Sex Education For Kids in First Grade in China

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Above picture is scanned from the pages of an illustrated sex education guide meant for children in China. The cartoon-like illustration coupled by the straightforwardness of its content brings to question the suitableness of sex education at such an early age.

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[English translation of text in book]

No matter if you are at home or in public, you must be conscientious of the private matters of your body. There are parts of the body that can be displayed for others to see, such as your eyes, nose, mouth, hands, etc. Then there are parts that cannot be revealed, such as sexual organs, buttocks, girl’s chest, etc. These parts are considered the private parts of the body, these private parts are not simply meant for others to see and to touch. Therefore, people have to wear clothes to protect their private parts. Boy’s and girl’s private parts are different. The red areas in the picture represent a person’s private parts.

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First Grade is learning Biology lesson
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Never too early to know Safe Protection!

China is taking Sex education seriously.Let kids of today understand their bodies! Protect their physical and mental well-being! Protect themselves!

Too Young? Sex Education For Kids in First Grade ???


Kids becomes too curious, and try it out themselves

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Kids today know much more than I did back then

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