Vietnam Miracle Baby

Phung Thien Nhan, the miracle baby who survived an attack by wild animals in a jungle two years ago, arrived home after undergoing surgery in the US.

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Many people here remember reading about Nhan in newspapers back in 2006 after he was abandoned after birth by his teenage mother in a remote and poor central mountain area.
Dumped outside the family shack and left to die, hidden under papaya leaves and bamboo, the newborn was mauled by a wild animal, most likely a dog, that chewed off his right leg and badly savaged his groin.
Villagers found the boy, his pale and bloodied body crawling with ants.
By the time he was taken by motorcycle to the nearest hospital, 72 hours had passed and yet, miraculously, the child survived.
Hospital staff amputated his leg at the hip and stabilised his condition, and visiting Buddhist monks named him Thien Nhan or "good person".

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In March 2008, Nhan was adopted by Anh and Nghinh, a journalist couple from Hanoi

Anh said the toddler’s initial examination took place on August 19 at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. It was determined the boy needed intervention as soon as possible to allow Nhan to urinate more easily and to eliminate the possibility of a blockage that might lead to infection.

The genital surgery on August 21 was a complete success and Nhan will now have total control of his bladder and urinary functions, Anh said.

On August 26, a medical team from Chicago’s Rehabilitation Institute evaluated the boy’s prosthetic leg and his ability to move.

Anh said her family was happy to learn that with modifications to his prosthetic limb and physical therapy, Nhan should be able to walk normally in a matter of years.

Anh said the total cost of Nhan’s treatment is approximately US$120,000 and they have now received more than $50,000 in donations.
Friends set up an online diary at an account for donations to help cover the child's surgery and therapy bills.


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