Shocking: Selling Kidneys for money

A 22-YEAR-old Vietnamese man has died months after selling his left kidney in neighbouring China through an organ trading ring.
University student To Cong Luan, who went to China last year and returned home in April in a vegetative state, died in his home town in southern Ninh Thuan province on Saturday, the Thanh Nien (Young People) daily said.
The student's father, To Cong Son, last month petitioned the Ho Chi Minh City police department and the prosecutor's office to investigate the case of Luan, who was also a haemophiliac, the newspaper reported.
"The father called on relevant authorities to speed up a probe into the alleged kidney sale racket in China, which was the main reason for the young man's death,'' the daily said, showing a picture of the emaciated patient.

Mr Luan was sent home in early May from a Ho Chi Minh City hospital, and his condition improved for three weeks before sharply deteriorating shortly before his death, his father was quoted as saying.
Earlier this year, police in southern Soc Trang province began investigating an alleged ring sending local people to China to sell their kidneys, but no results had been made available, the daily said.
Currently, under Vietnamese law, the selling of organs is a crime.Desperate for money to support his pregnant girlfriend, Luan, a second-year student at the No 2 Industrial Technical High School, had sold his left kidney.

22-year-old To Cong Luan, pictured in April in Ho Chi Minh City, was in a vegetative state after allegedly selling his kidney in China

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They stand in line in the stinking slums, their shirts lifted and arms raised to reveal the 13-inch long scars carved into their sides.
Poor, desperate and mutilated - these are the human victims of the profitable trade in kidneys in the Philippines.
For a cash payment of £1,000 - a fantastic amount in a country where 15million people earn a dollar a day - each of these "volunteers" has donated an organ to a wealthy foreigner.


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