Mr Pingping meet Ms Pankratova


The world's shortest man, He Pingping, dies aged 21

The world's shortest man, He Pingping, who was just 74.6cm (2ft 5in) tall, has died in Rome. He was born in 1988 in Wulanchabu, China, with a form of primordial dwarfism, and was officially recognised as the world's shortest man in 2008.

He was admitted to hospital two weeks ago after suffering a chest complaint and died on Saturday, but his death has only just been announced. Mr Pingping was in the Italian capital to take part in the filming of a television programme called The Record Show. According to the TV production company Europroduzione, he had already filmed two episodes of the programme when he complained of feeling unwell.

Standing at just 2ft 5in high, He Pingping, from China, has been officially named the smallest man in the world.
Svetlana Pankratova, meanwhile, owns the longest legs in the world, which stretch to 132cm.

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Mr Pingping barely came up to Ms Pankratova's knees at a bizarre photoshoot held to mark the launch of the new Guinness Book of World Records.
But the pair seemed rather happy in each other's company as they posed for photos on Trafalgar Square's steps in central London.
In January 2007, Mr Pingping was invited to take part on a television programme in Tokyo, and has since become somewhat of an icon.

It is rumoured he is now so protective of his image, he refuses to have his photo taken unless he is paid a substantial fee.
While Ms Pankratova might have the longest legs in the world, she is not the tallest.
Last month, Sandy Allen, at 7ft 7in, recognized as the world's tallest woman, died aged 53.

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16 MAR 2010
Worlds smallest mans big rival broke his heart

The tiny teenager who was set to steal the crown of the world's smallest man before he died is to contact Guinness World Records bosses to take over the title.

Mongolian-born He Pingping - 29 inches tall - collapsed with chest pains on a visit to Rome on Saturday.

Now his 17-year-old rival Khagendra Thapa Magar in Nepal is set to be awarded the title within weeks, say his family.

At just 22 inches tall Khagendra is head and shoulders shorter than Pingping and was about to take the title from him before he died.

"It's a terrible tragedy. Maybe the strain of losing his title got to Pingping and his heart couldn't take the strain any more," said one member of the new champion's family.

Only weeks ago the two rivals met for a TV programme about short people.


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