A Real-Life Fairytale Wedding

Brit Sam Carpenter certainly had a fairytale wedding, what with her dressed as Cinderella, the groom as Prince Charming and the vicar as the Bishop from Disney's cartoon.

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The 29-year-old bride walked down the aisle with her dad 49, all decked up in the attire of lovable movie ogre Shrek.
Groom Lee Scothern, 36, who took his vows as Prince Charming, changed into an Evel Knievel costume and rode into the reception aboard a motorbike.

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The cast for the fairytale wedding also included the couple's seven-year-old son Finlay, who came as pantomime character Buttons and their daughter Summer, five, was dressed as Peter Pan's fairy pal Tinkerbell.
And almost all the 300 guests came to the wedding in fancy dress costumes including Ali G, Zorro, Dracula, a nun, and Roman gladiators.
With a chauffeur dressed as a ginger-bread man, Sam had her brides-maids dressed as Disney princess characters.

"We just thought it would be fun and it turned out really well. The outfits were just amazing," The Sun quoted student nurse Sam, a saying.
And the wedding was not only about costumes, as Sam and Lee even used their big day as a fund-raiser. They made 400 pounds for toys at Sheffield Children's Hospital where Finlay has had limb construction.


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