an anvil and stop breeding for christs sake!!!

  180. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:36 AM

    I work with many veitmamese, they are the most rude, arrogant, worst manners ever, disgusting habits, are insanely loud and obnoxious with no consideration for others around them...i've seen them REPEATEDLY use the stalls to take a dump and NOT WASH THIER HANDS afterwards!!!they talk down to everyone as if they have anything over anyone but a teeny tiny prick in thier pants..which in my feeling is the source of all the above..JEALOSY because everyone has a bigger one than them!

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  193. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:03 AM

    I'm Viet American. So yes they do eat cats and dogs out there. We eat pigs, cows, and chickens. I really don't like the idea of the cat and dog ratting thing but we eat animals every day. This is one of the main reasons I dread coming to VN, even my parents hate the idea of cat and dog eating... Humans are just selfish and cruel. That's who we are.. Besides I'm Viet and I'm not rude (BTW I'm a girl) at all. I prefer being quite and low down. My family members aren't rude they have manners, but they can be a drunk sometimes.. The Viets you see are the worse. I don't even want to see them, let the, die for all I care. I really don't like how most people see Viet people are like..but alas I don't like how we seem either. I personly hate my country. Not all of us are rude and crappy. Some of us are really thoughtful!! I don't hate some of its people..those poor old people begging on the streets...I feel sorry for them and wish they would die in peace. But those rapers, drug dealers, and so much more would just cease to exist. But sadly it's too late to change sorry time to get back on topic. Eating any animal is a big No No but we all do it. Now yes the are vegetarians out there...but majority of us eat meat that it doesnt even matter. So I don't get any rude comments, I'm only 12. 12! Vietnam..this shameful country...I hate it. I wish I was never Viet..but if I say what I really want to be, some one else will say all the negatives so I won't. I wish the Vietnam would ban eating of cats and dogs...Baka's

  194. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:09 AM

    Ok wow the comment above was mine and yes I know my mistakes..better yet my iPads auto correct mistakes...please excuse them. Here are some of the correct words
    Ratting - eating
    "want to see them, let the," - the is them

  195. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:18 AM

    Lol the 2 comments above are mine..I forgot something.
    My family raises 3 dogs and one cat. They feed the pets like humans. I should know since I FED them!! Unlike some people I know, we fed them proper rice, if there is burnt rice, we make a new pot and give the new pot to them. We give them chunks of meat and of course love. Yeah yeah it sounds girly but I'm a girl. I love my family's pets. They only hit them if they bark to much and ithe "hit" it a small whack on the head or side, the hit is about..a playful one. Or sometimes they just wave it the air. That's all. Though the cat is quite family rescued the animals from the streets or un wanted litter. Hopefully this is my last message...

  196. Anonymous Pete said,

    10:04 AM

    Hi, I like cat a little crispy around the paws with a side of steamed rice, and I like my dog nicely sautéd with chives and yellow onions(yummy), I like my rare sea turtles roasted over a fire until golden brown with sun dried tomatos lightly coated with white pepper garnished with it's own little round eggs. Wow I'm salivating! I forgot what the dodo bird and the tasmanian tiger tasted like, that was a long time ago, I can't find any more, oh well. You guys should taste my bar-b-qued blue whale! Wow! Talk about the steak of the oceans, now that's fantastic, I just cut some big slabs of that juicy stuff and throw it on the giant grill with pepper, salt, and all kinds of spices so so tasty yum yum yum! The smell of it fills up the whole western part of Australia and everyone comes running with a plate, knife, and fork. You know, I was just thinking, I go through 300 whales a year. But I don't eat them all. I just feed it to everyone but they don't know what they're eating, they don't care because it's so good! I don't care because I get alot of money over the expense of a dying species. What have whales ever done for me? I also like hippopotamusesover the grill, medium rare with a side of a rare species of shrimp on the barbie. I don't see why you fat americans sit there and judge Asians about what they eat! You're country is filled with gaggles of faggots and lesbians, not to mention your president is pushing that rubbish and pushing abortion like a freakin drug dealer! He's even pressuring other countries to adopt that abomination! Wait and see! God is going to send a calamity to your country so devastating and so brutal, that millions of you will die and you people will never, never, NEVER, recover! It'll begin from all of your coasts and work its way in, from the mississipi, outward. Not to mention all of the fire. Mark my words! You are not the gods of the whole world. You're only people! Your'e sins are a stench in the nostrils of The One and Only God! Go ahead, curse at me! So what! This is a message from Jesus Christ.

  197. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:59 AM

    I eat dog loaf and cat cake

  198. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:17 PM

    Hi Everyone. As an American Indian, I gowned up in Vietnam with my Vietnamese mother(I am a female).I witness that many Vietnamese had eaten dogs. However, like many the other Vietnamese, my family and I have never eat dog or cat. Because I think it is so wrong to eat them .Why?.Because they are royal, they never leave the family. I will never forget, one time my dog got poison by someone who hated her just because she spooked to much at night. But Lily, My dog tried to come home and died in the front of my house.They love their owner unconditionally.They are very emotional,they sad when the owner or the family member get hurt or sick. They are so protective(my dog fought back to a men to saved me when I was 12.Moreover,Dogs have a special sense to save people that I had seen before. I am speaking out from my heart that I love animal specially pets. I hope those still eat pets STOP to eating them now.HUMAN like to leave so do Animal. And, please don't think every Vietnamese or Asian eat pets. It is not true.And,please don't use bad words to each other. We may have a different look but WE ARE HUMAN BEING. We should need to use nicer words to share information , to express the ideas or event for augments to make our life more beautiful. Because life is to short.
    I wish everyone have a wonderful day!


  199. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:32 PM

    Sorry those people, and I use that term ever so lightly, are BELOW animals. This is a up close look at savagery most vile and EVIL. As far as I am concerned, they should face the exact death those poor defenseless animals go through! No sympathy here for disgusting monsters...

  200. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:34 PM

    They want pain and suffering because they think it will help with their genetically tiny dicks they have..sick sick stupid beliefs.. Dicks are still pin sized after all the cruel slaughter of PETS!


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