Cockroach Facial Mask

Cockroach Facial Treatment which originated from Korea.
Koreans believe that cockroaches can benefit our skin.
Now you can do it yourself and you can have the most beautiful facial on earth!!
If you do not mind the smell of cockroaches.

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Trap as much cockroaches as possible

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Crushed them in a blender until they are all broken up finely
and no water needed because the white gunk inside the cockroaches will make the mixture moist.

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Next, add in some salon facial mask to let the Cockroach Mask have more benefits to the skin

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Apply gently and evenly on the face

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Forget about the smell

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Nevermind about the cockroach legs because they aid in improving your skin's condition.

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You are done


  1. Anonymous 1337 said,

    2:10 PM

    wtf is this for real ?

  2. Blogger OMG said,

    3:50 PM

    hello 1337
    Yes it is real
    You want some cockroach?
    I will send some to you

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    2:56 AM

    this is disgusting, but if its proven real, i'd do it everyday

  4. Anonymous said,

    2:49 PM

    Quite helpful piece of writing, much thanks for this article.

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